Godfest Help Post: 1/16-1/17

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Egypt 1 & Archangels 1/16, Japanese 2 & Heroes 1/17
Day 1 Day 2
Egypt 1 Archangels Japanese 2 Heroes
Individual A B- B- B+
Combined B+ B
Individual C+ B+ B B+
Combined B B+
Individual B+ B B- A-
Combined B+ B

Are we back to last minute announcements again, GungHo? Get your shit together.

This will be the first time trying out the new format. “What is the new format?”, you might ask. It’s basically me trying to keep commentary to a minimum. This post will mainly be a platform for readers to ask me godfest-related questions if they’d like. This extends to overall box and team questions, too. If you post a question, please indicate your level of IAP, your playing habits and a link to your PADherder.

It’s been a while since we got the Archangels in a godfest (like nine months, according to this source) so it’s worthwhile talking about how they’ve changed since then. Don’t let their sub score fool you, it’s mainly brought down by the still useless Lucifer. They’re all at least as good as their Hero counterparts with Raphael being particularly useful due to his 100% damage shield. As leaders, they’re still all pretty useless as their leader skills weren’t improved.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 1/16
Name Lead Sub Overall
Egypt 1
2009 - Awoken HorusHorus B+ B B+
2010 - Awoken IsisIsis B+ B+ B+
2011 - Awoken BastetBastet A C+ B
2012 - Awoken RaRa A C B
2013 - Awoken AnubisAnubis A B- B+
2498 - Scorching Dragon Angel, UrielUriel B- A- B
2499 - Divinized Archangel, GabrielGabriel B- A- B
2500 - Archangel of Annihilation, MichaelMichael B- A- B
2501 - Archangel of Creation, RaphaelRaphael B- A- B
2502 - Seraph of Corruption, LuciferLucifer B- C C+

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 1/17
Name Lead Sub Overall
Japanese 2
2278 - Art Goddess of Entertainment, Ame no UzumeAme no Uzume B- B- B-
2279 - Vigorous Hunt Gods, Umisachi & YamasachiUmisachi & Yamasachi B B B
2280 - Miko Goddess of Protection, KushinadahimeKushinadahime C+ B B-
2281 - Creator God of Twin Skies, IzanagiIzanagi D B C
2282 - Placating Founder, OkuninushiOkuninushi B+ A- A-
1732 - Stormy God-Emperor, Yamato TakeruYamato Takeru B+ B+ B+
1733 - Blue Chain Starsea Goddess, AndromedaAndromeda B+ B+ A-
1734 - Green Star Vanquishing Deity, PerseusPerseus B+ B+ B+
1735 - Revered Monkey King, Sun WukongSun Wukong B B B+
1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, PandoraPandora B+ B+ B+

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to reply to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive godfest advice can be.


86 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 1/16-1/17

  1. Hi Setsu-

    I’ve read your blog for a bit and I’m impressed that you can make quality posts and still play the game 0.o
    I’m a rank 268 low iap player (~$30 spent?)
    and I main A. Ra. I have a hypered ra and lkali, and am looking to optimize my team.
    I’m thinking ra/lkali/lkali/dkali/Isis/ra.
    Since the 3 I’m missing are all in day 1,
    Should I spend all my stones there? (40)

    2. This one will be short- 300k mp- shiva/ra/yomi? Could you make a post about this decision?

    Sorry about the wall of text 😛
    Thanks in advance,


  2. That’s not a wall of text! This is a wall of text…

    I’m torn about whether to roll this godfest, and could use some advice. Updated context: still 100% non-IAP. I’ve transitioned away from my Beelze team; I still play it heavily to farm things, but for anything difficult, Ra is my first choice, followed by Yomi as a distant, reluctant second. I’m getting pretty comfortable with Ra, although there are still a few mechanics that I have trouble with (sub binds, resolve, +CD). I recently cleared C9 and C10 for the first time, have cleared all of the rogues, and have cleared God and Devil Rush, hoping to clear Hera and Dragon this event.

    Padherder here: https://www.padherder.com/user/mischiefmaker/monsters/

    Other teams in development: Verdandi for farming things and ranking dungeons, Sakuya, Freyja, maybe some kind of wacky Scarlet-led row team (worth building?), Awoken Lucifer.

    I’m at 134k MP, but I think I have basically no use for all of the following (correct me if I overlooked something): Grape Dragon, Yomi #2, Krishna #2, Berserker Z, Grimrock, Red Riding Hood, Claymore, Kano, Hathor #2, Wee Jas (both colors), Fuu, Sun Quan #2, Water/Dark/Earth Dragon Swordsman, Blueberry Dragon, Kuromi, Snow White, Red Chester, Ars Nova, Verdandi #3, Kali #4,
    Delgado. That would put me at 263k. Assuming I manage top 30% for ranking and clear the challenge, that’d be a total of 276k.

    Day 1 looks really tempting. Isis is a huge hit for Ra, obviously, and Michael is likewise a monster upgrade for Freyja/Sylvie. I’d also be very happy with Gabriel, though I think I’d still be one sub short of making a viable Lakshmi team, and I also have excellent subs for Bastet though it’s not clear that investing in that team is worthwhile since I already have Ra and Sakuya.

