Farmable Monster Analysis: Heimdallr

2400 - Awoken HeimdallrAfter having to write three weeks straight on somewhat legitimate farmables (Legelonte, Hel, Volsung) I was getting a bit burned out on researching cards. Thankfully, Heimdallr brings us back to the good old days of garbage evo materials with very little practical use. At the very least, he’s better than something like Aegir, but in the end most will farm one up, feed them to their Lokis and forget he ever existed.


Stats taken from Puzzle Dragon X
Stats HP 4215 ATK 1210 RCV 108 Wt 699.50
Active God type cards ATK x1.2 for 3 turns. Increases time limit of orb movement by 1 second for 3 turns. 16 Turns ( 6 Turns at Lv.11 )
Leader God type cards HP x1.5, ATK x2. Reduce damage taken by 35% after matching Heal orbs in a cross formation.
Awakenings Enhanced Light Att.Skill BoostResistance-Skill Bind

Cost to Acquire

This is a new section I’ve been meaning to add to this series and with Heimdallr basically being a dud and me needing to fill some space, this is the perfect time to test it out.

Even if a farmable might be a great option for a player, there are a few factors outside the monster’s stats that need to be taken into consideration: the difficulty of clearing their dungeon — and by extension skilling them up — and the cost of gathering the evo materials. To use the recent Volsung as an example, he’s certainly nice for a farmable, but if you consider the difficulty of his dungeon there aren’t many new players that can clear it consistently. Then you add his ridiculous evo materials and he only becomes further out of reach (Ilsix might be harder to clear than Volsung).

Overall, Heimdallr is fairly easy to acquire as his dungeon is easy and his evo materials are simple. Sadly, his uselessness is proportional.

Dungeon Difficulty

I omitted this type of section in the past since I wanted to avoid dungeon strategy discussion, but I think I can give a general sense of a dungeon’s difficulty without having to address specific strategies for every type of team.

What stands out the most about Heimdallr Descended is that every floor is light. Obviously, this is too good to be true for dark teams. There’s a few anti-dark mechanics which start with some 50% dark resists to make things even and culminate in Heimdallr’s five-turn dark absorb shield. Light also isn’t the greatest option due to the Light Shieldras, but it’s still much better than a dark team especially since many of the enemies make light orbs for you. The last couple of hurdles are a couple skill binds and skill delays. There are no preemptive status shields so feel free to bring delays if your team needs it.

Assuming 100% SBR, this shouldn’t be too difficult for most non-dark teams; dark teams should be able to get by if they can survive the dark absorb. Wood teams may also have trouble as Heimdallr also resists wood. Outside that, it’s pretty much on the same level as other Norse evo material dungeons.

Evo Materials

150 - Keeper of Light148 - Keeper of Water174 - Divine Gold Mask247 - Dub-sapphilit251 - Dub-mythlit

None of the evo materials are particularly difficult to acquire.

Value as a Sub

Heimdallr’s saving grace is his active. The first part is a 1.2x boost to god type cards. It’s a paltry bonus, but think of it as a really bad Norse active (of the un-awoken variety). There are plenty of dungeons where having a damage enhance active for multiple turns can be valuable.

However, if that was all he had to offer, he wouldn’t be much better than Aegir and maybe even inferior to something like PAD Bear. The second part of his active — one second of increased movement time over three turns — isn’t great by itself, either, but when you fuse the two parts together it can equate to a decent overall damage boost. A direct one through the damage enhance and an indirect one through the time to make additional combos. The time extend is even more valuable on combo- or rainbow-based teams as it helps players who struggle with their activations, especially under pressure.

The sad part is that his awakenings don’t complement the combo plan. A skill boost and skill bind resist are always nice, but for the most part a row is useless for combo teams. The only light-based rainbow team I can think of that might use rows is DQXQ, but considering that Heimdallr doesn’t cover any extra elements it could be tough for the team to find space for him. Despite the row awakening being somewhat useless, he can still be of use on the standard array of light-based rainbow teams which includes Sakuya, Ra, Hathor, LKali, etc.

As for where he could fit on straight row teams, there aren’t too many of those in light. Saria-Thor already has Thor to cover the damage enhance, Yuria isn’t a god and Sun Wukong would much rather have another orb changer.

