Scarlet Descended – Cloud System

I still need to skill up my last Scarlet, but since I’m reducing my playtime to alleviate burnout I didn’t put in a farming session today. I did want to test this team now that I had it ready and while it was good, I wasn’t all that impressed. I used a Raoh team to skill up the rest of my Scarlets and I definitely prefer that team.


3 thoughts on “Scarlet Descended – Cloud System

  1. Freyr/Raoh eliminates the damage concern on Scarlet but introduces the possibility of dying to DQ Hera if you can’t burst first turn (most likely need to stall 1-3 turns here).

    Real tempted to just buy dark latents for Shiva Dragon… It’s possible to use DIza instead of Mamiya but it’s just that much slower.

    There’s also a Mori team of BSonia x2/I&I/x that seems stable.


  2. Lol at farming scarlets. I finally managed to beat her for the first time, so that’s good enough for me! Now time to skill her up… and then do it four more times… Loooooool.

    But really, I&I made the dungeon much more trivial. When you can afford to take a hit on every floor (except the first one of course) it’s not so big of a challenge.

    Also, LOL at 4/6 cards on your team hitting max level. I’ve NEVER had a card reach above level 50 XD


    • you sure are tempting me to run it with II…. I’ve been debating what team to use to farm scarlet. For the moment, I defaulted to a variation of the standard arena yomidra team… which is great for everything not named kraken.


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