    (Aside: how do people plan dungeons with Sakuya? Basing damage on 8-9 combos seems unrealistic, but relying on skyfall doesn’t seem reliable either.)

    Pretty sure I want to skip day 2 since I have no clear use for any of the J2 pantheon and I don’t think I need another Pandora (since I have two Akechi), which drags down overall value.

    Reasons not to roll: risking dupes of Anubis and Ra, though at some point the risk of dupes will be unavoidable; it’s not 4x gfe, though who knows how often that will be; not many things I want from midnight gala; I’ll only have ~25 stones so there’s a good chance of coming up empty, which feels bad even if it’s the right decision.

    On the other hand, I’m so close to 300k that 5 rolls might get me there…although I’m still wavering on whether to get a Yomi Dragon as I’m terrified of him getting obsoleted by the next wave of MP dragons. I know obsolescence is always a threat, but in this case it’s hugely magnified since as non-IAP there’s a good chance this will be the last MP monster I can afford for another year, so it’s got to last for some good chunk of that.

    Anyway, I’d love to get your thoughts when you have a chance. Thanks!


    • First, congrats on clearing C9 and 10 as non-IAP! That’s a really big deal.

      Whether you should buy an MP Dragon now… I think you’re correct in being apprehensive about it, especially about Yomi Dragon in particular. The good news is that you have Awoken Lucifer so the need for Yomi Dragon isn’t as great. Since Luci is at least comparable to Yomi Dragon (maybe better in Arena 2 and at least as good elsewhere?) and will be coming out soon, you can instead just run him and play wait-and-see with the new MP Dragons.

      Speaking of Luci, he has the big advantage of being able to use your hypermax devil Haku. Filling out the rest of the team with Akechi, Pandora and Okuni (both also hyper) seems pretty great. Akechi skill ups should hit NA soon, too.

      As for what to sell, I think you can sell all of them, but I’d probably hold on to Snow White. She’s a pretty great bind clearer and the fact that she’s physical/god is a big plus in that element. You don’t have much of a blue box ATM, but if you can hold onto her, I would.

      Now, as far as whether you should roll or not, yeah, I’d skip day 2. Day 1 is a bit trickier, though. Having no Archangels is a big plus and all of them outside AA Luci are amazing. There being a dark gala isn’t horrible either; you have all the big dark gods already, but a bigger sub pool for your Luci team never hurt. Isis is your only big need from Egypt 1, but Bastet, while likely inferior to your Ra and Sakuya teams, isn’t a terrible option to have. Just looking at it like that, it seems okay to roll day 1.

      But I think it should come down to what team you really want to go forward with in the future. I personally love Lucifer — I’m already starting to gear up for him — but Ra/Sakuya are also valid choices. I think there’s a lot more upside with Luci, though; the RCV multiplier and god killer awakening are huge. So if you want to keep pursuing Ra, I don’t think things are going to get a lot better than day 1. However, if you’re willing to wait for and eventually run Luci, I’d suggest waiting. There’s always an opportunity cost in waiting, but I think things could line up well. First, Eschamali will be released soon. I know, 6-star GFE, but if you wait you could roll for DKali and Eschamali at the same time. Second, the time could give you a chance to see another MP Dragon or two out of JP and see where you want to go based off that. Finally, I don’t expect 4x GFEs to be a common thing, but you never know.

      As for Sakuya, I have no idea as I don’t play the team, but I’d imagine just 7 combos with TPAs does enough damage for most things. I mean, that’s what you’d have to do for Bastet anyways and any skyfalls just up the damage that much more.


      • Thanks for the timely and invaluable advice! I was leaning toward rolling but I’m also super excited to run Luci — Akechi and Luci himself are at the top of my list for +s and I’ve got the pys earmarked for Luci already — and the idea of waiting for Eschamali is an excellent point I had not considered, so I’ll sit tight and work on the projects I already have.

        It looks like a lot of the Luci Arena 2 clears use YomiDra as a sub, presumably for the bind clear, but as I’d have to be making a few sacrifices to afford one, I like the idea of waiting on that too and seeing what comes out of JP with the new set of MP dragons. And who knows, maybe Pandora will get an unbindable uevo. It’s been awhile since the heroes got updated, right?


        • Yeah, I was gonna mention Yomi Dragon as a sub as a potential upside to getting it, but I think your feeling is correct that with your one MP purchase for a while you want to make it count; as in you want it to be for a top-tier leader for a long time.

          I do think Heroes will get uuevos soon. Unless they stop the uevo train altogether (which I doubt they can since they have so much competition in Japan nowadays), the Heroes are next in line for new uevos after Indra and Vritra. Hopefully within a couple months on JP? It’s hard to predict what JP will do with precision.


    • I actually main Sakuya, and use Sakuya/Lkali/Dkali/Yomi,Susano. I’ve cleared pretty much every dungeon, including all the challenges and ultimate arena with it. Skydrops are helpful, but with the time extends, hitting eight combos is pretty much normal. 64 x with a two prong will burst almost everything.


