Thoughts on the Game8 JP Tier List 1/4/15


Changes from 12/29: Ra S→A+, Astaroth A+→S, Archdemon Lucifer A+→S
SS 2259 - Sun God, Ra Dragon2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon
S 2253 - Destroyer God, Shiva Dragon2255 - Sea Deity, Neptune Dragon2505 - Awoken Astaroth2389 - Awoken Sakuya2013 - Awoken Anubis2507 - Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
A+ 1954 - Awoken Shiva2445 - 最大の強敵, Raoh1955 - Awoken Lakshmi2566 - 隔世の蒼龍喚士・Sonia2443 - 還爪の青龍契士・Ryuune2393 - Awoken Idunn&Idunna2011 - Awoken Bastet1956 - Awoken Parvati2012 - Awoken Ra2465 - Ushio & Tora2447 - 南斗最後の将, Yuria2441 - 裁爪の橙龍契士・Saria2395 - Awoken Thor2325 - Awoken Yomi2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite
A 2537 - 夢招福神, Horus1937 - 最強戦士・超ベジット2080 - Wise and Moral Goddess, Sarasvati2386 - Soul-Judging God of Dark Riches, Osiris2226 - 制約と誓約, Gon Freecss1843 - 玻璃の風龍王, Rinshia2324 - Awoken Amaterasu Ohkami2387 - 彩天聖命神・Hathor1949 - Lightning Black Dragonbound, Typhon1644 - Arbiter of Judgement, Metatron1847 - Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞2360 - Mankind's Strongest Soldier, Levi


Changes from 12/29: None
S 1738 - Dominating Warrior King, Cao Cao2511 - Mistress of the Sanctuary, Kali2010 - Awoken Isis1747 - Sparkling Goddess of Secrets, Kali2078 - Blazing Goddess of Power, Kali2180 - Pacifying Yomi Goddess, Izanami2282 - Placating Founder, Okuninushi2150 - Ominous Moon Dragon Caller, Satsuki
A+ 2094 - Phoenix Rider Valen2514 - Lively Banquet Dragon Hero, Liu Bei2235 - Avenging War Deity, Ares859 - ドスバギィ&バギィネコ2236 - Psychopomp Commerce Deity, Hermes2443 - 還爪の青龍契士・Ryuune1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu Bei2075 - Awoken Meimei2081 - Divine Creator of Order, Vishnu2509 - 伐爪の緑龍契士, Sylvie2441 - 裁爪の橙龍契士・Saria1887 - 幸七羽毛・ヘッドロココ1785 - warrior rose, graceful valkyrie2148 - Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna2076 - Awoken Haku2290 - Snow-White Beauty, Valkyrie Claire1847 - Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞2407 - Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon2592 - 裁秤の鋼星神・Eschamali
A 2265 - Fierce Warrior, Sanada Yukimura2073 - Awoken Leilan2384 - Ruling Firestorm God, Set1726 - Awoken Hinokagutsuchi2074 - Awoken Karin1733 - Blue Chain Starsea Goddess, Andromeda2322 - Awoken Orochi2494 - 巡警の星天使・Famiel2566 - 隔世の蒼龍喚士・Sonia2390 - Thought Spinner Norn, Verdandi2146 - Fall Wind Jasper Dragon Caller, Kaede2505 - Awoken Astaroth2237 - Moon Flower Huntress, Artemis2567 - 宿世の翠龍喚士・Sonia1951 - Tome-Creating White Phantom Demon, Ilm2496 - 煌斧の星天使・Ariel2324 - Awoken Amaterasu Ohkami1926 - Heaven-Shaking Thunderdragon, Indra2281 - Creator God of Twin Skies, Izanagi1644 - Arbiter of Judgement, Metatron2292 - Bleak Night Daughter, Pandora1953 - Enraged Black Phantom Demon, Zuoh1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, Pandora2273 - Deliberate Rebel, Akechi Mitsuhide

The Game8 list

Keeping this quick, but I may add to it later. I never expected Ra to get booted out of S. Is he really worse than the rest of the new S-tier? I also never expected Astaroth or Lucifer to make it to S. I was already planning on making teams for them, but now I’m even more intrigued. I definitely plan on doing some research once I get back home.

19 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Game8 JP Tier List 1/4/15

  1. Wow how did Ra ever get demoted? I guess Ra Dragon really stole most of his thunder there.

    I’m personally pretty interested in why Astaroth and Lucifer got the promotion as well…I have both but no Michael or Haku which hurts a little bit >_< But this gives me all the more incentive to try them out in time.


  2. If this is based entirely on Arena clear, as a Ra main I agree. The inconsistency of requiring an active skill to get past some floors is pretty awkward at times. But for a general tier list? Ra should definitely stay in S. I personally believe its an Arena tier list at this point though.

    FALu is easily in S by merit of being dark. He’s Saria/Thor or Ryu/I&I with a better multiplier. Oh ya, there was a video of 1-shotting LKali on floor 29 because of godslayer awakening. Tried pairing up with a hypermaxed one and he really makes things easy. Some are saying his only weakness his being bindable, which pandora usually will fix.

