Scarlet System Skill Ups Completed in a Single Day…

…is what I’d say if I didn’t get fucked by skill ups at the last minute, but four Scarlets + Raoh should be enough for now. I was going to keep farming until midnight, but an 0/25 skill up streak put me on tilt so I decided it was better just to put off the fifth one for another day.

Also, if for some reason common sense failed you (it fails me all the time), doing this in a single day is a very, very bad idea.

The Drops

I actually recorded drops this time, so here’s what I got:

Scarlet Descended – 165 Runs (8250 Stamina)
Drop # Drop % Stam / Drop
Jewel (Leilan) 51 30.91% 161.76
Armadel 81 49.09% 101.85
Kraken 156 94.55% 52.88
Hera-Ur 44 26.67% 187.50
Hera 38 23.03% 217.11

The Jewel invade rate is particularly interesting as 161.76 stamina per drop is about twice as good as my Mythical rate. These Special Legend Plus dungeons are quite hard to farm, but it appears the invade rate is quite good.

The rest of the drops aren’t nearly as interesting. The Armadel and Hera floors are probably around a 50% drop rate. Armadel at about 100 stamina per drop is a better rate than her own dungeon (150 per). Kraken is probably 100%, but it’s at 94.55% because of the Jewel invades.


Now what do I do with all these Jewels?

The Team

The team I used to farm was Raoh / Leilan / Chiyome / Christmas RSonia / Urd / Raoh. I probably could’ve optimized the team more, but I enjoyed the hastes and I already had +eggs on them besides Chiyome. The clear process was quite simple:

  • Floors 1-3: Use Chiyome and Raoh #1 as needed. It may be necessary to use Leilan or Urd if you don’t have light orbs or hearts. I preferred using Leilan in this case since you can use either Raoh with Urd, but Leilan only has Chiyome. Avoid taking damage at all costs on the first four floors which means one-shotting just about everything, Armadel does give you a free turn when under 50% HP, though.
  • Floor 4 (Kraken): Stall one turn (he’s always on a two-turn timer), then Urd + Raoh #2 (or Chiyome + Leilan).
  • Floor 5:
    • DQ Hera: You should have enough HP to take another hit after the preemptive. She’ll hit you with a jammer attack which you can use Raoh #1 (who should be up now) to kill her. The problem with this is you’ll have to heal up later for Scarlet. So if you have the actives you can just one-shot her without getting fancy.
    • Hera-Ur: Infinitely easier than DQ Hera and the skyfall effect is a buff for this team. Take a hit. She’ll either create jammers or fire orbs, either of which you can use to kill her with (use Raoh #1 like with DQ Hera).
  • Floor 6 (Scarlet First Form): Stall two turns for the shield. Make sure to hit her with any attack the first turn so she doesn’t skill delay you (although I don’t think it matters if you get hit with it once).  If you have jammers on the board, heal above 16.5k so survive the hit (PDX reports 18.3k, but I’m not sure if I’m just remembering it wrong). Otherwise you need to be above about 12k. After the shield is gone, use Christmas RSonia to kill her. If she produces a bad board, Leilan + Chiyome or Urd + Raoh #2 should be up again, so use one of those if necessary.
  • Floor 7 (Scarlet Boss Form): Use whatever orb change combo is left. It’s nice to come into this floor with both ready since you can get a second shot if RNG screws you over, but the dungeon is hard enough that this may not always be the case.
  • Jewel Invade – The team only has 80% SBR so sometimes you just have to burn five turns before moving on. The invade is definitely the easiest of all the floors except maybe 1 since you’re still at level 1 and get fewer levels for clearing the floor.

This is definitely the hardest descended dungeon to date. Clearing it once is no problem, but when farming it the true difficulty becomes obvious (kinda like Arena). Not only does the dungeon punish flubbed combos hard, but RNG also screws you with bad board changes. Since the dungeon is so punishing, it’s hard to come back from any misstep.

Awoken Freyr came out while I was farming so it would’ve been interesting to see how that would’ve worked out, but whatever. I also would’ve liked to try Sanada for a more consistent boss kill, but, also, whatever.

The Skill Ups

Name Tries Success %
Scarlet #1 34 10 29.41%
Scarlet #2 30 10 33.33%
Scarlet #3 33 10 30.30%
Scarlet #4 25 10 40.00%
Scarlet #5 40 3 7.50%
Total 162 43  26.54%

I guess the 0/25 streak “balances” out my good luck on #1-4. Still depressing as fuck.

LF Friends


Sadly, no one on my friend list seems to be using Scarlet. Come next BFF reset I’ll probably prioritize Scarlet and/or Raoh, but who knows what could happen between now and then.

So now all I need is like 30m exp and 1500 +eggs. Gee, sure would be nice to have an unspecified +event with an unspecified multiplier for an unspecified dungeon type about now (hint: it’s not 5x). Getting the updated version of that vault-like dungeon that people seem to like running would be nice, too. Although it’s nice that we’re getting Super King Carnival today.


13 thoughts on “Scarlet System Skill Ups Completed in a Single Day…

  1. Wow, that stamina. If I do Surtr or the 5 Christmas delay healers in one day, it is bad enough. But 5 Scarlets. Omg!


  2. Haha.. you were probably feeling too happy after the first 4 scarlets that the RNG gods needed to punish you!

    Happy Holidays, Setsu!


    • True, but to be honest after about 5 skill ups into the first Scarlet I already wanted to kill myself because farming that dungeon is a nightmare. So I guess RNGesus just wanted to punish me some more.

      Happy Holidays! 🙂


    • It’s not that far fetched since I got a comparable invade rate the Rushes which are also Legend Plus difficulty. I do think I got a bit lucky, though.


      • 30% is pretty consistent with what i’ve heard from the other Jewel invades on “Rogue” dungeons. I hear claims of 50% but I usually see numbers in the 30-35% range.


  3. I skilled two Scarlets yesterday, sadly at lower skill up rates than your first few. Ran Raoh / ALeilan x2 / Chyiome x2 / Raoh.

    I agree that the invade rate was just about 30%. I did not count but got a lot and ended up gaining more than 35 orbs (I used some for evos and have not counted how many, cause why bother when over 45 orbs). Now just a couple more Scarlets to go!

    Let me know if you need a Scarlet up.


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