Volsung Descended – Spica

Playing Spica has really made me appreciate just how overpowered the MP Dragons are. 16x is rough damage-wise, especially when you’re carrying practical dead weight in Alraune. I’ve been really enjoying playing her, though, so I intend to invest more resources into her team. Hypermaxing a Courage is almost a given.

I may have to change my blog icon to Spica. I know I just changed it to Kaede, but I can actually use Spica as a leader.


8 thoughts on “Volsung Descended – Spica

  1. Just how overpowered are the mp dragons when 1 or 2 shotting everything is struggling? Or am I missing something more subtle in this video?


    • I mean, I have to make multiple matches of a single element to get over 500k per sub while an MP Dragon team can put out 7 digits without even trying. Spica just happens to have a good match up with this dungeon since she’s wood.


    • Saria/Thor is much better for your box because you have all the subs. That is unless you really like Spica for some reason other than power level.


    • Spica is really a “just for fun” team for me. You have decent subs for her. I’d probably run Spica / Kaede / Verdandi / Ruel / Vishnu / Spica. I’ve found Osiris to be invaluable for me since the team is really lacking skill boosts and the team’s hastes mean he’ll be ready quite often.

      As for which team, acx’s advice is spot on. Saria-Thor is significantly more capable in the endgame and you have better subs for the team, but it really comes down to preference.


    • Raphael looks like a regular on your team for me – 5 rows are a HUGE deal and his active is quite powerful.


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