Weekly Roundup 50


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 6 ranks. Like 1k EXP short of 7, which I’ll pick up after this post.
  • So one thing I want to go over is the Godfest Help Post. It went over well for the most part, but box analysis takes up a lot of time. I’m definitely going to write up a FAQ for next time. I’ll continue to take a wait-and-see approach to this, but if it’s like this every week I’m going to have to change the format.

Weekly Ra Dragon Arena Clears

  • Once again, I didn’t farm much. I’ll reluctantly begin the grind again soon out of fear for Arena 2. I’d love to stockpile about 50 of each Py, but I’m thinking about 30 is more realistic since I have very little desire to grind the dungeon. I currently have about 20 each.

Elia Progress Tracker


I’m now officially done with her… well I guess I still have to max level her, but that’s the easy part. You can check out the full rundown here.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • So, it doesn’t look like NA is getting a new collab this week, which is pretty sad. We have quite a few collabs translated which doesn’t mean we’ll be getting them, but it’s unfortunate not to see something cool come to NA on a continuous basis. I guess it’s all good in the end as I can devote more of my budget toward my Eschamali fund.
  • One thing the NA stream did hint at was the possibility of the New Year’s REM coming for the Lunar New Year. This looks to be on February 8th. I’m thinking Eschamali has a pretty good chance of being in the end of the month godfest. If both happen with that timing or close to it, that means there’s some potential for severe wallet fatigue in the near future.
  • The descended this week is almost certainly Heimdallr. The only other reasonable option is Yamatsumi — which would be fine by me because I’d love the last couple of Angel skill ups from there — but seeing as the dungeon isn’t translated in PDX this seems unlikely. After that is co-op. Edit: well, for some reason Volsung wasn’t on my update tracker, but that’s also a good possibility.
  • If it is indeed Heimdallr, Loki should be an obvious uevo. If it’s not and they still want to give us an awoken uevo, it would be Astaroth. After last week’s uevo-fest I’m not expecting another big batch, but after Loki there’s Rozuel, Nephthys, Astaroth, Belial, and the Sonias, in that order. After that comes both Lucifers, Amon and Baal. Archdemon Lucifer is the big one everyone is waiting for, but seeing as he isn’t translated he’s probably another month out at least; that would coincide with the expected 40-60 day delay anyways.
  • I haven’t really been keeping up with JP as of late. I think there’s a stream coming at the end of the month which will probably have the uevo survey results. This week’s collab is Duel Masters, but with Crows Worst coming out next week spoilers are a given. I’m not expecting any new uevo announcements until the stream, but I’d love to be wrong.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 50

  1. I’ll be VERY impressed if they manage to not only implement Co-Op, but ALSO get us NY REM by the 8th of Feb. They were heavily hinting that they were planning that to be the case, but there’s SO MUCH HISTORY that indicates that this won’t be the case. I’d love to be wrong though.

    I’ll be saving stones for the NY REM. There’s nothing I actually NEED, but there are some things that I WANT. Like, NY Ama would be fantastic to roll, but is not worth the MP. NY Horus would be fun to play with, but I have stronger teams already. NY Hanzo is the only card that would actually affect me in any way. Hanzo was my starting roll, so I’ve got a bit of an emotional connection. If I rolled the NY one, I’m pretty sure I’d drop everything and make a Thoria team… for old times’ sake.

    Gratz on 50 weeks of updates lol. That’s pretty impressive! Also, it’s probably worth it to go for the 50 of each pii. It’ll be nice to have a buffer when the option of farming Arena 1 is yanked away… Apparently it IS going to be 24 hours at a time, so that’s good. Only question is how often it’ll come around. If it’s once a week, heck even every 2 weeks then I think we’re good. Any longer and I think that there will be complaints.

    Speaking of Arena, I should probably start working on farming it. I’m at the stage where I THINK I might be able to beat it if I bought Charite, but at the same time, I’m worried that the next few MP dragons are going to be super OP, so I’m thinking I’ll just finish hypering the rest of my team and set aside a 297 for charite, and THEN make my decision. Maybe a hypered Bodin can substitute for her..? I’ll run the numbers later.


    • Yeah, Hanzo is pretty much the only thing that’s actually reasonable in that REM. However the shininess of Kanna and Leilan are too good to pass up.

      I never thought I’d actually stick to making this post a regular thing, but here I am at 50 never having missed a week. It’s been useful for planning what uevo mats I need to get during the week since it makes me go over the uevo schedule every Sun/Mon.


