Latent Resist Farming 1/18-1/23 and Looking Ahead to 5×4 Kaguya (Yuck)


5×4 Legend Plus Latent Resist Tamadra Farming
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Type Drops Drop % Stam / Drop
12/11/2015 Hera-Ur 98 4900 Fire 20 20.41% 245.00
1/18/2016 Noah 78 3500 Water 20 28.57% 175.00
1/23/2016 Noah 38 1900 Water 10 26.32% 190.00
Total 206 30650 50 24.27% 206.00

I’ve heard the rate for 5×4 latent invades is as high as 30%, so getting above 25% for Noah doesn’t surprise me too much, but it does make me a bit sad about my 20% rate for Hera-Ur. The only reason I farmed 30 water latents instead of 20 was “because the Awilda cheese team is a thing”. I don’t actually know what I’m going to use them for and they’ll probably just end up wasting box space. Now that I’m interested in running wood teams to clear the Arena, I’m regretting not farming more fire resists, so maybe that’s part of it too.

So… the next 5×4 dungeon is Kaguya-Hime. As if her regular dungeon wasn’t cancerous enough, we now have to do it with a smaller board. Which is unfortunate because I actually enjoyed farming Noah. The all-attributes restriction wasn’t much of one for me as the only change I would’ve made was swapping Awoken Haku for her devil form for more rows.

I did a quick scan of YouTube and didn’t find any great teams for clearing it, just the usual Amaterasu and resist leads. It’s making me reconsider how much I really want to farm wood resists. I want to get some for Ra Dragon and maybe some water teams, but if the dungeon is too much of a chore I’m just going to say screw it.

24 thoughts on “Latent Resist Farming 1/18-1/23 and Looking Ahead to 5×4 Kaguya (Yuck)

  1. ” if the dungeon is too much of a chore I’m just going to say screw it”

    To us, I think that translates to like 29 green latent tamas.


  2. I wish I had your luck. It took me about 27 runs before I got my first blue latent invade.

    On a different note, Kaguya seems pretty straightforward except if the tamadra invades floor 1 or 2. If it does, my Cloud team will die.


      • Never said amazing, just straightforward. There isn’t a lot of options and some of us gotta make due with what we have.


        • If you want to argue semantics, what you describe isn’t straightforward, either. Dying on 40% of invades seems like the opposite of straightforward to me, kinda like you need to compensate for something your normal team couldn’t handle. Sounds like you need to reconsider your team and/or vocabulary.


  3. 13 runs in, haven’t seen a single tama 😦 I guess this is at least proof that they really exist…
    (Haven’t been going too hard at this dungeon since I don’t care too much about water resists, but I’d like to have a few around just in case, and I think most YomiDra teams tend to have at least one somewhere)


      • That doesn’t mean that waiting for some things isn’t ever worth considering, especially if it’s something like water or wood latents which have questionable utility in the first place.


        • Well if you could tell me the exact date NA intends to roll it out and that I wouldn’t want to use the latents for anything before then, then maybe I’d take your suggestion more seriously. I think you’re misunderstanding my situation. Time is more important than anything and the opportunity cost of not being prepared could waste even more.


          • I guess it depends on how likely you think it is that JP makes new content that requires however many latents latents and that it gets ported to NA before the Predra Guerrilla, since you’re balancing two unknowns at that point.

            But I probably did misunderstand your situation if you value being prepared for something that highly, I just think the chances of that happening are unlikely enough in comparison that it’s not worth it.


            • There already is something that needs the water latents, the Awilda cheese team to clear Arena 1 Challenge Mode. That’s not to mention the small but incremental edge you get from just using them on teams you use regularly.

              Then there’s also the estimated time to actually get the dungeon. We got Metalits in about 2.5 months, so maybe you’re under the assumption we’ll get the PreDra dungeon with a similar delay. Well, I’m not sure about that. It took JP 4 months from their first Noah 5×4 to get the guerrilla. 4 months is a long time to wait. I doubt they’ll bring it any earlier since they want to milk the profits of the 5×4’s before giving the better option (kinda like they did with coin Star Vault and 10x or even Thieves’ Den). In the worst case it will take almost 200 days like it did for Rare Monster Infestation. In the end the exact numbers don’t really matter, the fact that it could take anywhere from “a long time” to “a very long time” is enough for me to prepare now while we have it. If it comes earlier, then good for everyone else. Trust me, I weighed the trade-offs and you could say I limited my farming to only 20-30 because a better option exists later, but I want to be prepared until then. I’m likely already going to benefit from blindly farming 20 fire latents because they will go well on the Astaroth team that I never thought I’d make.

              So the PreDra dungeon is considerably more stamina efficient and your advice is sound from that perspective, can’t argue that, but that doesn’t make it strictly better. I don’t see why you’re trying to project your values on how I play the game even after hearing my explanation?


            • I already said I understood your viewpoint, I’m sorry if it sounded like I was trying to project my values onto you after your first reply because that wasn’t my intention.

              Thanks for the conversation.


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