PAD Z Collab Z Difficulty 10x Farming – Cloud System

After much research on YouTube, I couldn’t find a team that I liked for PAD Z farming. I like this Cloud System setup with Amaterasu since you don’t have to heal via matches on floor 5 if you get the gravity, but floor 6 and 7 can be sketchy sometimes damage-wise without Ilm. I was considering Kiriko or even non-attackers like Saria, Apoc, XQ or Sun Wukong to guarantee hearts, but I just don’t care enough. In the end, it might just be better to use Shiva Dragon or something, but I don’t plan to farm this very much so I’m not going to put in the effort to find out.


3 thoughts on “PAD Z Collab Z Difficulty 10x Farming – Cloud System

  1. With all the dark resists and God typing, is the dark dragon worth skilling up/maxing for an arena yomidra team?


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