Time to Get a Masterion

You can skip to the actual DQ Hera hit using this link.

He always felt semi-usable for a farmable. The best part is, there’s still time to skill him up during 2x drops in Shinrabansho on Sunday (we’ll almost certainly get 2.5x the next event, too). Luckily, I already paid my dues the last time the event came around:


After I cleaned out my box to make space for 10x, he was one of the few trash drops that I decided to keep which is fortunate. Now I just gotta uevo, level and awaken him; the +eggs are already taken care of, I’d hope. If Masterion really becomes a thing, I could see players feeding their old Zeus Stratios to him.

Let’s not overreact here, but in all seriousness, if you’re determined to be at the forefront of the game — especially if you already own a Yomi Dragon — it’s probably worth skilling one up. Arena 2 hasn’t been out for even a day yet so there will certainly be better teams for it by the time NA gets it — we don’t even know what the rest of the new MP Dragons will be like yet — but we may not get Shinrabansho again for another year (although it seems to be a half-yearly thing) so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For other players, at least picking one up is a good idea as you’ll probably only need his gravity for the boss floor. You’d only want a skilled one for extremely fringe purposes, like trying to come back from an unlikely Kagutsuchi delay or to possibly help against resolves.

A few more notes:

  • It appears Lucifer, along with all true damage monsters, got some added value. Luci’s god killer also looks to be clutch. It looks like he’s going to be one of the best overall REM monsters in the game.
  • Monsters with dark resists, or any type of resist at all, become more attractive. Ark in particular looks like he could be useful, especially since the Shinrabansho silvers got another round of buffs.
  • One amusing point for Yomi Dragon teams is that Masterion enables the use of the team’s light sub-element through his single light orb enhance.

I wish JP luck in clearing out the new Arena and I’m looking forward to ripping off all their hard-earned team ideas.

27 thoughts on “Time to Get a Masterion

  1. So it looks like the new yomi dragon team can run arena 2 pretty well. He got every “bad” stage in the arena: Shiva with his 2 skill delay (though they seem to have toned down his damage, maybe vishnu is worse), illsix with his tricky 30% resolve. Dq hera with 43k preemptive. The only stages that this team didnt get was the new Lakshmi stage (have yet to see a video on it so unsure if its worse than parvati or something else). and D kali (seeing how her full board change doesnt give hearts anymore AND you have to deal more damage due to no elemental advantage, its pretty bad)


    • Lakshmi’s easy-peasy. She gives you jammers every turn, and you have to clear them all, or you die. She suicides after a few turns of this. (Assuming she’s the same from the one-time challenge 2 that we’re yet to get. Otherwise, disregard this statement :P)


      • Well she does disable awakenings and skills (not skill bind, just disables) which makes it a little harder than usual, but almost everyone should still be able to clear her jammers unless they totally brainfart.


        • So the only super bad hurdle is d kali then? You have to deal like 12 million (due to shield) to get past 65% and she takes away heart orbs half? of the time (idk, PadX says theres a 20% chance for all skills including Kalam, 20X4 does not = 100). Its the revenge of D kali, we all said she was ez (cuz u could stall), nao she is mad


    • I do think that Vishnu is harder, but he did get lucky in 1 spot – I think this team has a lot of trouble with Ilsix into Beelzebub. One out of the two Escamalis will be down from Grisar. The other needs to be used to break hearts when Ilsix goes below his 30% resolve in order to activate. At that point there’s a choice to be made YomiDra to heal (so you don’t die from DQ Hera’s preempt) or leave YomiDra up, die to DQ Hera Preempt but survive (maybe) on Beelzebub with just 4 hearts of healing (but still can’t activate). He leaves YomiDra up on this run but lucks into a heart skyfall.


  2. After looking back over my NA box, I really, really need to roll an Eschamali (or even two!) when she gets here).

    Having Yomi Dragon, FA Luci, Akechi, Haku (Awoken and D/d), Okuni, Pandora, and Stratios makes me more than a little invested in these dark teams, haha.

    Just need to keep my eyes open for a consistent team without Eschamali on the very likely chance that I never get her.


  3. During the whole 10x event, I kept looking at Masterion wondering if he was a valid replacement to Zeus on the Yomi Dragon team. “Surely having the built in dark resist and a faster although weaker gravity is almost equal here.” Than I got scared that arena 2 was going to put my Yomi Dragon on the bench. Suddenly Masterion became a legit sub. Hell yeah, Kiriko 1 and 2 saved the day again! Already mostly leveled and max skilled Masterion, I’m glad it’s you and not Zeus!

    Than I look at the rest of the team. Lucifer… Eschaamali… twice…. So I went from a perfect 1 Yomi dragon box with Beach Pandora/Akechi options, Ochu and Haku to having only the farmable sub T.T

    Gungho we haven’t even gotten the Izanami 5×4 yet. I even did the damage calculations for the dungeon to learn that a single Yomi Dragon team 5 match no combos/1 combo would clear all the floors with my current +eggs.

    I decided since the time it will take for arena 2 to reach the NA is most likely not enough for me to farm the last bits of the +eggs and dark latents, I was going to have more fun on my account and meta game less. +297 Asmodeus, Kiriko 2x, Batman D/L, Misato, and Yuna. I got these collab golds for a reason. Might was well get the most fun out of them.


    • Arena 1 took over 4 months to hit NA. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them delay Arena 2 even longer. Of course, GungHo won’t give us an inkling nor can we really rely on the past as a precedent so we’re basically just left guessing.


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