    Astaroth I disagree with I suppose. She’s powerful in her own right but the necessity for her to have Ceres as the bind-clear option and her lack of subs makes me think she won’t stay in S very long. I agree Michael is very powerful and might be why she’s at S right now but I still think there’s a general lack of utility for her. Her main 5 subs I think are: Freyja, GValk, Kushi, Michael and herself.


  3. Astaroth has 50+k HP, 5k+ rcv, and 4k auto recover, with 17 rows.
    Astaroth, Michaelx2, Freyja, Elize, Astaroth. The damage is impressive, the HP is insane, and your rcv is similar to that of the dragons, especially when you factor in the 4k auto-heal.

    Lucifer is similar. I think Astaroth is actually better overall, but Yomidragon being the unbindable bind clear for lucifer is pretty damn good :D.

    If arena is the metric, awoken Ra is weaker than sakuya, outside of arena I think, generally, Awoken Ra is at least as good.


  4. Go figure, once again the team I build gets demoted to A+… First Lakshmi, now Ra… 😄

    My thoughts: Ra is as good as, if not better than Sakuya outside of arena, but there seems to be a consensus that she’s far better in the arena. I don’t know if that warrants a demotion, because I thought that Shiva dragon was the worst of the S tier for Arena… mabe he’s the next to go? IDK.

    Astaroth is interesting. She’s a pretty good tank team, but I would have thought that I&I/Ryune would hit S before her… IDK. I haven’t done any research since the LS buff, maybe going from 1.3 to 1.5x IS enough to get her to S tier…

    Luci though, I do believe that he’s one of the best tank teams right now. First off, he has the tankiness of E2, and the burst damage of the Heroes… with more rows. His subs are limited, but at the same time, the limited subs are enough to clear the arena, so that’s pretty good. God killer’s the biggest deal here though, Kali one shots are easier than ever when you effectively have 10 cards’ worth of damage.

    I… I’m gonna go watch some luci arena vids now, hopefully I can build a team for him, he looks promising…


    • The Ls buff made astaroth go from ~1.7/~16/1 multiplier to 2.25/20.5/1 multiplier. And maybe a 20X multiplier with a large amount of rows is really reallly good. and with the hp MORE than the saira/thor combos. and Decent rcv due to the nature of her subs mostly being healer(also has good auto heals from micheal) probably y she got into S.

      Yeah luci is op because hes ~1.8/~16/~1.8 (which is a lot better than 2/~10.5/2) and has a lot of rows. and good subs.

      A Ra, though he may have a very good multiplier for very little matches, is not really fit for arena. He does not have the tankyness the MP dragons (that can consistently run arena, cough cough *shiva dragon get out of here* cough cough) so he cant really stall. He is forced to use skills to get his full multiplier, which may be very bad in some cases, because there are floors that you cant stall on, and his lower multiplier is 25x, which means you cant get through sopdet very well.

      If he got the buff that A horus got (1.5 rcv on skill activation), or got a lower cd active skill (7 turns is pretty long u know) then he’d go back to S for sure. Like that will every happen.

      I still await archangle uuvos. NA , U CAN RELEASE ARCHANGELS AND A FREYJA AT THE SAME TIME YOU KNOW. and like the release of A freyr, im prepared to be disappointed


      • 2.25/20.5/1 is pretty darn good. Still, it’s odd that a tank team doesn’t have a rcv multiplier, but is still viable. It just feels… wrong. Also, I like the way you said that she gets more HP than Thor/Saria, but left out I&I/Ryune, seeing as a team with all healers can’t really out-HP an almost all physical team 😛

        As for Ra, I guess that the biggest question is how they’re measuring tiers now. It seems like it’s primarily Arena-based now, and if that IS the reason he got the boot, then that’s fine I guess. I personally don’t think that that should be the ONLY standard for S tier, nor does it appear to be, *coughShivaDragoncough,* but that said, I foresee a major overhaul of the list in the near future. I REALLY think that they should switch their standards to factor in Co-op, seeing as most people consider Mecha Hera to be harder than Arena, and there’s Mecha Zeus just on the horizon. Co-op’s gonna be a BIG deal very soon, so I think it’s time for some shuffling. I hope they get it right, and fix the underlying problems with the list, rather than just shuffling around the cards, but whatever, we shall see.

        All that aside, Ra’s gonna get buffed. No doubt in my mind. Logically speaking, he was THE reason to roll for LKali, and while RaDra is THE reason to roll for DKali, most people can’t/won’t roll for a 6*. Buffing Ra is essentially buffing LKali, and buffing her gives lighter IAP players a reason to roll for her, and thus makes money for GH.

        As for what kind of buff, I couldn’t say. Probably LS, and the same they gave AHorus is a good thought for sure. It’d be bland and unoriginal, but that seems like something GH would do. Personally, I’d like to see an HP multiplier of some sort, but that seems like a bit of a stretch. Maybe a lower damage ceiling? Like, 2x damage at 4 colors, similar to what they did to heroes, easier to activate for lower damage. IDK.

