After Two Days of 10x


These are just the +eggs I have unused; can’t waste time figuring out where to use them when I could be farming instead, right? I’m now at about 20 297s total (also hypered four Scarlets, Karin, Ilm, and Thor). I’ve run Goemon about 1500 times over about 21 hours and I’ve gone through about two packs of stones. With the evo Goemon push button team I’ve reached the magical one 297 per hour mark, but I’m usually closer to 70 runs per hour since this shit is brutally boring and I can’t be assed to run it perfectly, especially since I get periodically interrupted by real life.

I’m going to keep farming hard for as long as Goemon is available — I really want to build up a coin stockpile so I don’t have to worry about running out when I switch to Zeus — but I’m going to let up once the coin rotation hits. I’m also considering farming Deus Ex Machina because I want to finish skilling up my Markabs and Leonises (the Armored Dragons are Cat Dragon-tier for skilling things ups; i.e. totally shit); it’s just a bonus that it’s alright for +eggs.

If anyone is wondering why I’m storing my +eggs at 288, it’s so I minimize the chances of overwriting any existing +eggs on things I want to hyper later on.


17 thoughts on “After Two Days of 10x

  1. I gave up trying to skill up Leonis when I max skilled a red and light golem before a second light gear dropped. But won’t the Deus Ex drops be +’ed? I’m gonna save up the +s instead of trying to skill up some dork I don’t ever use.


  2. Nicely done. And I thought I am aiming high with 5 a day^^
    Will naturally slow down after Goemon quite a bit as well and doing some occasonal runs of GungHo Collab to skill some trash.
    Will also run Deus Ex depending on how farmable the dungeon is.
    Would like to max skill the dungeon boss but wasting around 50+ eggs on her does not seem sensible.


    • Yeah, it’s unfortunate that the +eggs can be better used elsewhere. I was hoping Deus Ex Machina was going to be a lot better than she turned out.


  3. Lol, you’ve been busy Setsu! Did you stop for food? Where did you find time to even post this? XD

    Personally, I’m down ten stones (I only have like, 170 stamina. Still the best use of stones I can think of, at 12 plusses/stone. Don’t judge me!), and up a hyper. (I started typing this awhile ago, another few hours, another 10 stones, and another hyper :P) Good pace so far! Especially seeing as this is only my second (and third) hyper, so yeah.

    I’m actually plussing my (soon to be) arena team. So far I’ve gotten I&I and Andromeda. The rest of my plussings will depend on what I roll during 4x GFEs. Looking for Hermes… praying for Hermes… Also looking for Sumire, Mori, a second Bonia, and Ryune. Long shot for Ryune, but a 4x GFE water gala (hopefully) with Hermes AND Mori is too good to pass up.

    I IAP’d for the first time since summer Gacha to spam 10x, and I’ll be going for 20 rolls on day 2. Maybe a Yolo or two on days 1 and 3 since I’m weak willed like that 😛 It’s been over a year since putting money into the normal REM… can I borrow some of your luck Setsu? 😉


    • I’ve actually able to maintain my family and social commitments while doing all this farming. My sleep has suffered, though. Good luck on your godfest rolls.


  4. gottagofast

    Turns out farming is boring no matter what! Only thing keeping me going is end of the year podcasts. Gonna go guns blazing for this last 24 hour stretch before New Year festivities.


    • With over 2000 runs now, it’s happened like 5 times at most. You need something like two heart skyfalls and a very high number of combos to break the HP threshold. I still have 99 RCV eggs on the team, but I’m not sure if making another +198 ROdin is worth it (or if it’d even help). I guess you could +99 HP your Tengus too if you really wanted to be hardcore.


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