Thoughts on the Game8 JP Tier List 12/24/15


Changes from 12/11: Lakshmi added to A+, Gon A+→A, Parvati added to A+, Astaroth A→A+, Ilm removed, Cloud removed, Juggler removed, Typhon A+→A, HKali removed, Goemon added to A, Scarlet removed, Rinshia debuts at A, LKali removed, Kanna removed
SS 2259 - Sun God, Ra Dragon2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon
S 2253 - Destroyer God, Shiva Dragon2255 - Sea Deity, Neptune Dragon2012 - Awoken Ra2389 - Awoken Sakuya2013 - Awoken Anubis
A+ 1954 - Awoken Shiva2445 - 最大の強敵, Raoh1955 - Awoken Lakshmi2566 - 隔世の蒼龍喚士・Sonia2443 - 還爪の青龍契士・Ryuune2393 - Awoken Idunn&Idunna2011 - Awoken Bastet1956 - Awoken Parvati2505 - Awoken Astaroth2465 - Ushio & Tora2447 - 南斗最後の将, Yuria2441 - 裁爪の橙龍契士・Saria2395 - Awoken Thor2325 - Awoken Yomi2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite2360 - Mankind's Strongest Soldier, Levi
A 2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon1937 - 最強戦士・超ベジット2080 - Wise and Moral Goddess, Sarasvati2386 - Soul-Judging God of Dark Riches, Osiris2226 - 制約と誓約, Gon Freecss1843 - 玻璃の風龍王, Rinshia2324 - Awoken Amaterasu Ohkami2387 - 彩天聖命神・Hathor1949 - Lightning Black Dragonbound, Typhon1644 - Arbiter of Judgement, Metatron1847 - Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞2592 - 裁秤の鋼星神・Eschamali


Changes from 12/11: Head Rococo A→S (not removed from A for some reason)
S 1738 - Dominating Warrior King, Cao Cao2511 - Mistress of the Sanctuary, Kali2081 - Divine Creator of Order, Vishnu2010 - Awoken Isis1747 - Sparkling Goddess of Secrets, Kali1887 - 幸七羽毛・ヘッドロココ2078 - Blazing Goddess of Power, Kali2180 - Pacifying Yomi Goddess, Izanami2282 - Placating Founder, Okuninushi2150 - Ominous Moon Dragon Caller, Satsuki2407 - Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali
A+ 2094 - Phoenix Rider Valen2514 - Lively Banquet Dragon Hero, Liu Bei2235 - Avenging War Deity, Ares859 - ドスバギィ&バギィネコ2236 - Psychopomp Commerce Deity, Hermes2443 - 還爪の青龍契士・Ryuune1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu Bei2075 - Awoken Meimei2509 - 伐爪の緑龍契士, Sylvie2441 - 裁爪の橙龍契士・Saria1785 - warrior rose, graceful valkyrie2148 - Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna2076 - Awoken Haku2290 - Snow-White Beauty, Valkyrie Claire1847 - Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon2592 - 裁秤の鋼星神・Eschamali
A 2265 - Fierce Warrior, Sanada Yukimura2073 - Awoken Leilan2384 - Ruling Firestorm God, Set1726 - Awoken Hinokagutsuchi2074 - Awoken Karin1733 - Blue Chain Starsea Goddess, Andromeda2322 - Awoken Orochi2494 - 巡警の星天使・Famiel2566 - 隔世の蒼龍喚士・Sonia2390 - Thought Spinner Norn, Verdandi2146 - Fall Wind Jasper Dragon Caller, Kaede2505 - Awoken Astaroth2237 - Moon Flower Huntress, Artemis2567 - 宿世の翠龍喚士・Sonia1951 - Tome-Creating White Phantom Demon, Ilm1887 - 幸七羽毛・ヘッドロココ2496 - 煌斧の星天使・Ariel2324 - Awoken Amaterasu Ohkami1926 - Heaven-Shaking Thunderdragon, Indra2281 - Creator God of Twin Skies, Izanagi2292 - Bleak Night Daughter, Pandora1953 - Enraged Black Phantom Demon, Zuoh1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, Pandora2273 - Deliberate Rebel, Akechi Mitsuhide

The Game8 list

I haven’t really been keeping up with the PAD meta lately due to Christmas stuff, so I’m going to keep this one very short. Which is somewhat unfortunate because there were many juicy changes


Promotions and Additions

1955 - Awoken Lakshmi1956 - Awoken Parvati2505 - Awoken Astaroth2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon1843 - 玻璃の風龍王, Rinshia

