Weekly Roundup 49


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 7 ranks.
  • I’m glad 10x is over. Playing this much is slowly killing me. It scares me to know that there are people that play more than me. I’m really hoping I can take it easy (for me) until Eschamali gets released; I’m going to do my best to save/allocate as much of my gaming budget to her as possible.

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Feeling a bit burned out from 10x, so I probably won’t start grinding this again anytime soon. Depending on the Arena JP gets, I may have to start milking this while I can, though.

Elia Progress Tracker


Next event, please.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • 10x was great, but there’s still reason to think greedily. Hera-Sowilo is in the next coin rotation. Then it looks like we’re getting 2x coin dungeon drops. On top of that, we’re getting Kanetsugu in the Yamato Challenge. Sure seems like another 10x event would be great for the plebs. For the hardcore players, 5×4 Noah will also be in the coin dungeons; while that dungeon is fairly poor for 10x, every little bit helps, right? Now if only we could get Elia invades, too…
  • NA is long overdue for some new uevos. 10x was a nice distraction, but it’ll be time to start sharpening those pitchforks if we get nothing this week. Freyja should be obvious (and thus Hel Descended), but I’d also expect the next wave of uevos that includes Hathor, Michael and the first wave of Angels.
  • JP has some pretty big changes incoming (+egg sorting, 3 minute stamina, Arena renewal). The final details of the new MP Dragon still haven’t been released so I’d probably expect that soon (the MP Shop rotates soon I think). Shinarabansho only lasts for a week, so I’d expect Crows x Worst details to get announced soon. I wouldn’t expect any uevo announcements, but I’m still hopeful for uuevo Heroes. I’d expect a stream to come soon to announce the uevo survey winners, so we may not get new uevo announcements until then.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 49

  1. Goodbye for now 10x!!

    I’m with ya, I need a few days away from this game and the holiday expenses were exceptionally brutal. The upcoming news for NA and more importantly JP may have some big implications anyway, good time to relax.


  2. Arena 2 info out and release in Japan.

    It is much harder than arena 1. Vishnu, Shiva, ilsx, zera all added. On top of 43k dq hera preempt. Also last floor spawns 3 pii that hit for 8.3k each turn. Also existing spawns got hp and dmg upgraded.

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    • Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check out the details when I get time.

      Looks like I’ll be farming the Arena while I can. Glad I didn’t buy dark resists for Yomi Dragon now.


  3. I’m kinda miffed at the Arena upgrade. I wish they had preserved Arena 1 and simply added Arena 2. The end game goal moves farther away faster than I can keep up with and it’s very, very discouraging. I’m so close to getting my Thor/Saria team put together, but once everything is evolved and max awoken I still have to go and get +eggs, and currently Cao Cao and Thor/Apoc are fighting for them. If they start putting out Arena 3s/4s just as I’m still trying to prepare for the 1st incarnation I probably will give up on ever clearing Arena ever lol. Just stick with never getting past C8 as usual :\

    So I found out today that Raoh x Freyr is a really good pairing, not just for Arena but just overall pretty awesome. Considering that I have Urd/Leilan, Cao Cao/Kagu, Chiyome, etc., I feel like I could put together a pretty good team, and address binds through use of Red Riding Hood since I don’t have Uzume. What is considered the optimal sub pool for Raoh x Freyr and how does the team play? It’s a very foreign team build to me, just wondering what your thoughts are on it before I recklessly begin investing in Freyr.


    • Yeah I’m not really happy with the Arena change either, but it was inevitable as they said when they released the dungeon that they’d adjust the difficulty as time went on. I’m more worried about the side effects, though, as them putting out another Ra Dragon is a very realistic possibility. I really don’t want to have to chase another MP Dragon team. At least the first version will come back a special and/or limited time dungeon.

      I actually think Saria-Thor could be a decent option for Arena 2 since it has enough HP to tank things and can use Raphael or a gravity to deal with the Kalis. I don’t know how it would deal with the other new hurdles, but it seems like it would still be good.

      As for Raoh-Freyr, I like the team, but I’m not really sure what the best lineup is. Off the top of my head I’d probably run Raoh / Leilan / Belial / Scarlet / Christmas RSonia / Freyr. All those hastes are really sexy. There’s really no great on-type bind clearers since we don’t have Eren. Old Uzume is fine. I’d probably just use Misato and pray for some hearts. I guess Red Riding Hood is a decent emergency option. I’m not sure binds are a huge issue, though.


      • Yeah, most lineups I saw had stuff like Sanada, Cao, Urd, Leilan, Uzume, Freyr, and etc. similar things as the sub pool. However I rarely saw Uzume. I tend to overrate how bad binds are simply because I’m so used to being bind immune (LMeta and AAma laugh at them forever) or having an absurd number of bind clears (my AAma team can clear like 9 turns of bind with one row of heart), so whenever a stray bind comes to my other teams I panic. Oops.

        I saw a video of saria/thor clearing Arena 2 on YT that someone posted on the puzzleanddragonsforum. However, I also saw multiple instances where Game Over would have happened had they not gotten that skyfall, or had they not gotten the good board ratios they had. I saw a lot of perfect board ratios for the cascade row optimal board setup. Of course, that being said, no team is foolproof, not even RaDra himself, and given that Arena/Arena 2 are basically blatant “Empty your wallet for RaDra/YomiDra unless you want a 30% clear rate muahaha” I’m only planning on clearing for the stone and moving on with life. Pys be damned.

        I also noticed that for Arena 2, Saria/Thor practically REQUIRES Venus, whereas before it was a luxury. There were so many instances that very consecutive bursts were needed, which was basically provided only by Venus and her super-quick cooldown. Back to rolling only for her lol. Which is what I have been saving my stones for anyways… That and also Pollux > Valk for cycling hastes, which helped the team cycle actives super quick. But Pollux wasn’t *as* necessary.

        …it’s a shame they’re so important what with the slew of awoken evolutions we have…so darned rare, they are, for the average player like me…


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