Kanetsugu Mythical 10x Farming – Shiva Dragon

This is the best team I could find for farming Kanetsugu. I may go into possible substitutions or other teams later, but for now I wanted to get this video out before too much time passed.

4F: Uzume if bound → Kagutsuchi → TPA
6F: Kenshin (water): Shiva Dragon → Goemon nuke; Masamune (wood): Set → do some matching
7F: Shiva Dragon if you need it → swipe Goemon

Uzume can be skill level 1. Kagutsuchi should be at least skill level 2. Although all skill levels can be flexible depending on how you use your Shiva Dragon hastes.

The amount of combos you need to do depends on how many +eggs the team has, Shiva Dragon and Set in particular. Most teams can probably use sub-element TPAs to clear floor 2.


9 thoughts on “Kanetsugu Mythical 10x Farming – Shiva Dragon

  1. I use Markab instead of Set since Set has eluded me. No def break makes it a bit slower but consistently easy enough with Shiva Drag/Ame/Markab/Goemon/Ares/Shiva Drag. I use Ares FL 4 to break dark ninja def and then 2 turns on FL 5 and haste effects and Ares is back up for FL 6. Takes maybe 2 minutes.


  2. I’m running the same thing, only Shiva dragon and Goemon hypered, and Ame is even skill level 1. It works quite well.


  3. I’ve been running ShivaDra / Ares / Ares / Verdandi / Urd since my Set and Kagu aren’t up to snuff yet and Ame has completely eluded me. I’ll try a run subbing in Goemon for one of the Ares, though. Congrats on your blogoversary also!


    • I’m running the same team too. Shivadra and Urd are hyper maxed ando the others are max skilled with over 200 plusses on my 2 Ares. When one of my members geto bound, I ignore it and just use a Ares or Verdandi active to sweep. So far, I have been able to sweep the rest of the dungeons with one of my subs bound.


  4. For anyone curious, this is also very easy with yomidra:

    yomidra, akechi, a.haku, xmas haku (can be D.Iza), a.yomi or pandora, yomidra


  5. It’s quite good, wood and dark TPA’s can clear F1-3, or even 1 TPA + 3 or 5 orbs (including water and light).

    Assuming two hypermax Shiva Dragon’s, I think the only difference plussing Set makes is whether you can one combo Masamune with a TPA. Otherwise you need a 2 combo.


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