Yamato Rush – Spica

This dungeon is not the greatest matchup for Spica, but with a little luck it isn’t too bad.

Running Spica has been really fun for me. While my main focus is still on farming and the endgame, it’s nice to have an outlet for actual fun here and there.


6 thoughts on “Yamato Rush – Spica

  1. The board you made vs fat dragon was very interesting. Are there any charts for optimal boards for 5 orb match leaders or did you engineer that combo all in your head?


  2. I agree, Spica is pretty fun to play–I quite enjoy playing her on my alt account. Only downside is the lack of skill boosts. I don’t have Osiris, so if there aren’t five green orbs on the board on the first turn, sometimes I’m boned.


    • You only really need Osiris if the first floor is a problem and even then any 5-turn orb changer with a skill boost would work fine. Finding one of those shouldn’t be difficult.


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