2148 - Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna2281 - Creator God of Twin Skies, Izanagi1319 - I Love PAD Bear1110 - Light Twin Star Divinegon
So in the end, he’s basically a super-economy version of something like Kanna or Izanagi. The closest farmable alternative is PAD Bear who I like slightly more than Heimdallr, especially since you don’t have to skill him up, but that comes at the cost of significant weighted stats. However, he was a one-time deal so many new players won’t have access to him. The next closest alternative is Divinegon, but he, too, is only available through special event dungeons (which coincidentally will happen during the next event following this post). I like Heimdallr a bit more if only for the skill bind resist, but Divinegon is more flexible for covering elements on rainbow teams. In most cases you’d rather just run a farmable orb change, but there are certainly situations where you might need the damage boost. Considering most of those situations will be on or near the boss floor, skilling him up doesn’t have to be a high priority.

Value as a Leader

1422 - Guardian of the Sacred City, Athena
As one might expect, there are no Heimdallr videos on YouTube. Even Game8 couldn’t be bothered to make a team template page for him. To keep it short and simple: if you want a similar leader, just run Athena instead.


About half a year ago, I was getting my hopes up as monsters like Sonia Gran, Kaguya and Aamir seemed to indicate an uptick on GungHo’s willingness to release usable farmables. However, everything since Zaerog∞ has had questionable usefulness — Scarlet is powerful, but niche and Elia is too expensive for most to invest in — and they seem reluctant to release anything with the power, accessibility and ubiquity of DIzanami ever again. Sure, Heimdallr is a simple evo material, but even past evo materials like Zhou Yu and Jord are significantly better. Even with the release of powerful farmables like Linthia and Gainaut, they’re either too weak for endgame players to want outside novelty or completeness or too difficult to obtain for players in the mid-game. Then anything that is halfway decent is immediately power creeped out of relevancy. As GungHo seems intent on sucking the life out of it’s current user base instead of making life easier for newer players, I don’t see this changing any time soon.


One thought on “Farmable Monster Analysis: Heimdallr

  1. Absolutely agreed regarding the lackluster state of farmable subs.

    It’s interesting if you look at the history of damage reduction cards that came out up to the #800’s (REM + farmable)

    #31* RGB Golems=15turn cooldown, 50% reduction for 3 turns /20%up
    #31* LD Golems=10turn cooldown, 20% reduction for 5 turns /50%up
    #137 Susano=15turn cooldown, 50% reduction for 5 turns /33%up
    #459 Thief=15turn cooldown, 75% reduction for 3 turns /20%up
    #627 Raphael=16turn cooldown, 100% reduction for 2 turns /12.5%up
    #643 DMeta=10turn cooldown, 35% reduction for 1 turn /10%up
    #657 Indra=15turn cooldown, 75% reduction for 3 turns /20%up
    #702 Rei&Eva=10 turn cooldown, 50% reduction for 2 turns /20%up
    #804 Kushinada=8turn cooldown, 75% reduction for 1 turn /12.5%up
    #814 DIza=6turn cooldown, 35% reduction for 3 turns /50%up
    #859 Baggi=7turn cooldown, 30% reduction for 6 turns /86%up

    Other than the LD golems (which had the lowest damage reduction %)everything else up to Baggi / DIza had less than 33% uptime with most being about 20% uptime.

    I’m unsure how long cards have had multiple types, I think originally the LD Golems were Physical, Yomi was God, and Baggi was Dragon type. I also don’t remember LD golems having anything other than defense break…

    LD Golem -> DIza is 10 turn cooldown to 6, uptime stays at 50%, damage reduction from 20% to 35%

    DIza -> Baggi is cooldown increase from 6 to 7, uptime increases to 86%, damage reduction from 35% to 30%

    Baggi is so broken I can’t imagine he’ll ever get an ultimate version as he’s only recently dropped off the top sub list even without being updated for years.

    The fact that DIza’s ultimate, which is only minimally improved over the #814 version still remains an S rank sub shows how much Gungho misjudged their own metagame. The closest they’ve come since with a good farmable sub is probably Elia, which probably costs 10x as much stamina to max out as DIza.

    If DIza was created today she’d be a 7/8 star special REM drop or a 300k MP purchase.


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