      • Thanks for the input! I actually was planning on trying out almost exactly the same team, except with 2 LKalis instead of LKali/DKali. But when I put 64x with a light TPA into PadSpike, it’s only about 5m damage, so I was thinking maybe I was missing something and needed to add an Elia or someone to ensure I get two light combos when I need to spike for more. I guess you have Susano for those times when you need to take a hit, and also Sakuya’s gravity to reduce the amount you need to do via combos.

        Anyway, good to know I don’t absolutely need to go skilling up an Elia before the team is viable; thanks!


    • Things don’t get much better than that Ra Dragon team. Have fun getting your Py farming in before the switch to Arena 2.

      Outside that, I really like Awoken Archdemon Lucifer and you have the subs for him. Akechi, DValk, Haku, Okuni, Persephone, Pandora; these are all great options.

      Outside those two teams, to be perfectly honest, you have the subs to make just about any team you want. So it really just comes down to preference.


      • Wow that’s better than what i was hoping to hear! Forgot to mention (but you could probably tell) that I’m pretty heavy into IAP… haha. My Ra dragon team is all hypermaxed except for indra (come on awoken!), I just haven’t put the levels, skill, or awokens in pad herder. Haven’t attempted arena 1 yet, still need those resist tamas.

        I will start planning for Awoken Luci since i hear he’s all the rage right now haha. Wasn’t sure i had all the subs for him yet 😛

        Lastly, who do you think would be the best fire team/leader that i have? I definitely don’t think i have anything for water, and then id have ra, luck/dmeta, and bastet for the other three. Kind of want one team of each haha

        P.S. I’ve been frequently visiting this site for about a month now and its my go to site for advice now! Just the fact that you respond to just about everyone (if not all!) is incredible! Keep up the awesome job!


        • Well, the big sub NA is missing is Eschamali who is huge for both Yomi Dragon and Lucifer. Hooray for chasing 6-stars again.

          For fire, I’d say Shiva Dragon, but since it doesn’t look like you have him, the new upgrades to RValk make her a pretty good substitute. You can run Ares, Yamato, Uriel, and Sanada as subs.

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          • I’m getting close to being able to get another MP dragon. I wa thinking shiva but I’m holding off until the new ones are all announced. Do I have good enough subs for shiva?


            • I’m assuming you’re the same guy as above. The subs I listed are fine, but I think the team really wants 2 Ares. Unless you have strong need to run the best general farming team in the game, I’d hold off until JP announces more MP Dragons.


  3. Hi Setsu – huge fan of the blog posts!

    I’m a Rank 306 non-IAP (spent $1) who was foolish enough to keep my starting roll of Hatsume and fed my starter away….Fast forward by 200 days and I’m nowtrying to get past the C8 barrier right and transition out of my RoBu/RoBeelz team that I focused on (is there a way to optimize my team? I Use LuBu X Ronia + DDHaku/DDHaku/Akechi/Pandora) and it’s gotten me past C7 (sometimes).

    I’ve now built up a AYomi team, but I can’t get Z8 yet, the key component to the team. During the NYE GF, I was somehow blessed with a ton of great blue gods and I’ve started working on I&I X Ryune team or maybe a Blonia x Ryune team, but I have no idea how to start. I’ve spent past two weeks gathering jewels and I still need a few weeks to collect more tamadras….also randomly rolled a Lkali (yay! got her maxed skilled as I was farming devilits)

    Any recommendation on how I can get past C8+/Z8? Can I optimize my everyday Devil team and should I focus on: AYomi, I&I, LKali, or something else in my box?

    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/desu/teams/#201641


    • The best way to clear Zaerog is to use the team with the most time extends you have which looks like Yomi for you. Yomi isn’t ideal for farming, but you have to go with what you have.

      For clearing Lv8’s and above I’d go ahead with your Ryune-I&I team. I think that’s easily your best team going forward for tackling tough, endgame content. I can’t really say much for what is the best team comp, though, as I have little experience with the team. I think the team you have listed in your PADherder looks fine, but I would look into raising your Gabriel for sure and Orochi is going to provide great utility in the future. As you mentioned, BSonia can be another leader option, but it doesn’t look like your sub selection is quite as good. Lakshmi is also a strong consideration. There’s currently a lot of hype around Neptune Dragon due to the Arena 2, so that’s maybe a future consideration.

      After water, dark is your next best element (your other 3 elements aren’t so great right now, though). Unlike water, you don’t have a great leader for it. Without something like Awoken Archdemon Lucifer or Yomi Dragon, I don’t see any reason to pursue a dark team over a water one.

      Lu Bu-RSonia isn’t a viable team comp for endgame content. Your Ryune-I&I team will be much, much better at doing basically the same thing.


    Hardest dungeon beat: Challenge 8 (lol@ 7×6 A.Saku)

    Hey setsu,

    I recently have been on pretty good terms with RNG. I was pretty happy when I rolled my Lkalis, and today I finally rolled Isis. I guess my question is what teams I should focus on. I’ve decided to focus on the kalis first (As most teams use them). I realize I have the makings of an AYOMI team (lacking zaerogoo/diza). I am pretty in love with my Asakuya team, but now that I rolled Isis, maybe I can run other teams. What teams do you think I can make, and what do you think my goals should be (and how to get there).

