Spica Buff! (Oh, and +Egg Sorting Too)


Dual Spicas — or any Constellation — currently give 43.75% reduction, so even an upgrade from 25% to 30% per would result in 51% total reduction. That’s a pretty big deal. The Constellations lean heavily on their damage reduction to be functional leaders so it’s great to see they’ll improve in that regard. This only encourages me to invest more into Spica. I’m looking forward to seeing what the actual improved rate will be.

For everyone else, the 8.7 update brings the much anticipated +egg sorting option which will make everyone’s 10x lives that much better. Seeing as GungHo has generally fast tracked QoL system updates in the past, hopefully we’ll see this one within two months, too.


5 thoughts on “Spica Buff! (Oh, and +Egg Sorting Too)

  1. Have you seen this video, Setsu? https://youtu.be/5-aSHMY0_r4

    I can’t read the Japanese, but it looks like he has dozens of this 1508 card worth over 8k mp. I couldn’t find it on your JP-NA update tracker. Is this a bug or exploit? Or a legitimate way to farm Mp?

    Appreciate the help.


  2. It made me happy to see this news less than 24 hours after you posted how much fun you were having with the Spica team 😛


    • Yeah, I’m both surprised and pleased with this news. Now I just need a good godfest with the Constellations so I can play with the others, too (Spica will always be #1, though).


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