Godfest Help Post: 1/31-2/1

2416 - Thorned Mechanical Star God, Antares2418 - Milky Way Mechanical Star God, Alrescha2420 - Dark Plant Mechanical Star God, Spica2422 - Musical Winged Mechanical Star God, Pollux2424 - Destruction Palm Mechanical Star God, Castor2392 - Awoken Freyr2393 - Awoken Idunn&Idunna2394 - Awoken Freyja2395 - Awoken Thor2396 - Awoken Loki
2265 - Fierce Warrior, Sanada Yukimura2267 - Peerless Strategist, Mori Motonari2269 - Diligent Spy, Ishida Mitsunari2271 - Dashing Dandy, Maeda Keiji2273 - Deliberate Rebel, Akechi Mitsuhide1827 - Red-Winged Star Angel, Rozuel1829 - Blue-Winged Star Angel, Famiel1831 - Green-Winged Star Angel, Ruel1833 - Holy-Winged Star Angel, Ariel1835 - Dark-Winged Star Angel, Lumiel
New: 2563 - Destroying Bow Steel Star God, Australis2565 - Protecting Vials Steel Star Goddess, Scheat2592 - Judging Scale Steel Star Goddess, Eschamali

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Constellations & Norse 1/31, Sengoku & Angels 2/1
Day 1 Day 2
Constellations Norse Sengoku Angels
Individual B+ A B B-
Combined A B-
Individual B+ B+ B B
Combined B+ B
Individual B+ A B B-
Combined A+ B-

Let’s try this help thread again, except with some rules this time.

  • I will prioritize box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way. Try PadListener if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized.
  • WordPress flags comments when multiple links. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image sums it up nicely.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 1/31
Name Lead Sub Overall
2416 - Thorned Mechanical Star God, AntaresAntares B+ B+ B+
2418 - Milky Way Mechanical Star God, AlreschaAlrescha B+ B+ B+
2420 - Dark Plant Mechanical Star God, SpicaSpica B+ B+ B+
2422 - Musical Winged Mechanical Star God, PolluxPollux B+ B+ B+
2424 - Destruction Palm Mechanical Star God, CastorCastor B+ B+ B+
2392 - Awoken FreyrFreyr B+ B+ A-
2393 - Awoken Idunn&IdunnaIdunn & Idunna A- B+ A-
2394 - Awoken FreyjaFreyja A- B+ A-
2395 - Awoken ThorThor A- B+ A-
2396 - Awoken LokiLoki B+ B+ A-

Constellations are overall good as both leaders and subs, but the lack of skill boosts is a huge limiting factor. The Norse are overall good as well. I&I and Thor are great leaders and they really seem to be gaining traction on NA.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 2/1
Name Lead Sub Overall
2265 - Fierce Warrior, Sanada YukimuraSanada Yukimura B- B+ B
2267 - Peerless Strategist, Mori MotonariMori Motonari B B+ B+
2269 - Diligent Spy, Ishida MitsunariIshida Mitsunari B B+ B+
2271 - Dashing Dandy, Maeda KeijiMaeda Keiji B C C+
2273 - Deliberate Rebel, Akechi MitsuhideAkechi Mitsuhide B- A- B
1827 - Red-Winged Star Angel, RozuelRozuel B- B B-
1829 - Blue-Winged Star Angel, FamielFamiel B- B B
1831 - Green-Winged Star Angel, RuelRuel B- B B
1833 - Holy-Winged Star Angel, ArielAriel B- B B
1835 - Dark-Winged Star Angel, LumielLumiel B- B B

The Sengoku are excellent subs and should be getting uevos soon. The Angels are now all usable with their new uevos, but aren’t really ideal for any of the more popular leads.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to reply to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive godfest advice can be.


121 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 1/31-2/1

  1. https://www.padherder.com/user/DonZaloog/monsters/

    This padherder is fairly up to date, possibly missing a few incidentals. I am rank 426, low-mid IAP, I have 175 stones rn and I’m not entirely opposed to buying more. I want to roll for eschamali but I’m not sure which day I want to roll on. I have 2 Norse gods and no constellations, and no angel2 or sengoku series at all. I was thinking about only rolling day 2 since I could benefit from several of the sengoku(mostly akechi and sanada) but I like the constellations too. I also want to save some stones for the next 10x to finish my Yomidra team and hyper a few more monsters as well. What day would you reccomend for me to roll?