    After recently discovering the benefits to spamming stam refresh for +’s, I think I’m going to start saving my stones, for either 4x GFE (dkalix2 pls) or 10x + descends.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Isis doesn’t really open any doors for you. Usually that would open up a Ra team, but considering you already have a pretty good Sakuya team, I don’t really see the point as they’re basically the same power level. I’d strongly consider running Fat Chocobo over Yomi as a Sakuya sub, but I can understand if you’d rather have the time extends.


      • Yeah, as of right now, I would rather run the Ayomi over chocobo, stats, awakenings are better. I’ll consider changing when I get ilya/skill her up.

        What about other teams? Do you think its even worth my time?


    • Two potential teams that stand out to me are Bastet and DMeta. Bastet you can run Bastet / Meimei / Vishnu / Kushi / Osiris / Bastet. Uevo GSonia would be a consideration, too.

      For DMeta you can run DMeta / Haku / Pandora / Akechi / flex / DMeta. Not really sure what you would run in the flex spot, maybe your second Haku until you get something better. Even better, DMeta skill ups have hit NA with Metalit Descended.

      I think I’d prefer Bastet, but the choice is yours. Especially since you’re so early in the game, things can change very quickly. I’d also continue using your Urd team as that will be your best bet for farming for now.


  5. Hello, Setsu! I came mainly to ask about an Awoken Lucifer I’m aiming to build. I’ve always had a reasonably good dark box, but I’ve lacked a leader that convinced me up until the release of Lucifer (now I just want Satan Descended to come, as I play JP and I want to evolve him). Now I’m wondering which would be the best configuration for his team with the monsters available at my box, which includes:

    Devil Haku
    Unevolved Haku (probably going to awoken her)
    Persephone x2
    Akechi x2

    I’m thinking in Devil Haku / Persephone / Akechi / Pandora as the base, but the lack of an Okuni is really felt and I have doubts the team is worth it for me. Godfest-wise, JP lacks Japanese 2 this time around and I own most of the dark gods featured, so I’m pretty sure I should just wait for a better chance at improving my dark box.


    • Also… I just decided to sell some useless dupes I had saved and so I reached enough MP for a MP Dragon. So even though I’m going to keep it unused for the time being, I would love to know your opinion in getting Yomi Dragon (as he and Lucifer have great synergy).


    • I wrote a guest post and followup last week about Awoken Lucifer:


      Personally I intend to go D/D Haku, Akechi, Pandora, flex, where flex is Akechi/Okuni/Hanzo/bind clear, and pair that with a Loki friend. If I had a Loki and a lot more skill, I might consider Loki in the fourth spot and a Luci friend, but I’m not great at comboing and like the idea of having a ton of RCV to fall back on.

      I don’t think you need Okuni that much — there are a handful of Arena 2 clears that use one, but plenty of ones that don’t. My sense is that Lucifer does a ton of damage on his own and has the RCV to make delay less critical.


      • That’s really good to listen at! In my search for a better leader I had thought in Yomi Dragon (given that I had enough monsters lying around to reach 300000 if so I wished) but the lack of an Okuni made me wonder if it was really worth it.

        As for the RCV… I understand you and would have thought the same before, true, but after playing such an RCV-starved team as Ilm for the last months (which given the lack of + eggs sits currently at more or less 1400 RCV) I think that I can deal with it without much problem, fortunately. Lucifer sits at a comfortable middle point for me: he has way better health and RCV than an Ilm team and he isn’t as powerful but he’s muuuuuch easier to use.

        Thinking about it, D/D Haku lacks a Skill Bind Resist, so it’s truly becoming tempting replacing Persephone with Loki… That, and getting an Awoken Haku for those times I may need extra orb change. Akechi has bad RCV so I really don’t want to add another one, at least until he gets an uevo.


  6. https://www.padherder.com/user/Berimon/monsters/

    I’m running an isis team right now, cleared two heroes. And aegir descended legend with only one stone. I have a decent yamato team, but can’t get a Titan. I pulled a lumiel today, and I’m going to roll once tomorrow, hoping for ronia (yeah right).

    As non-iap, I feel pretty limited, although I’m up to rank 183 in just a bit over 100 days played. An I missing anything here? I know the new corruption Lucifer if going to be pretty bad, buy I already have the mats. But if I can get an aegir, I have the mats fit awoken I&I.

    Thanks for any help.


    • You’re such a low rank and your box is so underdeveloped that I wouldn’t worry about rolling for a specific team. I’m not sure I’d even try to evo I&I if it costs you stones. All your stones should go into godfests and you should roll either during a PCGF or a godfest where both pantheons are made up of great subs, ideally with both Kalis and Norns at full bonus. Like some combination of Chinese, Heroes and Three Kingdoms.


