Farmable Monster Analysis: Legelonte

1916 - Music Dragon, LegelonteLegelonte has been a long time coming for NA — over 200 days — but we’re finally getting it. Its dungeon might be most notable to veteran players for Laila and Cerberus Rider skills ups, but Legelonte itself is a solid descended drop. It appears to be geared toward newer players with its 20 team cost being early-game friendly and the Master dungeon difficulty making it more accessible. However, no matter how easy the dungeon may be, it’s too difficult for new players to clear, virtually killing Legelonte’s one hope of ever being used as a leader. Its sub prospects aren’t much better, either, as Midgard and Awilda are even easier to obtain damage shield options. While Legelonte has some attributes that make it more appealing in the long run, such as the haste, time extend and possibly machine type, I’m skeptical if it’s worth the resources to skill up.


Stats taken from Puzzle Dragon X
Stats HP 2606 ATK 1106 RCV 518 Wt 654.47
Active 25% damage reduction for 1 turn. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. Cool Down: 17 Turns ( 7 Turns at Lv.11 )
Leader ATK x1.5 at 2 combos. ATK x0.5 for each additional combo, up to ATK x3 at 5 combos.
Awakenings Resistance-DarkSkill BoostExtended Time

As a Leader

Legelonte could have been a great lead for beginners — 9x for 20 cost makes it slightly better than an evo Bastet — but it’s much too difficult to obtain for what you get in return. Compared to Dragon Zombie Master difficulty, each floor of Legelonte Master has about four times the HP and everything uses skills. In addition, almost everything in Dragon Zombie is on a two turn or greater timer while everything in Legelonte is on one turn. Granted, you can take any monster type into Legelonte, but I’m not sure if that makes up difference. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s a shame Legelonte isn’t as easy as Dragon Zombie. You’ll almost certainly need a better leader than Legelonte to obtain it with no continues. Which is too bad, since this could’ve been a nice outlet for casual players that wanted a decent leader but didn’t want to reroll. With that possibility cut off, there’s no reason to consider Legelonte as a leader.

As a Sub

Fortunately, Legelonte is a pretty solid sub. I just went over the scarcity of farmable time extends in my Deus ex Machina analysis and Legelonte’s stands out because it comes on a 20-cost monster, making it good even in the early-game where team cost is one of the biggest limiting factors.

If farmable time extends and skill bind resists are rare, hastes are even more so, the only options that aren’t skill up fodder or trash drops being:

1848 - Angel of Secret Destiny, Elia1849 - Psychopomp of Oblivion, Grisar2206 - Broad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet1847 - Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞2117 - Enticing Water Princess, Pianis2524 - Holy Night Messenger, Santa Claus2526 - Awoken Machine Hera

The better skill up fodder options are things like New Year’s Himiko and Halloween Drawn Joker. The trash drops mainly consist of the Final Fantasy Collab dungeon drops. Farmable hastes being rare doesn’t make Legelonte better per say, but there’s something to be said for a sub that makes your entire team better in addition to being pretty solid itself. At least for now, Legelonte is the most accessible way to experience this power firsthand.

1273 - Blue Mech General, Mar Midgard975 - Blue Pirate Dragon, Awilda

Legelonte’s last significant asset is the damage shield. However, its arguable if it’s better than Midgard and Awilda, who are also farmable, in filling that role. I think Legelonte is the most useful overall as the haste will always be relevant even if you don’t need the shield and time extends are always great, but Midgard is better at filling the damage shield role because he provides a bigger reduction over multiple turns; assuming you have enough time to get it ready, that is. If the cost of skill ups is your most limiting factor, then Midgard is almost certainly the best option as being able to use spare Keepers is quite efficient, even more so if you can clear Tuesday Mythical. In addition it only needs five skill ups to max where Legelonte needs 10 and Awilda needs 13.


2565 - 衛瓶の鋼星神, Scheat2418 - Milky Way Mechanical Star God, Alrescha2357 - Calm Beast, Mikasa Ackerman2326 - Shinji&Eva Unit-01, First Awoken Form1201 - Shinji&Kaworu&Unit-13, FI2296 - Blue Puppet Master of Rebirth, Charité Machina2191 - Frost-Fanged CyberBeast, Alfecca2186 - Abyssal CyberDragon, Sadalmelik1273 - Blue Mech General, Mar Midgard

Another one of Legelonte’s interesting characteristics is its machine type. There isn’t all that much selection currently, but GungHo is really starting to push machine support. I don’t know if Legelonte will play a part in any future water-based machine teams, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on, particularly since it currently has the highest water-machine RCV with 518. Assuming no better shields are released, Legelonte still has to compete with Midgard. However, on a fully fledged team with multiple hastes, that synergy could easily put Legelonte over the top.


It’s pretty obvious that Legelonte is great in the early- to mid-game, but its usefulness tapers off the further you progress in the game. That being said, it’ll always be useful due to the shield, haste and time extend. It might be worth investing in one if you’re a newer player, but for the most part I’d pass; at least until water-machines become a thing. Personally, I’m just glad I can finally skill up my Cerberus Rider who will certainly assist in farming latent resists in the future.


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  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that Legelonte is going to play DIza to the new blue MP dragon. Alrescha, Alfecca, Sadalmalik and Mikasa are all packing 7CD hastes (shame about their awakenings) and could make for a neat blue version of the Scarlet system.


    • No clue. The original design was picked via contest, though. The winner’s name was “いとひろさん” which probably translates to Ito Hiro-san, but I barely know Japanese, let alone know how to translate game handles. Couldn’t tell you the actual artist, but it’s probably one of the usual PAD ones. If you want to track it down yourself, the contest results page might be a good start:


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