Challenge Dungeons 19 Lv9 – Ryune & I&I

Not the most optimal team, but it got the job done. I really miss playing tank teams like this, but I don’t miss the lack of time extends.


7 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 19 Lv9 – Ryune & I&I

  1. When you say not the most optimal team do you mean in terms of choice of team to use (ryune/I&i) in general, or specifically the subs used? If the latter what do you think would be better?


    • I mean I didn’t really consider the composition of the dungeon and just threw whatever onto the team. What is better depends on the dungeon. One of the team strengths is sub flexibility.


  2. Gah I want to try this dungeon with Thor/Saria (I have the +eggs to do so, given that most of the subs have been ported over from my almost-hypered AAma team) but Defoud’s combo shield scares the shit out of me…..

    I might just pass up on it again this time too 😦


    • A two-color board will usually do it for you. I got unlucky in this run only getting 5 on-board combos, but if you set up the cascades then the skyfall will usually bail you out.


      • Considering that I just cleared Tomato Rush so easily with Thoria and I have nothing else to do with my stamina tomorrow aside from cry in Friday Dungeon as Angelits don’t drop (I’ve had Kali ever since she first debuted at the Player’s Choice ages ago and she’s still not max skill it’s heresy!)…

        Maybe I’ll give C9 a try. Honestly the ONLY thing holding me back is Defoud, always. It’s kinda embarrassing >_> Awoken Norse x Dragonbound is nuts ❤


      • I did it! First try too 🙂 I made so many mistakes either from misreading, forgetting, being careless, finger drops, by all rights I should have failed. But I have so much RCV because half my team are healers + I dropped in Awoken Amaterasu for insurance, I just couldn’t die. I screwed up so many times on Ilsix. First time, skyfall activated his resolve and he healed back. I unleashed Thor / Apoc / DQ not realizing that his resolve was back up. Used Saria to heal back the damage done to me because no hearts. Broke his resolve, he has about 25% HP. All my actives are down, no Thor boost, used Valkyrie to break the hearts from his board change and manage to make it through.

        I’m loving this team, I’m going to hypermax ASAP. I dearly wish I had an I&I or Ryune, then I could use both teams ❤


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