    • A Saria-Thor team looks pretty good. You can run something like Saria / Apoc / Ilm / LValk / flex / Thor. As with most low-rankers, your box is very underdeveloped so I wouldn’t worry too much about team comps, just use what works for you, get some more ranks and save your stones for a good godfest. If you roll for value, the RNG will dictate where you should go team-wise.


  7. Hi Setsu,
    I am a 2+ year player of this game and still a newb (level 127). My first roll of the game was Haku and the next roll was Kirin. The reason why my level is still so low is because I got super insanely bored of matching 3 colors or 4 colored orbs so I quit for a while. I would like a team that I could easily farm the normal tiers with (including OoH) without matching certain colors for a multiplier (please for my sanity). I have cleared level 4 of the arena once, and have most of the normal and technical dungeons cleared. I heavily IAP’d during the last few godfests but when I asked a different forum about it they told me to stick with kirin because she is good for descends/I have the subs for her.

    Here is my pad herder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Kaneris/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I also have a thing for cute artwork/waifus. So if at all possible maybe an all cute team like what you did a few posts back?

    Even though it is the dark gala, I am tempted to roll today because I don’t have a bastet, isis, any of the dragoncallers or dragonbounds (I am also missing almost all the archangels). Advice?


    • Sadly, it’s hard to make a good unconditional farming team of all waifus. Let’s see what we can do, though.

      A good place to start might be with Skuld. You can then run Alrescha — who isn’t a bad leader herself — for the full leader skill bonus and she also combines well with Skuld’s board change. I&I can be a great damage enhancer for the team if you can awaken them. After that it gets a bit tricky. Christmas Ars Paulina is not bad, but her farmable form is better for Skuld’s leader skill bonus. I guess Famiel or Gabriel could count as cute, depending on your tastes. There are worse things than Sharon and Hatsume. Probably your best water sub is Hermes, but he’s definitely not cute.

      Another option is running Lumiel. You can run Haku, Pandora, Persephone, and Nephthys (when we get her uevo).

      These are surprisingly good for all-cute teams. They probably won’t get you too far into the late-game — that’s what you have Sakuya for — but they’re relatively easy to use. I think Skuld is the better of the two choices in practice, but we’re talking about cute teams so it really comes down to you own preference.


      • Thank you! The skuld team is a little underleveled but I can farm with it for a bit. 🙂
        I decided to go with: Skuld+Alrescha+I&I+Gabriel+Sharon and I have a few skuld friends so this is perfect.


  8. Hey, being on your blog pretty regularly for information and just catching up. I played PAD years ago, got frustrated as a Non-IAP, and never saved the information when I moved from iOS to Droid.

    Now I’m back started during Xmas Event, Im a bit IAP now (nothing much been playing daily nothing major on my 30ish day) I believe I have dropped 20 maybe $30 not sure.

    I’m at a bit of a standstill. Hit Sky Dragons. Done a couple of descends (mainly collabs), but nothing drastic.

    Could you give me a bit of a heads up on teams I should focus? I’ve been hitting the Hathor, but until I get the right subs or level the subs I’m using its a bit difficult (that and the awakenings on subs).



    • There’s not a whole lot to work with in your box. What you should be doing is stockpiling stones and waiting for the next PCGF, but seeing as the next one is probably a few months out, any good godfest that offers a wide variety of good subs is good to start with. Your rolls will dictate where you go from there.

      In the mean time, yeah Hathor is probably not the best way to start. Your two best leaders for the early game are Isis and Verdandi. Sadly, you don’t really have subs for either. You can throw just about anything on Isis. For Verdandi, I guess you could run Christmas Liu Bei, but that’s not that great. You’d probably want to farm up a fire Cu Chu for that team for sure, and probably a Medjedra if you can manage it without stones.

      A more off the wall leader would be Christmas Paulina. You could run Christmas Siren and then farm a fire Siegfried. Throwing Isis and regular Siren on the team isn’t a horrible ideal until you get something better.


      • Thanks for the information. I was running into the same issue, rolls were not really there.

        I’ll check out what I can do.


  9. Ahoy. I am a rank ~150 (mostly) non-IAP player.

    My box https://www.padherder.com/user/ferretwraith/monsters/#31,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    After a bit of a rough start, I have been incredibly lucky in rolling great leaders. For example I have 2x Ras, Verdandi, L kali, Sakuya, Anubis, and Saria. My issue is that I do not have the subs to support any of them. I have been focusing on using and building a mono-red team with RValk as the leader.

    I was wondering what sort of godfest I should be looking to roll on? It gets confusing, because rolling something like Uriel or Raphael is tempting and could be huge for me, but the risk of rolling a third Ra or another Anubis sounds like a nightmare. Advice would be appreciated, and thank you for the previous write-ups which helped to guide me into getting the good cards that I do have now.


    • I pretty much give the same advice to people in your situation: when you’re a newer player, don’t let your teams dictate where you roll, let the value of the godfest dictate it. Of course, your potential teams should weigh into the decision, but, like you said, the risk of dupes is fatal for non-IAP. The GFEs available and the active gala must also be considered. I think the risk of rolling any Egypt 1 is pretty bad for you, so day 1 is pretty bad for you. Day 2 is a little better, but I think you can do better than Japanese 2.

