dacho’s Ranking Dungeon Video: Do Skyfalls Help or Hurt Your Score? (English Translation)

Dacho put out a great video on ranking dungeons a few days ago and I’m happy to say you can now view it with English subtitles thanks to the translation by Nez at the PAD Forums. For the English speaking audience, please be sure to enable English captions which you can turn on via the CC button on the YouTube player. Enjoy!

If you don’t quite understand what dacho is trying to say, it’s basically that skyfall combos can help or hurt your score depending on how many floors there are in the given ranking dungeon. The more floors there are, the more puzzles you have to solve, meaning each additional combo does less to affect your average combo. This in turn means skyfalls can be good for certain dungeons (in this case, they’re good for the 7-floor Satan dungeon), but for longer dungeons it can be bad (his example is the 10-floor Athena dungeon). He goes over all the timing and math in the video.

I try to avoid self-promotion, but if you’re wondering what I had to do with this, I timed the subtitles (something I haven’t done in ages, so please go easy on me if I messed up).


6 thoughts on “dacho’s Ranking Dungeon Video: Do Skyfalls Help or Hurt Your Score? (English Translation)

  1. TL;DW:

    You get 500 points per second. A combo takes 0.4 seconds to disappear, and 0.5 seconds to resolve. Each combo is -450 points of time. Cascading takes up about 0.46-0.47 seconds. Each cascade+combo is -683 points.

    You get 5000 points per +1 average combo. If you take 11 total turns, every extra combo decreases your score. If you’re in between, cascades decrease your score and non-cascades increase your score. This doesn’t mean that you should go for extra combos, because every second of thinking+movement is -500 points.

    (If you’re using ARas and Rodins to blast through most of the dungeon, you take fewer turns, increasing the value of skyfalls.)


  2. As mentioned in the video,
    Each additional non-cascaded combo: -450 pts
    Each additional cascaded combo: -683 pts

    Just for data’s sake, here are the points gained from each additional combo based on the total floors in the dungeon (assuming clearing the dungeon in as many turns as there are floors).

    5: 1000
    6: 833.33
    7: 714.3
    8: 625
    9: 555.55
    10: 500

    So the conclusion appears to be correct given all the ranking dungeons have been 5, 6, or 7 floors. Above 7 floors, it gets trickier as points will start being lost on cascaded combos.


    • Athena is 10 floors which is mentioned in the video. This particularly important since min-maxing for the 1% reward made that dungeon much more competitive.


  3. First of all thank you for sharing this… second, is your research for dungeons primarily done on youtube or are there a few sites you can point me to otherwise? I hate to be spamming you here for advice, but general google searching doesnt seem to be generally sufficient (clicking through results usually leads me back here lol)


    • I’ve found that searching Youtube using the JP name often yields many more results (although it takes more work to comb through them as many end up not having the team you’re looking for), and you can copy/paste the JP name from PADX.


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