Weekly Roundup 47


The Past Week:

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Didn’t run any last week due to Christmas and probably won’t while 10x is active.

Elia Progress Tracker



Next Week and Beyond:

  • 10x.
  • Now that the Archdemons are done, what’s next? Finishing off Indian 1? More buffs? It’ll be interesting to see where GungHo decides to take things in the new year.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 47

  1. So? How many plus eggs so far? Is it a gazillion yet?
    Also, you’re my oldest friend in game. I’ve been playing for over 600 days now, rank 499 and you’ve been my friend for as long as I can remember. Thanks for helping me get this far.


    • About 1500 right now. I’m starting to think I won’t have enough stones for the entire event if you include part 2. I’ve already given up rolling in the godfest (which I probably should have anyways in an attempt to save for Eschamali) and I might pass on the New Year’s REM, assuming we get it.

      I just hit 500 days myself so it’s surprising I’m your oldest friend. You’ve been a great BFF and I use you all the time. Thanks to you, too!


      • I must have deleted all my friends that were older than you. I always delete out my inactive friends every so often.

        1500 – wow, that’s impressive. I haven’t had much time to farm, so I’m roughly around 300. I think I’m in your same boat in skipping the godfest. The Christmas REM took enough of my soul anyway.


  2. Hey Setsu,

    Don’t know where I should put this, but I hope you are enjoying your holiday!


    Ever since I rolled Bastet, she has been destroying everything with ease.. currently using Bastet/ Verd/ Valk/ Liu Bei/Flex (Liu Bei or Kushi).. I find that she’s so easy to play and does massive damage with just one TPA…

    So my main teams right now are Sakuya, Bastet and if i were able to roll a yomi, then I would have 3 endgame leads…

    Since, Lkali/DKali will be available in each godfest, which day should I roll to help strengthen my team? Day 1 has Meimei, (maybe another haku), Day 2 has Sun Quan, and Kaede, While day 3 has Susano, Spica, Vishnuu, but lack that Kaede a lot of Bastet team uses…

    with 7 rolls..how should I allocate it?


    • I personally like day 3 a lot, even though the GFE selection is probably the worst of all the days. Susano (also good for Sakuya), Spica and Vishnu are all great Bastet subs and your risk of dupes is fairly low. The Constellations are good on just about any team and, like you said, you already have a Yomi team. Day 2 is also nice, but I don’t know how much I’d let Kaede weigh into your decision. She’s great, but isn’t so amazing that it’s worth chasing the 6-star. I do like the Sengoku and Greeks even more with the increase of great row leaders out of JP so even though they aren’t immediately great for you right now, they can be eventually.

      So between days 2 and 3, I’m not sure. I’d personally go with day 3, but splitting between the 2 days isn’t a horrible idea either.


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