Farmable Monster Analysis: Deus ex Machina (Backlog)

2234 - Awoken Deus ex MachinaWhile GungHo appeared to be improving the overall quality of descended boss drops, Deus ex Machina is a throwback to the dreadful pre-Sonia Gran days of hot garbage. Of course, not all farmable bosses can be on the level of Zaerog∞, but the fact that she isn’t even an evo material is what makes her all the more disappointing; at least the equally terrible Aegir has that excuse. While machine support has been ramping up as of late, she has no place as her raw power level is low and her element change makes her awkward to build around. While her time extends are attractive, the entire package doesn’t justify the sub slot even when compared to other farmable options. Perhaps the nail in the coffin is the difficulty of clearing her dungeon, making skill ups extremely troublesome.


Stats taken from Puzzle Dragon X
Stats HP 3418 ATK 1517 RCV 225 Wt 720.20
Active Change own attribute to Dark for 2 turns. Machine type cards ATK x1.5 for 1 turn. 16 Turns ( 6 Turns at Lv.11 )
Leader Dark attribute cards ATK x2.5. Machine type cards HP x1.2, ATK x1.2, RCV x1.2.
Awakenings Enhanced Dark OrbsExtended TimeExtended Time

The Value of Farmable Time Extends

Time extends are one of the most powerful awakenings in the game. They decrease the difficulty of activating demanding rainbow- and combo-based leader skills and improve damage through the time given to make additional combos. I’ve made a point of emphasizing farmable monsters with skill bind resists, but farmable time extends are even scarcer and Deus is the only one with two. Here are the farmable light monsters with time extends:

1845 - Unleashed Knight Dragon King, Nordis1760 - Dawning Dragon Caller, Sonia Gran2109 - Superhuman, No.411322 - GC CRAB Ver.3

Light has two amazing options in Nordis and Sonia Gran and No. 41 isn’t bad for a PEM roll, but there is very little selection. Even if the criteria is extended to farmable monsters of all elements, the pool doesn’t expand much:

2008 - Awoken Sphinx2206 - Broad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet1841 - Giant Arched Sea Dragon King, Volsung1916 - Music Dragon, Legelonte2104 - Graceful General, Zhou Yu1945 - Bamboo Cutter's Blossom, Kaguya-hime1843 - 玻璃の風龍王, Rinshia2069 - Black Beast Demon's Servant, Aamir1084 - Purple Sky Fruit, Grape Dragon1105 - Moonbeam Fang Witch, Lilith1106 - Pitch Black Night Princess, Lilith2119 - Scythe-Wielder of Darkness, Yukari668 - ECO Dumpty Alma1468 - Tsukuyomi TAMADRA1825 - I Love DeviBear

The numbers are still small, but the recent releases of monsters like Volsung and Rinshia have really helped boost the overall quality, which is an important point. The quality of a farmable SBR monster doesn’t matter all that much as most players will use them as that last 20% to reach full immunity for places like the Wednesday Dungeon. Since time extends don’t fill a critical role like that, the overall power of the monster they’re attached to matters. Sadly, Deus doesn’t bring much to the table otherwise so you’re almost always better off using another option; most REM and many farmable options will offer more than she does.

If you’re in the market for a farmable time extend, I’d strongly suggest looking at Sonia Gran instead. Her dungeon is about the same difficulty, if not easier, and you get a much better monster as both a leader and a sub. As it so happens, Sonia Gran covers the same elements, making her the better option for rainbow teams as well. If it doesn’t need to be light-main, then Lilith is a good option that is also relatively easy to skill up.

Uses for the Element Change

1881 - Twin Blade Brave, Shotel1882 - Double-Edged Blade Brave, Claymore1883 - Nameless Blade Brave, Masamune1884 - Curved Blade Brave, Kopis1885 - Massive Blade Brave, Zweihander

I haven’t been able to find a great use for self-element changes and I presume no one else has either as the Blade Braves aren’t exactly tearing up the meta. Comparatively, Deus’s active is even worse than theirs, essentially adding three turns to the cooldown to for an additional turn of element change. This makes her significantly worse for awoken Egyptian-like leader skills that enjoy short cooldowns. There just doesn’t seem to be much reason to change the element of only one of your subs. The only use I can think of is against high-defense, low-HP monsters like Awoken Meimei where you can get a more favorable elemental match up to assist in piercing that defense. If anything the change is a nuisance as it disrupts single-element synergies and complicates elemental coverage on rainbow teams.

Uses as a Machine Sub

Considering that she doesn’t have much to offer otherwise, does Deus have any uses as a machine-based sub? Machine support is still a bit shallow on NA so the answer is no. However, GungHo really seems to be pushing the type recently. So running under the assumption that machines will be relevant in the future, would she be something worth using? I’m reluctant to say yes as she just doesn’t bring enough to the table. She could be a decent sub for something like the recently revealed MP Dragon, Ragnarok, as her time extends would work nicely on a rainbow team and her active would have some use, but if you’re spending MP on a leader like that you hopefully have better sub options. She’s also a mediocre choice for dark machine teams like Eschamali as you’d much rather have something like Batmobile Batman, Unit-13 or maybe even Kaworu as a damage enhancer.