  2. I think GH and Antonio/Michael are really pushing co-op and New Year’s REM for us as hard as they can. I just have this feeling they really want to push through for us this time and get things over faster than before (Michael stated on a reddit post they had planned for 10x to be the New Year’s hit ever since JP revealed it, but also stated that had they known the reactions they had gotten, they might have just released it sooner, and they appreciate the feedback). So I think now they are seeing if they can get co-op stateside ASAP.

    In the meantime I’m still nowhere near clearing Arena just once for the stone which I hope to do before it is refreshed in NA to Arena 2. I don’t think I”ll EVER get to farm it, but just one measely little clear will do it for me. Thor/Saria is my best bet as usual. I”ll need to hyper Thor, and also Apoc/Raphael and stuff…..eep.

    Hoping for Hero uuevoes or split ults. I don’t see how they can’t do anything other than uuevoes though. They can’t upgrade the leader skill and downgrade the awakenings, so I suspect uuevoes are in the works. They haven’t aged well, would love to see them get a bump up. Three Kingdoms has fallen fast in the past 4 months, they’re chronologically next in order for Awoken evolutions.

    I also just went 3/5 on Cao Cao skill ups. I ran the tech dungeon about 15 times and 10 of them resulted in the little fucking Will-o-Wisp shit dropping. Feels so good to go 3/5 in revenge. Will stock up on more next week.

    By the way, is there any use for Izanagi nowadays? I rolled his EVOLVED version out of the REM on godfest Day 2. I’m pretty salty about it…why couldn’t it have been a 6* GFE like Ryune or Kanna or DKali instead of the 6* version of a pantheon god? I’m pretty sure those are rarer than a 3x Ryune since they’re usually only at 1x….. oh well. At least it wasn’t a late bloomer.


    • This is wild speculation and I’m probably wrong, but I suspect the reason the last maintenance was scheduled for so long for a simple UI upgrade was because they were testing the rollout of co-op. This seems like a feature they’d want to make sure they got right the first time so I can seem them taking the next month or so to make sure it’s bug free and that the infrastructure can handle the potential load. When they actually enable it is another question entirely, but like you I’m optimistic that it’s soon.

      The Heroes are still some of the best subs in the game. There are pretty reasonable alternatives now, but nothing comes close to their combination of offense, defense and utility. Now as leaders, that’s obviously another story.

      There’s no reason they won’t get uuevos considering the precedent set by the Archangels and the applicable Japanese 2. I think they learned their lesson with the Sarasvati and Krishna uevos that 4 awakenings just isn’t good enough anymore. I expect their leader skills to be upgraded to slightly better than the Valks; it’s hard to imagine they’d make a uuevo on the level of an awoken — see U&Y and Kushi — so I think that’s the level we should expect. There’s a pretty good chance they’ll get another awakening or 2 like the recent uuevos.

      Izanagi is pretty useless. I mean, a damage enhance will always have some use and his dark sub element really helps, but he’s not on any ideal teams outside maybe something like Hathor.


      • I definitely hope that heroes get uuvos next (Pandora<3, my first waifu) and its probably safe to say that they are getting it next.

        Whats probably gonna happen if we get awakenings

        Yamato : I hope he gets double row. or even single row with a killer awakening, like seriously he has 1 friggen row, im running Fvalk over him right nao in my shivadra team. Will proabably end up with devil killer due to his lore. or will it be dragon killer due to his sword being from susanoo (who found the sword in orochi)

        Andromeda: probably getting a skill boost, and either a row (unlikely) or a killer awakening/co-op boost, idk which one tho, probably co-op. (i hope that she actually gets a better awakening)

        Perseus: Probably same thing as yamato, row and killer awakening, more likely to be devil killer or something

        Sun Wukong: We can probably expect a row and a killer awakening, because light and dark always gets better treatment than the rest (except Archangel luci, damn u for haunting my rem). Though i could also see him getting second sbr or something.

        Pandora: same as Wukong, but i definately expect god killer. Doesnt matter what other awakening you slap on her, it definately has to be god killer due to lore and for arena running purposes. probably gonna be the best out of the heros, again.

        For leader skill improvements, wed proabably see them scale up to 25x or something or some kind of stat boost to their subtype or god type (probably 1.35, definately not 1.5)

        come onnnn pandora get that god killerrr


        • All seems within reason. Although I somewhat doubt Andromeda will get a skill boost since that’s one of the element’s innate weaknesses (along with wood). If it was a skill boost, it might actually be one of the best choices depending on what the other Heroes get.

          I just want new Pandora art.