      What immediately stands out to me in your box is your LKali, so that means working toward Sakuya and Ra is a great idea. Sakuya is slightly better right now because you have Sun Quan who is better on that team. I’m envisioning a team like Sakuya / LKali / Sun Quan / LValk / flex / Sakuya. The flex spot can be something like Echidna, Verche, LIza or DIza. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you were able to snag a Fat Chocobo.

      For farming, I’d strongly consider running RValk now that her leader skill has been upgraded. Something like RValk / Ares / Phoenix Rider / Laila / flex / RValk seems pretty solid to me. The flex spot could be like Echidna, Red Riding Hood, or Mitsuki. If you can’t find other RValks, Yamato Takeru is a good friend leader option. Once you get more gods, you can think about pairing with Shiva Dragon. Actually, this team sounds pretty nice for where you are in the game.


      • Thank you for the reply (nice response time, you replied before the godfest I didn’t plan to roll on even ended 🙂 )

        I actually have a fat chocobo. He has been sitting untouched in my mailbox for 75 days. I’ve only ever thought he was a dumb HP stick… does Sakuya / LKali / Sun Quan / LValk / Chubby Chocobo seem like it is enough to qualify as a strong team? Have I been blind to what I already had?

        I was leaning towards working at some sort of light row team with Saria as a lead, but I wasn’t very excited about dumping tamadras into things like a lemon dragon. That RValk buff was HUGE for me, because I was hyper-maxing her and felt stuck with her as my main leader for awhile anyway. My hope is that the buff will prove to be strong enough that I won’t even be tempted by a light row team now.

        Thanks again, and for now I will go back to playing my team of fire carnival cards that I pulled from the previous godfest 😛


        • Ah, yeah, I didn’t even think about him being in your mailbox. I do think that team is pretty good. Fatty is a great sub since there will be many times with the hearts will save your ass; he’s about as good as it gets when it comes to non-REM subs.

          Hopefully RValk works out for you.


  10. Hello Setsu, I regularly read your content and watch your videos all the time.You put out the best content period. I’m rank 254,moderate IAP player ($300-400) maybe more LOL

    I need help on a team to really focus and invest in. I just feel like so much is happening in PAD,that I don’t really know what team to really build on. Thank you for your hard work!


    • I’m buying into the Awoken Archdemon Lucifer hype. You’re missing the Haku, but you have just about everything else. Pandora, Akechi and DValk are all good for the team. Landing that Haku will be rough, though, but I guess Zuoh could work well enough (Zuoh + Pandora is not as good as Haku + Akechi, but still pretty good). DMeta is also compatible as a lead and a sub and for the most part so is Yomi.

      Outside that, I’d probably try to leverage your Kalis. You can run the ideal Ra team (LKali, LKali, DKali, Isis) and can probably run a decent Sakuya team too. You have some great wood subs, but no one to lead the team (that might be a blessing in disguise, though, as wood appears to be the weakest element by far right now). I mean, Osiris and Verdandi — who looks to have your farming needs covered — are fine, but I wouldn’t run those teams over Ra or Sakuya.

      A final consideration would be running some type of water-based tank team lead by I&I paired with Ryune. Automatic subs would likely be Andromeda, Mori and Hatsume. Other considerations would be Skuld and Alrescha. Snow White and Isis are good utility.

      Of these options, I like Luci the best, but it comes down to your preference.


  11. Thank you for the great advise. I watched your I&I & Ryune video and that really inspired me to definitely work on that team. The hype is real with Lucifer and I’m going to try that team also.

    I also watched the Roah video and you. Made it looks super easy. For my fire leads I have A. Shiva and Gadius. Do you think with the new ultimate evo for my 2x Uriels that it might make a comeback in the future for team development?


  12. Hey Setsu! I finally got Bastet this godfest and was wondering which subs in my box would be the best for her: Verdandi, Green Valk, Kushinadahime, Susano, Sasuke, Spica, Green Odin, Wee Jas, Arachangel Michael, and Perseus. Currently my team is A.Bastet, Green Valk, Vishnu, Verdandi, Kush. Also who do you put in your first 2 team slots? With the BF reset coming up I was wondering if i could best friend you 😀 Love your blog and videos, keep it up!


      • Grats on the Bastet and Kaede! That’s quite a haul.

        Hmm, I haven’t played Bastet much lately, but I’d personally run Bastet / Verdandi / Kaede / Vishnu / flex / Bastet where flex would usually be GValk, but for utility you could use GOdin (now a bind clearer) or Susano instead. I like Susano over Kushi for the damage shield role, but the cooldown matters sometimes.

        I really wish Spica could fit on the team and be ready turn 1, but the team is 1 skill boost short. Outside that I think she’s better than GValk; the haste combined with Kaede’s gives you more Vishnu uptime and the enhanced heart orbs shouldn’t be underestimated, especially for a team with no RCV multiplier. Just something to consider if she ever gets skill ups.