2127 - Light Mech General, Sherospada2128 - Dark Mech General, Hysferzen2189 - Destroying CyberDragon, Diadem2194 - Evil Eye CyberBeast, Kakkab

As for what machine teams Deus could actually fit on right now, there aren’t many great options, especially since NA is (currently) missing the Attack on Titan collab. The best options are probably the farmable light and dark golems, Sherospada and Hysferzen. They’re quite easy to activate, but Deus’s time extends are still valuable and the machine damage enhance has a chance to shine. She’ll cover dark for Sherospada, but her element change makes covering light for Hysferzen inconsistent. She’s also fine on Diadem and Kakkab teams as her fairly short cooldown will help fully activate their leader skills, but it would’ve been better if it was three turns like the Blade Braves, especially considering the number of hastes that will likely be on the team.

Yet Another Garbage Leader Skill

The leader skill is unimpressive — resulting in 1.44/9/1.44 with a Deus pair — and is barely better than something like Jord or Aegir. However, the key difference is that those two are evolution materials and are expected to be relatively poor. In this respect, Deus is possibly the worst non-evo material descended boss released since the new wave of improved offerings started with Sonia Gran more than half a year ago. Considering her competition is Sonia Gran, Aamir, Zeus & Hera, Zaerog∞, Nordis, and Scarlet, she is horribly underpowered. Zhu Bajie is the only offering that could be worse due to the leader skill sub restrictions, but I’d dare say that Deus is weaker.

That being said, let’s take a look at her potential sub pool which, for all intents and purposes, is limited to dark machines:

2592 - 裁秤の鋼星神・Eschamali2526 - Awoken Machine Hera2424 - Destruction Palm Mechanical Star God, Castor2194 - Evil Eye CyberBeast, Kakkab2189 - Destroying CyberDragon, Diadem2134 - Batman+Batmobile2133 - Batman+Disruptor2128 - Dark Mech General, Hysferzen1207 - 5 Mechdragon Combo, Demon Hadar704 - Kaworu&Mark.06

GungHo has really improved the dark machine sub pool lately, but that’s almost meaningless for Deus as you’d rather lead with her best subs; Eschamali, Machine Hera, Castor, the Batmen, and Hysferzen are all better leads and it’s arguable that Kakkab and Diadem are also better. Heck, even Hadar is on the same level. Her sub pool doesn’t really open up much when expanding to dark sub-elements, either:

2420 - Dark Plant Mechanical Star God, Spica2326 - Shinji&Eva Unit-01, First Awoken Form1201 - Shinji&Kaworu&Unit-13, FI2191 - Frost-Fanged CyberBeast, Alfecca1459 - Mystic Pentad Dragon, Kotodama

The only decent fit for a dark team is Shinji since he also creates dark orbs. There’s the possibility of running a water-based team, but if you’re at that point you’d really have to reevaluate your entire life, not just your PAD progress.

2592 - 裁秤の鋼星神・Eschamali

One possible option is to pair up with Eschamali resulting in 1.2/18/1.8 multipliers which isn’t horrible. However, until the farmable machine pool becomes a bit deeper it probably isn’t worth pursuing; as previously stated, it’s better to just lead with her subs than Deus herself. It’s also entirely possible that Hadar — who is easier to obtain and skill up — is just a better farmable pair for Eschamali, giving 1.5/15/1.5 multipliers which is fine for an early- to mid-game tank team. Not to mention the synergy his active has with her.


Deus ex Machina is quite disappointing. Despite not being an evo material, GungHo decided not to push her power level for some reason. She could’ve been a farmable cornerstone for upcoming machine teams, but instead became one of the worst descended bosses in a while. Her only real assets are her time extends, but they aren’t enough to save her. Most players should run her dungeon for the stone and be done with her.


4 thoughts on “Farmable Monster Analysis: Deus ex Machina (Backlog)

  1. “I haven’t been able to find a great use for self-element changes and I presume no one else has either as the Blade Braves aren’t exactly tearing up the meta.”

    Well, Zweihander is ideal on Volsung teams… Quick CD AS that overwrites Vol’s debuff with a buff, AND covers dark, but covers blue when you’re spiking is pretty tough to beat out. But… I don’t really anticipate Volsung becoming a huge deal when he hits NA, so ya, pretty much useless 😛


    • This is true, but I was referring more to the element change, not the damage enhance. You can technically do that with any type enhance, it just happens that they’re better at it for Volsung due to the cooldown.


  2. Not going to say that the Warriors series are great because they are not. But they do synergize pretty well with some orb changers and panel converters to make for a 3 turn 1.5x with no power loss.

    Orb convert combos:
    Claymore+Cao Cao

    Panel Converts:
    Urd+Masamune or Zweilhander

    This isn’t a comprehensive list and for a practical example, using the orb converters under Kenshiro or Sephiroth allows for a relatively free 1.5x on a relatively easy LS activation allowing for damage when you need it and robustness when you dont.

    But what make the Warriors “good” is not present in Deus Ex; low cost, VERY short cooldown, leaders gave HUGE sub pools in “Attacker” etc. Basically one is good for early->mid game and synergizes with all the other REM trash pantheons like Riders, and the other isn’t good for anything.


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