10x Goemon Aftermath


Well, I hit my goal of 100 297s. It was pretty rough farming 36 in four days, but at least now I can relax for the rest of my holiday. Here are some quick numbers:

  • 10,858 +eggs
  • 2716 Mitsukis killed
  • 16 ranks
  • 135,800 stamina
  • 12.50690735 stamina/+egg (not an even 12.5 because I got 6 Karin invades in the first hour)
  • 347 stones (about 4 packs)
  • 31.29 +egg/stone
  • 39 hours spent farming
  • 278.41 +eggs/hour
  • ~8.67 hours spent sorting +eggs (estimating about 40 min per 3 hours farmed)
  • Resulting in a 227.77 effective +eggs/hour
  • 126.7m coins netted

The next step is to plan out what to use them on. If we get 10x every other event like JP does, I can be pretty liberal with where I put them so I might try out a few things. I can also see some vanity hypers incoming.

Now to finish out the first part of this event by hopefully skilling up my Markabs and Leonises in Deux ex Machina and trying to finish skilling a D/L Anubis in the GungHo Collab (only need one more skill level). I also have to finish up the challenges and collect me S rank and other such things from all the dungeons I haven’t touched yet. All other time will be spent farming Zeus.

Oh, Happy New Year’s or something.


13 thoughts on “10x Goemon Aftermath

  1. Well, congrats…I guess^^
    I am at just over 20, so just met my target of “1 team a day”.
    Now on to Zeus^^


  2. Stopping at two hypers this event. I&I and Andro, two very staple subs for most water teams, so that’s pretty good. I would keep going, but I managed to lose control and roll all my stones away… 😛

    GF was decent to me. Rolled 2 packs across days 1 and 2, came away with a dupe Bonia, my first Gadius, and a phoenix rider. Everything else was a dupe. Also, out of 34 rolls, only the 2 GFEs… Personally the 4x seems weaker than it did last time. Whatever, now I can make a Bonia team to be proud of, so it’s a victory in that regard!


  3. Tyvm Gungho, Finished 297ing my yomidragon team, nao if you could just hurry up with farmable dark latents… I need about 50 of them.


  4. 10x coincides with a few days of Coin Dungeon Goemon (and Mercury in the rest), a week of Zeus Challenge, and part 2 has Sowilo, Kanetsugu, and Goemon. Think someone out there is looking out for the NA players?


    • Yeah, they did a pretty nice job on our first 10x event. The only way it could be better is if we got Elia invades too (although some may argue it’d actually make it worse) but JP didn’t get that until a few events later, I think. Hopefully they took this opportunity to learn that their more dedicated players don’t really appreciate “surprises” and lack of communication; judging by Michael’s Reddit post, it looks like they did.


    • I plan on eventually hypermaxing most of the forms of the Chinese girls. Like I just did D/R Haku for whatever reason. After that I’m not sure, but it’ll probably involve my wood box.

      I already have Mamiya hypered now, and Amberjack is a strong possibility.


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