Weekly Roundup 48


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder (Not updated this week)
  • 22 ranks.
  • It was a wild couple of weeks having to juggle the holidays and 10x. I’ll be heading home on Monday, but I don’t expect that this blog will get back up to speed right away. Hopefully things will return to normal by the weekend.

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • I don’t have any immediate plans to farm the Arena again, at least not with Ra Dragon. I used up a good portion of my Py stock to complete the hypermaxes that were made possible with 10x, but still have plenty left over. In addition GungHo is putting out skill up fodder for awoken uevos, something that, for the most part, I’m willing to wait for to come to NA.

Elia Progress Tracker



Next Week and Beyond:

  • NA still has 10x going on for the second part of the event, but I probably won’t do any hardcore farming again until Goemon on Sunday. At least I can run Sowilo while I’m on travel.
  • I’m expecting Hel for Awoken Freyja, but some part of me is hoping for Legelonte so I can finally skill up my Cerberus Rider. It’d also be nice if they start pushing non-Norse uevos soon, like the Archangels.
  • This time I’m going to make a point to skill up my Elementals in Kapibara (although the fodder for the one I want the most, Genie, doesn’t appear to drop evoed). I’d also like to finish skilling up my Shinrabansho silvers, but that may be a stretch as I want to be a bit more stingy with my stones, at least until Eschamali. I don’t plan on rolling the collab REM.
  • I still really don’t know what to expect out of JP, although Mecha Zeus was just announced. I’m still hoping for uuevo Heroes.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 48

  1. Apparently we are getting new MP dragons. This makes me question whether or not I still want to put in the effort towards getting a RaDra team now.


    • There’s a lot of potential problems with this new series. Ragnarok is powerful for sure, but it doesn’t appear to be raising the bar like the old MP Dragons did; the active and awakenings are nice, but its leader skill is basically the new Horus. There’s also the problem with machine type being much worse than god type (assuming that this entire series will be machine-based).

      If you don’t have the subs for Ra or Yomi Dragon, these might eventually have some appeal, but in its current form I don’t see it being better than those two without some more subs to go along with it (although if anything puts it over the top, it’ll be the God Killer). It doesn’t really hurt to wait, though, and from the way you worded your post it seems like you don’t have the subs yet anyways.


        • Well, it’s your choice if you want to wait or not. That’s like however many months for JP to get them, then however many more months for it to reach NA. If you’re short on resources, I guess it could be worth waiting, but if you have the team at all you’re either really lucky or IAP a decent amount. If the latter is the case, I’d just get the team ready now to get those Pys especially since 10x will make +eggs relatively easy to get and we are also getting farmable latent resists.


  2. The new gold drop of Shinrabansho Balancile is skilled up by card drop of the invade.
    Skilling invades like Saiga was already painful enough. But this is just plain silly and even worse than what they did with Sephiroth in the FF dungeon.


  3. Hi Setsu,

    I’ve been wondering if you use YomiD to clear the arena? I will slowly start working on it, though I’m not too sure of my team set-up. I have YomiD, Akechi, A.Haku, Pandora (regular), Okuni, Thott&Sopdet. I can also work on Persephone, DZeus, and DIza. I can’t afford full dark resist latent, so I have to fit in T&S somehow.


    • No, I haven’t used Yomi Dragon to clear the Arena yet. I haven’t seen much point since I don’t have the dark latents and Ra Dragon is just better (for now, anyways). I think Thoth & Sopdet is a fine sub choice. I’d probably go with Haku, Thoth & Sopdet, Okuni, Zeus. Not an optimal team, but it should cover most of the hurdles you’ll meet in the Arena.


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