Angel/Reaper Invade Farming 1/17

First off, thank god Elia invades coin dungeons now (GungHo hasn’t updated their Facebook to reflect that, of course). There was no good descended to farm this event, but with Athena in the coin lineup it became possible to run a minimal match team.

Elia Invade Mythical Farming – No Bonuses
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Stones Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
10/23/2015 Takeminekata 20 1000 3 6 30.00% 166.67
10/25/2015 Izanami 75 3750 9 5 6.67% 750.00
10/30/2015 Grimoires 30 1500 4 2 6.67% 750.00
10/31/2015 Aamir 51 2550 6 5 9.80% 510.00
11/1/2015 Thoth & Sopdet 81 4050 10 10 12.35% 405.00
12/3/2015 Noah 37 1850 5 5 13.51% 370.00
1/17/2015 Athena Coin 319 15950 Many 35 10.97% 455.71
Total 613 30650 ? 68 11.09% 450.74

I’m actually pretty surprised I ended up with such a good invade rate. Over the first three hours of farming I’m pretty sure I had a sub-5% invade rate. What saved me was in the last hour where I got three invades in a row. I couldn’t believe it myself.

Sigh, 319 runs of Athena. The good thing was I got to watch a lot of Silicon Valley and catch up on the latest anime season. The bad thing wasthe amount of stones I had to spend. For some reason I just didn’t keep track, but with everything being done I’m almost glad I didn’t. The total damage is likely around 70 stones, though.

The best news was this:


So the nightmare is finally over. Her skill up rate was 15/65 or 23.08%. That number seems pretty acceptable, right? Well, skill ups are always rough no matter the overall rate and there was certainly a fair share of ups and downs. Even though I can’t complain about the final rate, there’s no changing the fact that this skill up system has way more feel-bad moments than feel-good; I’d argue most of the feel-good moments are more about relief than anything.

As for whether the whole process was worth it or not, I don’t think it was. I mean, I did it because there was a mountain to climb and getting to the top is a reward in itself, but I have no immediate use for Elia and I didn’t get any side benefits to the farming like 10x or even useful skill ups (I now have four max skilled Athenas, three school, one normal). With NA potentially getting co-op soon, the decision may look even worse as both Elia and Grisar will appear as bosses to the co-op Rushes (as one might expect, God and Devil, respectively). There’s slight regrets, for sure. If I ever get around to skilling a Grisar, I’ll definitely do it at a more opportune time.


8 thoughts on “Angel/Reaper Invade Farming 1/17

  1. Hi Setsu. Long time reader, first time commenting. Thanks for the heads up on coin dungeons. I have a pet project/labor of masochism in skilling up Grisar and I don’t care much for the announced dungeon lineup. So far I’m 1/23 on invades in Athena. I was starting to think it didn’t exist, lol. I’m going to give hera – sowilo a shot next round. Bice job max skilling Elia.


      • Small sample size, but hera-sowilo has been giving invades at close to 30%. Done it at about 45 times and gotten 14. Exp and coinage much better, too. Actually had him invade once on floor 9,which is nice because Athena annoys me with her minimum combo req. Grisar up to skill lvl 15 now, but like you with Elia, I have no idea what I’m going to do with him when I’m done. Doesn’t match up with yomidra, he’s not dragon for zaerog8. Maybe he’ll have a place on FA Lucifer team? For now he’s probably just a trophy.


        • Yeah, he should be fine on Lucifer, but is, of course, overshadowed by Eschamali. Maybe in the extremely distant future of an alternate reality he’ll be good on Awoken Durga.


  2. If the invade rates are this poor, wouldn’t it be better to use the stones on arena and skill up Elia with shynpy’s?


    • There are plenty of better ways to do it — I already went over many in my post — but better is subjective. I can farm Elia invades in Athena with minimal effort while Arena I obviously can’t. The true optimal way to do this would be during 10x anyways.


      • Also, it seems that its ~ 10% appearance rate of Elia, so you have a ~18% chance of getting 1 or more elia in 2 runs. its a 20% chance of getting a shynpy from arena. so not much difference chance to get either for 100 stamina.

        of course shynpy is 100% skill up and elia isn’t (fusing 5 assuming skill up rate during 2.5x is 25% is 63% chance u get 1 skill up or MORE), but arena is taxing on the brain, and running athena isnt.


  3. Oh yeah, congrats!! It may be relief but it’s definitely something worth celebrating! Think it’s safe to say I’m not touching this outside of 10x and certain descend skill ups.

    Gungho’s PR still needs some work. Couldn’t find a peep out of them and their event details simply link to the months old post where Elia and Grisar first released, and I’m sure those jerks are ruining someone’s coin descend or rush.

    There are was also that brief period where Karin invaded coin Goemon around the start of 10x… ugh.


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