      • Yeah I am on the uuevo speculation train as far as Heroes go. I’m curious as to where they will take their leader skill…I think they might add on the “ATK boost when use skill” since Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, and Awoken Astaroth have a VERY similar leader skill setup to them (essentially match a row of orbs for a multiplier) but with stat boosts added on. I hope that when the uuevoes come out they don’t get immediately compared to the Awoken Archdemons…but wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen. I hope Perseus gets better art and Pandora too but I don’t think anything can compare to Beach Pandora. </3

        I think I'll just hold out for Awoken Izanagi…… *stares at Izanagi rotting in my box* I really honestly would have been so glad to see him had I gotten him when I had needed him! (remembers the age when Athena was still popular and had no Izanagi </3)


      • Setsu, do you think there will be a chance that Sara and Krishna get even one additional awakening? Sbr on Sara would go a LONG way considering if you don’t run alrescha or andro, it’s a bit harder to get 100% sbr…


        • That’s very hard to speculate on. There’s always a chance they could be the beneficiary of balance upgrades – -they do need it pretty badly — but their uevos are almost 8 months old now and their pantheon is third in line (as far as age) after Heroes and 3K to get new uevos. I’d expect them to get a uuevo before they get balance changes, but if GungHo wants to slow down their uevo rate I could see balance changes coming first. I guess we can get a better idea of what might happen if we get another set of uevos soon. I’m assuming the next JP stream will give us that news.


  3. During the PCGF thing I questioned you not ripping on Rodin for getting a spot. You said he’s great for farming once you get two and while sitting on two myself I never really asked what you meant.

    Anyway I just got a new team slot and thinking I might as well develop some sort of red team (farming or not). What are the requirements for a Rodin farm team? Goemon leads, as many Rodins as you have, fill the rest with Tengus and skill up until everything is ready at 1? Assuming I don’t care about seconds save using an unevo’d Goemon to skip the nuke, but just wanting something to clear basic decends with minimal effort.


    • Basically the value of a ROdin increases with the amount of money you spend on the game, or, I guess more directly, how much your time is worth to you. Push button teams help eke out marginal time savings that add up over the long haul and they also spare brain cycles from being spent on solving puzzles.

      His value has gone down a bit since Star Vault isn’t as good anymore, but he’ll still be used for 10x speedfarming teams for certain dungeons and eventually Thieves’ Den. What applies in this post pretty much applies to all ROdin-based farming: https://setsupad.wordpress.com/2015/10/02/preparing-for-10x-eggs-for-descendeds/

      Outside that, the team you need to run is on a situation-by-situation basis. At least one uevo Goemon is almost a requirement. Shiva Dragon also helps significantly.

      I’ll warn you now, though, that skilling up ROdins is incredibly expensive so unless you plan to stone for stamina significantly in the future, it maybe not be worth it. I’d say the first one is almost always worth hypermaxing, though.


    • I agree with what setsu says. I rolled a ROdin during PCGF and actually was a bit disappointed. I nonIAP so I don’t really have the resources to throw together a push-button team, nor do I care about speed (I focus more on exp/stamina, which usually translates to less fast runs, such as Deus Ex Machina which is hell but gives a ton of exp). Depending on how pressed you are for time or how much money you allot to stone for stamina, and also on how many +eggs you’re willing to invest in a dedicated team, ROdin could either be really good or really bad.

      I know one popular build utilizes two ROdin and some ult evoed Tengu (4 skill boosts), leaders are ult Goemon. You ROdin your way through the first few floors or match fire and then the last few floors use Goemon’s active and watch things get razed to the ground. Shiva Dragon is also a really good farming leader, as is ROdin as his own leader.


  4. Oh Elia was a nightmare…my first one went 0/10 so I fed her away…this one used py and went a respectable rate to finally max skill…once she went 3 for the first five…I decided not to use any more py…


    • I’d like a Grisar too, but after Elia I think I’m going to pass unless there becomes a huge need for him. The skill up rollercoaster is so punishing sometimes.


      • Yeah, I don’t even have the energy to even try for grisar…I don’t know if it’s just me but once a monster is stubborn, it is always stubborn…I shudder to think how many Elia invades the first one would have needed.


  5. Hi Setsu, love your pad blog! Question – What would be your ideal team once Eschamali comes out? You would be using her on the yomidra team right?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on farming/descend/arena variations.


    • The team depends on the dungeon. For Arena 1, the Yomi Dragon subs should be Yomi Dragon / Eschamali / Eschamali / Stratios. Eschamali is also necessary for Awoken Lucifer who appears to be better at Arena 2 than Yomi Dragon.


      • I see, interesting. I’m not going to waste pys skilling up akechi or castor then.

        Would you recommend yomidra/eschamali/eschamali + another sub for typical farming descends?


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