Good Enough For Now


I wanted to kill myself when I skipped through the score screen; I didn’t think I scored well for some reason, but I’m kicking myself now because I’m really curious what I got. 0.3% is good enough for now. I expect it to fall heavily, but it should (hopefully) be good enough for the top 10%. Here’s the team I used:


Focused on speed, as usual. Since I only have one Ilm — sad, I know — and I don’t have the JP top 10 Ra Dragon team (Nordis? Meh. Lucifer? I’ll never need to skill him up!), I copied whatever I found first on YouTube.

I’m hoping I won’t have to play this again as I’m trying to conserve stones after going through so many over the holidays. Any stones I use until Eschamali comes out will mainly be focused on farming skill ups, latent tamas and maybe some Arena.

I Lied

It felt wrong not having the score screen, so I dumped another stone into the dungeon.


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  1. I can’t get above the 30th percentile. Aggravates me to no end…I’m using Awoken Shiva which does a fine job except my first run, I skyfalled THIRTEEN combos on turn 2, and then another eight the next turn, and another eight the next turn…. In any other dungeon I’d love it but this time? Screwed up my score despite my average combo sitting at like 8. Second run fared no better…. Worst part is having to get past Lakshmi, she kills my time. I hate that time still ticks when comboing happens. It’s not my fault that skyfall decides to happen now! And this is the first time where I really want to be at 10%, I desperately need the Shynpy for Awoken Thor. Any tips?

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    • I think the best strategy is to use the best unconditional lead you have and prioritize speed over combos. Having a damage enhancer against something you’re elementally strong against also helps pad your score with max damage points. I think Awoken Amaterasu might be good for you, iirc? The gravity kinda hurts, but you’ll just have to play around that.


    • I managed 112k with my Awoken Shiva team after several runs (basically one shot every floor), but that’s only good enough for top 19% (and no doubt it’ll fall below top 20%). I don’t think it’s possible to get top 10% with an Awoken Shiva team.


        • As someone with 124,132 from a Yomidra team, i can say that is <2.2%.

          Have you followed previous ranking dungeons? If so, do you think that is safe?


        • I think my biggest problem, aside from Lakshmi, is the fact that both runs I was consistently skyfalling 9 – 10 combos on multiple floors. Really killed my time. I need to get better at matching faster though, I ended with 140 seconds left on the clock, and you having 20 seconds more time left made such a huge difference, whereas my high 8.1 average combo made very little difference, and the fact that skyfall caused that hurt my score overall.

          Thank you for posting that! I’m going to keep on trying the Ranking Dungeon with both Shiva and Amaterasu. I might have to give up on my hopes on getting that Shynpy I need in the top 10%, but I’m still dreaming of it, and I know for sure that sitting in 34% is unacceptable for me.


        • I think I’m going to give up….dumped another stone for stamina, highest I could get was 25%. If things don’t go perfectly right on Lakshmi I’m basically fucked and I might as well as quit and start over. I probably don’t have enough +eggs on my team for the damage I need, I’m using AShiva / Chiyome / Kagu / Leilan / Urd / AShiva and the only hypered card is Kagu, everyone has has nothing. And I’d probably be better off using Cao Cao instead of Chiyome but I haven’t had the chance to max skill him, or even uevo/max level him yet.

          Ugh, I’m really frustrated. Wish I had a ShivaDra or YomiDra to cheese this dungeon.


  2. You are more than safe at 130k. Since I don’t have ShivaDra, I’ve been trying with a lot of teams (Ra, RaDra, Bastet, Pandora, Sakuya) and got 7% with Sakuya (first try). I’m sure I can get it higher, but I’m wondering if there is another way to cheese this besides ShivaDra. Curious if you have any ideas?


    • I don’t know if I’d consider Shiva Dragon cheese in this case. The cheese teams are the ones that are in the JP top 10, Ilm and Ra Dragon. But you need 4 Ilms or skilled up Nordis, ROdin and AA Lucifer for Ra Dragon. So the only options after that are speedrunning it with an unconditional lead or being Reco. Shiva Dragon just happens to be the best for the speed route.

      Yeah, I haven’t budged from 0.3% since I got the score. I guess there’s many less players that have 4x Ilm or that specific Ra Dragon team than I expected. But until we get the crown reward I doubt anyone in NA is really going to go all out.


      • I didn’t think to reference JP top 10 for some reason. I do have 1 Rodin and plenty of Ra’s…though I am missing Muse/Luci. My Nordis isn’t skilled up high enough either. I don’t think I have what it takes to build that setup. I’m also trying to figure out which floor they cheese.


            • The last sub slot is usually a damage enhancer that you’ll use on the floor where you have the most elemental advantage and you try to do as much damage as possible (at least 40m). The trading of time for more combo and damage numbers on this floor is worth it in this case. Other than that you combo as usual. The best Ra Dragon runs usually have 7+ combos average and like 170 sec left on the clock, so take that for what you will.


  3. So 2 questions.

    1) I’ve been running with Yomidra and I think what’s holding back my score is no damage enhancer. Running variants of YomiDra/AHaku/Persephone/Pandora/Akechi/Sonia.

    I’m guessing I should use someone for Level 5 (light)?

    Which cards have actives that would be good?


    2) I don’t have Freyr but I do have rest of your ShivaDra team. Who can I replace him with? And spike the green floor?



    • 1) Okuni is great. Nephthys and Ark are fine too. Yes, you should use them on the 5th floor so you can surpass 40m damage. That is the floor you want to go all out on and combo as high as possible, too. The added score you get from the max damage and combo should more than make up for the lost time, theoretically.

      2) Freyr is particularly good since not only can you spike on the wood floor, but he gives you extra damage for the following water floor. I don’t see a great replacement, but Set is not bad if you can consistently take care of Lakshmi without an enhance, obviously you’d rather have the rows. I did it with Set on my Shiva run, so it’s more than possible.


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