  • Lakshmi – That was a brief demotion. She obviously belongs here now. Now the question is whether Awoken Shiva is as good as Lakshmi or even Parvati now (hint: nope).
  • Parvati – I still think she’s inferior to Lakshmi, but I do think she’s better than the A-tier so I’m fine with her at A+ for now.
  • Astaroth – I still prefer Raoh — the haste makes all the difference — but at least now she’s worthy of awoken status. They could’ve just avoided the salt if they just released her like this in the first place.
  • Goemon – I’m convinced this is a running joke now. Just like the entire A-tier.
  • Rinshia – I remember that Volsung debuted at A. Rinshia is probably a better leader, but I expect her to fade just the same. I can’t imagine skilling up multiples of her is a pleasant process.

Demotions and Removals

1949 - Lightning Black Dragonbound, Typhon1901 - 最強装備, Juggler2407 - Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali1747 - Sparkling Goddess of Secrets, Kali2226 - 制約と誓約, Gon Freecss1951 - Tome-Creating White Phantom Demon, Ilm2030 - Cloud & Hardy-Daytona2206 - Broad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet2148 - Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna

  • Typhon – No complaints, the team is just too orb-hungry which leaves little room for utility.
  • Juggler – The harbinger of doom is finally laid to rest. This was a long time coming.
  • HKali and LKali – The Kalis are finally removed and the list is a lot better for it. Levi looks a bit suspect at A+ now. So does Vegito. And Shiva.
  • Gon, Ilm, Cloud and Scarlet: If you’re going to punish farming leads then I don’t understand why Goemon was added back in and also why Shiva Dragon wasn’t downgraded.
  • Kanna – The Apoc team is good, but there seems little reason to run it with Saria-Thor being a thing.


1887 - 幸七羽毛・ヘッドロココ

I have no idea why this ugly thing shot up to S, but I guess it must be pretty game breaking. Maybe something to do with coop? On Ra Dragon? Sorry guys, way too lazy right now to do any research myself. I guess if they value delays this much then it could help explain why Cao Cao and Okuninushi are also S-tier.

They also failed to removed him from the A-tier, meaning they couldn’t be assed to come up with a replacement for their musical chairs.

Did I miss something? Please leave a comment and let me know!


19 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Game8 JP Tier List 12/24/15

  1. I love how a few days after being booted, Lakshmi gets two major buffs. I audibly laughed when I saw that she’s back at A+. I feel like that’s fair. I think that she’s pretty darn good, but clearly not S tier anymore, and I can accept that. We’ve got an arena vid clear post update as well, using zero JP exclusive subs as well! IIRC, it was BUrd/Andro/Gabe/AI&I. two rows and a TPA with AI&I up brough Kali just under half. From experience, you’ll pretty much always have at least 16 blue orbs with a 2/3 board, I’ve been flooded with blues more frequently than having too few, so that’s good as well. Also, BUrd is officially better than AKarin now I suppose 😛

    RIP Juggler. What does that say for power creep? IDK, but stronger monsters means we get harder content, and as an endgame oriented player, that’s A-OK by me.

    What the hell is a Head Rococo? I’ve seen it before, but never gave it a second thought. I’d bet money that there’s some new collab cheese though, does Mecha Hera not have a status shield or something? IDK, but I’m interested to hear if anyone actually knows the reason why he’s S tier now…

    As a side note, I can use A Ra now 😀 Took a bit of getting used to, but somewhere between when I first rolled him 2 years ago and now, without seriously playing a combo lead in over a year and a half, I’ve figured out how to match all the colors as long as they’re there. So that’s fun, improving without actually practicing much. I’ve used SS Isis a few times for no hearts dungeons, but I fell back on 3 and 4 colors a lot. LKali makes it super easy for a turn, but I’m doing surprisingly well for how little effort I’ve been putting in… Cleared C6, 7 and 8 last time with him, and 6 and 7 of this current set. Nothing major, but pretty good for a team that isn’t fully levelled, with unskilled Kalis, and zero plusses. My motivation: C8 with Lakshmi is a real bitch to deal with. Doable, but really stressful. Now, I have an excuse to get good at the game.


  2. Why is Lakshmi considered better than Parvati? Parvati is unbindable and seems to have a better active? Also green sub pool seems better. .


    • The biggest reason is team HP, meaning it’s much easier for Lakshmi to reach the HP to survive large hits like DQ Hera preemptives. It’s basically the same reason why BSonia is better than GSonia; water can use latent resists while wood has to waste a sub slot on a shield.

