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At one point I actually thought I was going to lose rank. I feel there’s just a huge misunderstanding of how the scoring system works and the strategies that people employ. I’m considering doing a post on this, but making one to my satisfaction would take a lot of work so I’m balking at it for now. I guess it doesn’t really matter until we get the cosmetic rewards, though.


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  1. I ran it a couple of times on Friday scoring each time at 115k, good for about ~14% and left it at that. I barely moved 10ths of a % when I checked my rank this morning, so maybe this dungeon was just one players had to do their best and couldn’t optimize much more (unlike the the last one where you could trick out a team with direct damage skills or sweep early floors with a low multiplier).


    • There were definitely cheese opportunities, but fewer people had access to them. I overestimated how many players did have access or cared enough to do so. I’m thinking that will change when we get rewards like the crown icon.


  2. A couple days ago I managed to score 121k with an Awoken Shiva team (after trying different combinations of subs), which was good for top 6.7%. During the last ranking dungeon, my rank dropped heavily in the last two days, so I thought it would happen again this time. Instead, it finished at 6.4%.

    Perhaps a lot of people ran it last second and didn’t score well.


    • I think many people have the team to score well, they just don’t have the strategy to do so. For big spenders the rewards don’t mean all that much so most of use don’t go all out (for now, maybe not as much as JP, but I’m expecting an increase in competition when we get the crown reward), but for most players the Pys mean a lot so I’m somewhat confused why more players don’t try to find and use proper strategies for the dungeons.


  3. What did you consider the proper strategy? I tried three separate approaches and couldn’t fight my way past the top 20% after giving it a lot of attempts.

    ASakuya: Was probably the team I had the most attempts with. My subs were AYomi/LKali/Dkali/Chocobo all with varying levels of skill ups (none maxed) and next to no plus eggs aside from my +287 Sakuya. My good combo score tended to buoy my less than stellar times which suffered mostly because I wouldn’t have the orbs for activation on any given stage or I’d flub a combo or think about my route for a little too long.

    Urd: CaoCao/Set/AFreyr/AHorus. Same situation with no skillups other than some on my AFreyr and next to no pluses. I just found myself barely meeting one hit kills with a TPA and a few combos. I imagine this would have been a lot better if I had some pluses and skillups.

    Dmeta: AHaku/Satsuki/Pandora/Durga. Started way too late and probably could have cheesed a good attempt in with some more tries. My perfect starting stage 1 would have been enough dark orbs to TPA and combo so I could just swap orbs until he hit me into the zone. That didn’t happen too often and I found that killed my combo score even though my time was better.


    • The way I see it there are two main overarching strategies: speed or combo hard and fast. Which strategy fits you better is up to your skill level. The teams available to you also matter, but for the most part it you don’t have a decent team for both strategies (basically your endgame team and your farming team) then you’re probably far off from scoring well in the ranking dungeon no matter what.

      The speed strategy is good for people that can’t combo particularly fast like me. Basically just do enough to kill the floor, averaging like 3-4 combos. If you want to capitalize on the damage bonus, then that one floor you’ll want to combo hard. This is best executed with Shiva Dragon, but can be done with any unconditional lead.

      The combo strategy is more difficult to pull off. Basically if you can’t pull off 6 combos in 4 seconds you can’t really do it to its full effectiveness. That being said I’m not very good at this game and I cobbled together an Awoken Shiva team, a leader I’ve never used before, and scored well into the top 10% at the time (think it was like 124k). This is best executed using a Ra Dragon team since you generally need no actives.

      The notion that skyfalls are bad for your score are generally wrong.

      HP in these things are not very high, like 2m max for trash floors, so the only weak element floors should be a problem. If you can’t one-shot every floor then that’s obviously a huge problem.

      If you’re hurting for +eggs after 10x then that’s generally a misappropriation of resources. We had all the best dungeons for non-IAP which had single digit stam/+egg and even lower effective stam/+egg (including rank up exp). Making a ranking dungeon team is a good investment because it’s basically like a bar of stamina or less for 1-3 Pys and the same subs are good elsewhere.

      Skill ups are helpful and are necessary for the speed strategy, of course.

      There are some things you can do to optimize a given dungeon like where to use your burst or push button potential and obviously things like starting your solution in between floors, but for the most part it’s pretty straightforward.

      Things only get harder from here on out, but some may see the new restrictions as leveling the playing field. We’ll see how things go in the future.


      • Thanks for the detailed response. Unfortunately I was on vacation for most of 10x so I couldn’t take advantage of the nice rotation we had.

        That being said I’d love to see a post with some analysis on the ranking dungeons to come and the teams suggested for them, although I can understand that’s probably a lot of work.

        Thanks again for all your work! Your blog is a great joy to read.


  4. I ended up at 1.9%, which is 0.3% higher than it was when I checked yesterday. I was good with it; it’s lower than the 0.6% on the last one, but it’s plenty to get all the rewards.


  5. I don’t know why people didn’t go all out on this ranking dungeon. I used a Yamato/Raoh team and got ~120k points which was 7.8% day one and finished at 8.0%


    • I get the impression many people gave up trying harder for various unfounded reasons, the biggest ones being a lack of strategy and/or being misinformed.

      For the people that could get into the top 1%, there also wasn’t any real upside to getting higher besides pride. I guess there’s getting into the top 10, but that’s more of a grind than most people are willing to finance. This will change when Athena rolls around, though.


  6. Meh, I didn’t try as hard this time, I wanted to get top 30%, got 22%. Good enough, as I have an excess of every pii except for blue. Wouldn’t have minded scoring higher, but with the team I ran, I’m just glad to have don’t this well…

    Lakshmi is simply too slow for this. My fastest time was like, 160 remaining, whereas last time I hit… 180ish? Maybe a bit more? IDK. The lack of any ra-nuke-able floors, as well as actual enemies rather than trach mobs slowed me down considerably. I guess I should probably finish up my Shivagon team before the next one arrives, seeing as AI&I is far slower than ALakshmi. Still, I regret nothing as I was able to clear Z8 for the first time today! Worthwhile investment for sure, now to work on a faster team…


  7. Hit like.. 18% or something and couldn’t be bothered to try again for under 10% this time. I am surprised I didn’t get knocked out of 20% honestly.


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