        I usually run some order of Ra-, Yomi- and Shiva Dragons in my three leader slots. I’ve also been using Cloud and Raoh a lot lately. For days that entail hardcore farming, I’ll switch my lineup to fit that day (like Goemon and Shiva Dragon for good 10x days). I plan on fitting Awoken Archdemon Lucifer into the mix when he comes out.

        I’d love another BFF and I appreciate the consideration, but I’ll be completely honest with you: I may not be the best candidate. My regular leaders will always change with the meta so I’m not a good pick if you were banking on me keeping a certain leader up for a long time. On the other hand, I’m fairly certain I’ll be playing regularly for a long time, so there’s that. If you’re still interested, we can talk about the implications more, if you’d like.


  13. Hiyas Setsu!

    Just hit the 150+ levels! I IAP occasionally, and now have a hodgepodge of guys and gods. I’m lost in the direction department, though. I also need help on a team to really focus and invest in and I am the point where I don’t want to spend money chasing one God, if I don’t really know what team to really build on.

    My box – https://www.padherder.com/user/Mique/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Any direction/help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the blog and insight.


    • You have the exact opposite problem that people of your rank usually have: you have so many options that it can be overwhelming.

      I think using Haku as a lead at your rank is correct and probably what I would’ve done myself. The team you have listed on PADherder looks good, but I’d consider fitting in Pandora. You can expand what that team can do by leading with Nephthys. A Pandora-lead team can also work in the interim.

      You have a few choices for advancing farther into the game, but the one I like most is Ryune-I&I. You already have a pretty decent team. I’d probably go Ryune / Hermes / Karin / Andromeda / Mori / I&I (I’d lead with your own Ryune for now so you don’t have to awaken and skill your own I&I). BValk is also a strong option since she can pair with Ryune for another burst board and is easier to skill up. Snow White is a good bind clearer. Perhaps the biggest upside is that you don’t really need to chase any new REM subs.

      While I do like Ryune-I&I, the team does have weaknesses, particularly when it comes to consecutive burst. So I’d focus on finding a leader that can cover that weakness. Your best leader in that regard is Ra, but since you only have 1 LKali that team will be fairly inconsistent as will most rainbow teams. Bastet is another option, but you don’t really have the subs for her either.

      So, with that in mind, what do you roll for in the future? I think you want to concentrate on godfests that have both Kalis available, for sure. After that, you want to target godfests that give you good options but also minimize dupe risk. Looking at your box, good options might be Indian 1 (Lakshmi could help solve your burst problem while reusing many of Ryune’s subs), Archdemons (can’t believe I’m actually recommending them, but their new uevos are great and you have great subs for Lucifer) and the Constellations (just all-around good). In the mean time, I’d continue to develop your dark box and maybe your Ryune-I&I team if that appeals to you.


      • Before I rolled a second Kali, I ran Ra/Kali/Echidna/Okuni/Athena/Ra and found it to be surprisingly strong and reasonably consistent. It doesn’t have skill bind resist, which is problematic, but for many dungeons it will perform quite well — I still use this team from time to time for 100% blind resistance.

        You do have to do a bit more dungeon planning to make sure you can find a place to use Echidna and stall for Ra/Kali, and of course it’s a lot harder to play than either Haku or Ryune, but if learning to play a rainbow lead appeals to you, you already have Okuni/Kali and can farm the other two subs.


        • Thanks mischiefy1. I haven’t really considered the rainbow lead, but it’s good to know that I have pieces that I can start with. When I went out looking for teams, they all seem to have end game build, leaving those that are in the middle or building guessing. So everything that I had looked at with LKali lead is loaded with Awoken Gods, some I’ve never even seen.


      • Thanks so much. It was getting pretty overwhelming. It’s good to know that I do have building blocks for teams that are still competitive. I do enjoy the dark teams that I’ve been running and I’ve been trying to put a blue one together, just unable to figure out the order ( hadn’t even considered Karin, sadly).


        • Following up a Karin board change with Hermes leads to a three-row board (most of the time) which maximizes the team’s damage potential. Ryune-I&I don’t need it quite as much as old tank teams since their ATK multipliers are higher, but it’s still very useful, especially against wood enemies.


  14. Hi Setsu, I would like some advice for my box after this last godfest.

    I am rank 154 and non-IAP and I’m wondering which direction I should go. I’ve been focusing mainly on my Leilan/Sarasvati teams but I’m not too sure which one would carry me further or if I have any hidden teams in my box (I used to use Ronia). Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


    • You have a lot of good pieces in all elements, but you’re lacking the leader for them (or in light’s case, the LKalis). But that’s fine, you’re still very early in the game and it’s great that you even have those options.

      Any reason why RSonia is a thing of the past for you? I think that’s probably your best team going forward. Until you find something better.

      Leilan is a decent leader option since you have a good fire box. I’d also consider leading with RValk now that she got a leader skill upgrade. It may not be ideal, but something like RValk / RValk / RSonia / Leilan / flex / RValk could work. If you’re missing RValk friends, Yamato Takeru could work. If you run more gods, pairing with Shiva Dragon could work, too.

