Done With Legelonte, Hopefully Forever

85 Legelonte clears. 74 fodder drops (87%). 46 Laila fodder (54%, 62%). 28 Cerberus Rider fodder (33%, 38%).

10/55 on Legelonte (18%). 12/43 on Laila (28%). 5/28 on Cerberus Rider (18%).

None of these numbers are particularly poor and I guess I was asking for (even more) disappointment doing this during 2x — don’t even ask me how my Markab and Leonis skill ups went… sigh… — but it’s hard not to get frustrated when the only skill up you want, Cerberus Rider, has its fodder drop significantly less than expected, then you go worse than expected on skill ups. I’m sure everyone has multiple stories like this — trifruits come to mind — but it never gets less frustrating. Here’s hoping NA never gets 2x again; JP has gotten 2.5x every event since August and is currently enjoying 3x bonuses from time to time.


4 thoughts on “Done With Legelonte, Hopefully Forever

  1. I still don’t like that the skill-up floor doesn’t guarantee a drop. The last few descends I’ve ran for skill-ups always had them drop so it was a surprise.


    • Yes, this was disappointing. I remember farming Legend Hera-Beorc back in the day and getting guaranteed Michael skill ups; GungHo gets stingy in random places.


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