Weekly Roundup 46


The Past Week:

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Overall clear rate: 93/152 (61.18%)
  • Weekly clear rate: 13/18 (72.22%)
  • Hurdle Stats:
    • Sopdet Kills: 4/5 (80.00%)
    • Kagutsuchi Clears: 3/3 (100.00%)
    • DQ Hera Kills: 5/6 (83.33%)
  • Py distribution: 1 Flampy, 4 Bubpy, 3 Woodpy, 2 Shynpy, 3 Badpy
  • Not as good as last week’s 80%, but I’m pretty happy with anything over 70% to be honest. I won’t say I’ve mastered Ra Dragon — far from it — but I’m at least good enough to not let flubbed combos ruin my run anymore.

Elia Progress Tracker



Next Week and Beyond:

  • I’m not sure why I ever get my hopes up when GungHo is involved. In spite of that, I’m still hopeful that they’ll give us a halfway decent event for a possible New Year’s event. I’m never getting my hopes up for 10x again, though; it’ll get here when it gets here. Until then, I’ll be sure to bitch about it every week.
  • At the very least we have the Armored Dragons and Scarlet with Leilan invades. I’ll be looking to finish my Scarlet, Shiva Dragon-Markab and Cloud-Leonis systems this week (although Scarlet might be a stretch, I’ll admit… I mean that’s 50 skill ups…).
  • Part 2 of this event would’ve been a great opportunity to squeeze in Deus Ex Machina since it isn’t needed for awoken uevos. That way they could keep pumping out a new awoken Norse every event after this. The fact that they didn’t leads me to believe they’ll give us Santa, but after having my 10x dreams shattered I’m afraid to place any hopes at all in GungHo.
  • As for JP uevo announcements, it’s pretty much the same old shit I’ve said every week for the past few. I think I’d rather see more awoken uevo buffs like they did last week, though.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 46

  1. When I first read this I got really confused, did you mean Shiva Dragon-Markab? It doesn’t make much sense with Kakkab


  2. +1 on the F GH, I mean 17 straight silvers from Xmas REM, really?
    Ok troll me on REM, but can I at least get 3X Normals if you don’t want to give me 10X Descends?


  3. Elia a boss of co-op god rush? Sounds good to me ❤

    I'm not happy with the event part 2, it's just a rehash of part 1 but worse…at least give us 3x normals? Sigh.

    However I am happy with GungHo JP choosing to go back and buff older awoken cards, particularly the Greek 1 pantheon. Now it would be nice to see some awakening tweaks, perhaps double row for Minerva and Ceres especially, but the stat buffs and leader skill buffs are a start. Chinese pantheon buffs make me super happy, and what I especially love most is they FINALLY went back and changed Awoken Astaroth's leader skill to x1.5 HP/RCV. Shoulda done that in the first place, GungTroll.

    Awoken FA Lucifer when? I've given up on 10x descends too…


  4. So I know you probably don’t care about Beelzebub, but what do you think the best Beelzebub/Loki team would be? I’m thinking keeping Beelzebub/Pandora/Pandora/Zuoh is obvious but I’m not sure what the last slot would be. I’m debating between Z8 or another Pandora. I’m thinking Zuoh may be possible too.


    • Given the relatively low leader multiplier (Loki’s 1.3x helps, but it’s barely better than RSonia’s 1.2x conditional), I’m thinking you’re going to want two full-board spikes for those instances where you absolutely need back-to-back burst. Pandora/Zuoh is good for one; if I could choose I’d go Haku/Akechi for the other, as that gives you a critical enhance on both spikes.

      That being said, I think the various possibilities (Haku/Hanzo, Haku/Akechi, Pandora/Zuoh, Pandora/Akechi) are close enough where your decision should probably be made based on your box and the dungeon requirements. I wouldn’t roll for or invest resources in chasing a particular combination since the differences are small and the team’s ceiling is relatively low.


      • I forgot Haku/Akechi was a thing. I lack an Akechi but I’m trying to roll one for YomiDra so hopefully I will be able to use that combo once I do.


    • Barring other options I’d go with a second Zuoh, but you need to be aware of the impact that could have on your RCV. You don’t really want Zaerog because you don’t want anything that could reduce the amount of hearts that skyfall. Also, you’re not really going to do much with the extra dark orbs.


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