      There are other differences, but those have mostly been mitigated over the time they’ve been out with all the new sub options (like Parvati having difficulties reaching 100% SBR in the past, for example). However, it can’t be denied that Parvati suffers from Perseus, Michael, and even Courage being row-based rather than TPA.


      • Doesn’t she still have a difficult time reaching 100% SBR? The only 100% SBR setup I can think of for Arena would be something like A. Parvati/A. Freyja/Kushinada/UUevo Michael/A. Meimei/A. Parvati (alternatively A. Asataroth/Verdandi for the last two subs).

        It’s unfortunate that Perseus doesn’t interact well with other orb/board changers, and Spica is a heartbreaker.


    • Lakshmi’s team has much higher natural HP (something like 22k without plusses) so she plays more like a true tank leader. Also, the best hero-type subs (producing on-color and hearts) are row oriented so Parvati gets edged out slightly there as well.


  3. The Hammer falls.

    A-tier Translated (by google) from Game8 “A high degree of difficulty dungeon depending on organization is also the leader that you can break through. We also posted some such monster that specializes in orbit” (thanks google translate.)

    So, I can’t read Japanese, but I’m getting pretty good at google translate code. Basically, as I read it A-tier is “has a hard time with hard stuff, but has specialties where it’s the best or very close to the best leader.” I think I’m OK with that being the plan for A-tier, so that’s nice.
    AKA completely ignore this, it’s garbage, unless you want to see why something is uniquely suited for a specific task. Though, Goemon is actually just the best lead for a lot of stuff.

    I’d rather they dropped everything a tier, and made “specialists” “Z” Tier or something, it would just be cleaner.

    Rocco, yeah, I’m willing to accept that Delay’s are absurd. He’s double TPA, double SBR, filling the SBR niche on Radra with better awokens than Indra when you don’t need the Shield for Kali, probably worth of his rating for that reason alone. His addition, along with Okuni’s make me willing to accept that Game8 has huge value on delay’s, so I’m not annoyed by CaoCao’s ranking now.

    1. Awoken Shiva should probably get cut as well, not sporting enough of a damage edge over the “Tank” teams to warrant being in the same tier as them, power wise.

    2. Levi is likely on that edge as well, but 4x with 1.3 all stats is pretty darn good, and he’s got (for his own team at least) a Kali level active and great awokens.

    3. S Tier = Shiva Dragon, and Neptune Dragon.. sigh. What’s the criteria for S tier? Neptune Dragon and Shivadragon vs Awoken Sakuya and Awoken Ra.
    Dragons are bindable
    Dragons do more damage, have more HP, and have More RCV
    both sets clear arena with as similar 20-30% ratio. (Neptune Dragon is the highest, closer to 35%, still bad though)

    3.1 Addendum, the entire S-tier is worse in arena (% wise) than Thor/Saria and Ryunne/I&I (both over 50%, some claiming over 80%)…. So what does that say? Damage Matters, and because damage matters, ALOT apparently, They don’t fit S-tier.

    3.2 Damage Matters because of Co-Op “tank” teams often fail to kill the big bads, and things simply crush you. (I think grisar is sporting close to 30m health in co-op), but until I see actual stats, not just guesses based on watching Reco (SmallFs) stream on twitch. I don’t want to say anything definitive.

    Astaroth has a slightly worse LS(typing) and Active skill than Raoh BUT she is unbindable, which can be a pretty big deal on a leader who is giving you HP, so i think she is equal to Raoh, and certainly worthy of being an awoken (finally…).

    Ushio & tora. the LS is strong, he’s got 2 good awokens and can’t be bound. Their sub pool is.. small, but not terrible. idk, I guess he’s fine at A+ i think the lack of awokens is going to demote him at some point, but they’re unbindable and hit hard, that’s a thing.

    So now, onto A-tier, because I hate myself, actually nevermind. It doesn’t exist, wow I’m instantly happier. 😀


  4. 12/29 changes
    Awoken FALuci entered A+, knocked Levi into A tier.
    In A tier musical chairs, New Years Horus is in, Goemon dropped out again (definitely a running joke at this point), Eschamali given the boot.

    Rococo’s stay at S didn’t last long, dropped to A+. HKali demoted from S to A+ as well. And Vishnu dropped along with her, leaving wood with a grand total of 0 representatives in S rank for leaders and subs.
    DMeta was added to A tier.
    I’m surprised New Years Kanna wasn’t added to the sub list somewhere. Surely being unbindable isn’t that bad a trade for one skill boost?


  5. what would be a reason that L kali was removed? is it due to her low HP? or her lack of damage? Im pretty new to pad and I have been running her as a lead ever since I started and just wondering the reasons.


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