      I’m not sure I like Sarasvati since you’re missing a quick orb changer. That could be remedied by skilling up your Siegfried.

      You could cobble together a Sakuya team. Something like Sakuya / Fat Chocobo / LValk / Chirstmas Angel / Muse / Sakuya. This might be your best burst option unless you’re making Sarasvati work. You really want an LKali, though.

      I don’t know, it’s hard to say where to go from here. I’d personally stick with RSonia, but I’m assuming there’s a reason you dropped her. I could give you some godfest advice if you make a PADherder.


      • Hmm, okay. I dropped RSonia because I disliked the way she played, but I’ll use her until I can get a better lead. Another question: what team would I make with LKali if I obtain her (her as lead, sub). Thanks again for any advice 🙂


        • I’m sorry if this appears like spam, forgot to include my padherder :/. I tried previously to link it but it didn’t seem to work. Sorry if this link is clunky, it would work otherwise.

          Padherder: www. padherder / user / hello121 / monsters


    • I never really thought about that pairing before. That’s actually a pretty great idea; I like it. Is it better than your other options? I’m actually not sure as your other teams look pretty solid. On paper, though, I do think your proposed team is great if only for the 100% SBR. The increased damage should make it more attractive than your RSonia team and you should lose too much tankability; the DIza might even make it better. Hastes are a great thing, too, especially with DIza.

      I can’t say anything definite about it, but I think the team is worth trying out. It’d be cool if you could let me know how it works out.


  15. hi!
    I’m rank 127, no IAP, and I don’t know where I should be going currently
    usually I run DBOkuninushi/Hanzo/Loki/Ameteresu/Keeper of the Rainbow/ Halloween Thoth and Sopdet friend
    currently works well enough but I think I could be working toward something better for the late game

    here’s my box: https://www.padherder.com/user/vufp/monsters

    any thoughts/suggestions/should I be rolling today?


    • Well it’s kinda late for roll advice, but I’m not sure today was that great for you anyways. Heroes are always good to have, but Japanese 2 are not that impressive.

      As for what to be working, you really don’t have much to work with. Probably the closest thing you have to a team is in wood, with some sort of team made from Verdandi, GZL, Spica, Meimei, Delgado, and Cu Chu. It would probably be easiest to lead with Verdandi and sub with Spica, Meimei and Cu Chu. The remaining spot would be for Delgado as a damage enhancer, but that could switch to GZL if you get more attackers.

      I’d just continue to save up stones and wait for a good godfest to come around.


  16. Hey Setsu,

    First, I (like so many others here) want to say thank you for the blog and for being willing to address questions about “where to go from here?”. I’ve learned a lot from reading your blog.

    My Padherder link is here: https://www.padherder.com/user/Quixoticcat/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxfav,0

    I’m rank 323 and is probably obvious from my box a heavy IAPer.

    When 10x happened, I dedicated as much time as I had available (not enough!) to hypermaxing cards. I ended up going with my ShivaDra team first as I figured having a strong farming team would make levelling up/skilling up/hypermaxing the team I’m planning on using for endgame. Currently that team is Yomidra and I’ve gotten her hypermaxed and am close with Okuni.

    With the advent of Luci on the horizon though, I’m wondering if I’d be better off focusing on that team – I know a lot of the subs can work with either (AHaku, Okuni, Akechi, etc) and if so, which subs should I focus on hypermaxing so that the team is viable as quickly as possible? I’m also guessing that, for either YomiDra or Luci, I’ll want an Eschmali which means chasing a 6 star GFE. (Honestly, I’m not too bummed about that – I’ve had some pretty stunning luck when it comes to chasing GFEs.)

    I’d love any other suggestions you might have. Thank you!


    • For Luci, there are so many team options that it’s hard say what the hypermax order should be. The best advice might be to browse YouTube and see what you like the best. You can look at the Arena teams here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%E8%A6%9A%E9%86%92%E3%83%AB%E3%82%B7%E3%83%95%E3%82%A1%E3%83%BC+%E9%97%98%E6%8A%80%E5%A0%B4

      I wish I could give better direction, but without playing the team myself I can’t really give good advice. I’m guessing you have to first decide if whether Eschamali is going to be on the team, then pick what enhance your prefer (Akechi, Loki, Okuni) then kinda work from there. Like if you’re assuming Eschamli, then you don’t need Haku as much which means you don’t need Akechi as much. But that logic only takes you so far since Haku is probably the best overall target to +egg. I’ll cut my rambling here, but yeah, this is something hard to advise on.


  17. I have IAPd a few packs, only roll relevant GFs, play daily for two years and am continually frustrated by lack of Kalis. Sold dupes for MP, have enough for 1 dragon. Kirin and Bastet are taking me to most C8s and a older C9/10s. I do not have optimal teams for either. Before them, I played mostly Pandora and Ronia. I’m hideous at playing A. Yomi but my team isn’t terrible. Gungtroll why so many GFE dupes but never a Kali?


    Slowly working on skillups for the I&I team, which I think is my best blue option. Trying also to figure out what team to pursue with my red box, where to offload some Piis and which Constellation god I should make a team for. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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