        I’m rambling at this point, so I’ll be done 😛


  5. Shiva Dragon should be moved to A+ as well. It is a good leader for farming and ranking purposes, but not consistent for clearing arena.


  6. Hey been reading for a while, first time commenter. First, thanks for the blog, I read it all the time and have learned a lot from it. About me – I’ve been playing pretty much since the NA release, but took a long break in the middle, back then I was non-IAP, but now I do a decent amount of IAP (rolled 2 packs for 4xgfe) Wanted to get your thoughts (and those of the other commenters) on which team I should hyper-max next.,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxfav,0

    Been enjoying the 10x descends – Finished hyper-maxing my Awoken Sakuya team (Light based, no Elia yet since I’m waiting for 10x + invades to skill her up) and have started stockpiling plusses for my next team (~3 waiting, will have 5 by the end of the event), but am not sure what it should be. I also have ~500k MP, but don’t have the ideal subs for RaDra (no Dkalis) or Yomi (no Haku, except Xmas, no Okuni, and no Akechi). Wanted to pick something with an eye towards the future and with a different playstyle than Awoken Sakuya. My thought was either A.Astaroth or A.Lucifer:

    A.Astaratoth/Michael/Michael/Michael or Ceres or Kush/Freyja/A.Astaroth

    A.Lucifer/BeachPandora/Pandora/Castor/Loki/A.Lucifer (Not sure about the team here, would buy a YomiDra for binds, other options are Xmas Haku, Zuoh, Persephone)

    Any thoughts on which team to go for would be great. Or if a different direction is better (finishing ShivaDra team, some weird Saria/Ilm team, etc) I’m open to other ideas as well.

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    • It looks to me like you have ideal subs for both teams, which are similar in playstyle. For Lucifer, assuming you add Yomi Dragon, I’d probably go with Pandora/Castor/YomiDra/Loki, although you could also run XHaku/Hanzo or Pandora/Zuoh to go with Yomidra/Loki.

      Arguments for Lucifer:
      – No elemental weakness
      – 3 time extends to Astaroth’s 1
      – slightly better recovery (about 8.5k after factoring in the enhanced heart orbs)
      – slightly more likely to create 3-row optimal boards
      – art looks more badass

      Arguments for Astaroth
      – Way more (~50%) damage
      – art is cuter

      Personally I’d lean towards Lucifer, mostly because I’m not very good and need the time extends, but it’s pretty close, I think.

      I see ideal or near-ideal teams for AYomi, Saria, and Lakshmi in your box, but I’m not sure any of those are better than Astaroth or Lucifer.

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      • Thanks for the input mischiefy1! Still undecided on Astaroth vs. Lucifer, but this gives me some good stuff to think about.

        As to the other teams, not really looking to play AYomi, Saria is a maybe, but definitely want to check out Lakshmi since the play-style is so different. Probably run something like Lakshmi/B.Urd/Andromeda/Gabriel/I&I/Lakshmi – maybe subbing in Sumire and replacing I&I if I don’t need the burst. Probably won’t be my next plus target, but maybe if I get more farming in than I think I will I’ll get to her as well.


    • I’m still doing research on both Astaroth and Lucifer, but from what I can tell right now I like Lucifer a lot more for the RCV multiplier. Astaroth teams have a lot of natural healing, but I like the power of the multiplier more. You have the pieces for both teams, but I like the selection for Lucifer better as well. The pieces also translate well to many other top-tier dark teams (Yomi, Yomi Dragon, DMeta, etc) while Astaroth really only shares subs with Sylvie/Freyja.

      I’d also strongly consider Lakshmi once she gets her leader buff. BSonia is also good. I’d still lean toward Lucifer because of the elemental weakness, but those two are also strong options. I mean, you have a lot of strong options, but I guess Lucifer is probably the best if you’re willing to wait for him.

      I don’t really see the need or opportunity for MP Dragons so I’d probably hold onto your points for now. Which is probably prudent anyways with JP unveiling the start of a new MP Dragon set.


      • Thanks for the advice. Ended up farming more +’s than I thought, have enough for a team and a half, but more to think about now with Arena 2 on the horizon. Was leaning towards doing Lakshmi now and then Lucifer, as I assume 10x will come back before his Awoken form anyways, but with the success BSonia seems to be seeing in Arena 2 I might go that route and then Lucifer. Will probably just wait as I don’t have a pressing need to plus something right this minute – will see what new MP stuff comes out and what the success rates look like for the various Arena 2 teams.


  7. Not surprised with lucifer and astaroth.
    Only problem with luci is binds, but yomi dragon or even dkali should be able to fix that.

    If you don’t have yomi dragon or Dkali you can always use aamir.
    Or even better Halloween Alraune with 2x SBR, 4 turn recovery(same as aamir), 7sec cd AND haste.


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