    • I think day 2 is better. Akechi might be the best roll you can get, arguably better than even Eschamali. He will be indispensable on both your Yomi Dragon and Awoken Lucifer teams. The fact that you risk no dupes only makes it more appealing. The Constellations are great, but the upside of Akechi is too good to pass up.

      As for your stone usage, I’m not sure what to advise. I mean, I’d probably want to save at least a pack’s worth of stones for the next 10x event so you can +egg your good dark subs. It depends how much you want to try for Eschamali (and I guess Akechi).


  2. Why the lower grade for Sanada vs Akechi? Sanada goes on both Shiva Dragon and Raoh and works with Urd to create a 2/3 enhanced fire board. It’s also one of the few heartmakers that can fit onto a Raoh team.

    In comparison, Akechi works with Haku for Yomi Dragon and Awoken FA Lucifer to create a 2/3 enhanced dark board.


    • Akechi just has more uses overall. He’s indispensable to Yomi Dragon teams where Sanada is just a nice option. I’ve used Shiva Dragon and Raoh quite a bit and haven’t found a great need for Sanada where I wouldn’t run Yomi Dragon without Akechi. There are plenty of options to replace Sanada on the teams he’s on, but you can’t really replace Akechi on Yomi Dragon. Sanada’s ability to make hearts on a Raoh team is a good point.


    • BTW I am rank 360 and my current Yomigon team is Yomigon Castor Okuni Akech A Haku
      I IAP regularly 1-2 packs a GF but I was trying to cut down 🙂


      • Yeah, even knowing you IAP a lot it’s still hard to recommend either way. 6-stars are just so rare. Maybe you can compromise and wait until you can’t wait anymore? Are there any pantheons you need so you can get more value than just rolling for Eschamali?


        • Thanks for the reply, yeah maybe I will do a couple of rolls just in case, but hold off until I cant wait anymore. I think she is awesome but she could be along the same lines of D Kali to me which is non existent.


    • Who knows when the next 4x event will be. I guess you just have to weigh your budget along with the various opportunity costs. If you have the patience to hold off rolling for several months, I’d probably do so.


  3. I have 496 stones and I’m hoping to not roll more than 4 packs. I remember how long Rodin eluded me, but I pulled 4+ Dkalis so I’m hoping I get at least one Eschamali.


  4. Hey Setsu,

    Im a player who’s started to ocassionally Iap, and would like some advice…
    This is my padherder :https: //www.padherder.com/user/gfccl2/monsters , it’s mostly up to date (except for the level of various of my monsters)
    My rank is 140 atm, but I plan to quickly increase it… soon.

    The first day seemed good to roll, both to flesh out some of my (noobish) existing teams as well as , maybe, get to create some new teams altogether. The GFEs of the second day seem great too, though ://

    Which day would you recommend me to roll on?


    • Both days are rather mediocre for a newer player, but you don’t risk any considerable dupe risks so it isn’t horrible for you. You should probably wait for the next PCGF, but if can’t wait those 4 months I guess this godfest is fine. As for which day, 1 is overall better, but 2 has the higher upside with the Sengoku. The decision is up to you.


      • Hey again Setsu,

        So I couldn’t help myself and rolled 😛 I got a kanna, saria, australis, ganesha, amaterasu, izanagi, fuma kotaro, freyja, loki and castor. Two quick questions: Which mosnters would you say I should prioritize evolving, and what teams do you think I should focus on? (Other than pandora/sonia… kinda tired of them)


        • That sounds like a pretty nice haul, congrats!

          You have the beginnings of a Saria-Thor team. Saria / Ilm / DQXQ / Raphael / LValk / Thor is a decent start. It doesn’t quite have the synergy you might get from an ideal team, but have some nice pieces for it.

          It’s a bit unfortunate that you didn’t land another LKali. I think going ahead with your Sakuya team is the best bet, though. The Saria-Thor team I mentioned is also good, but I think tank teams in general require more +eggs before they really shine. A burst team like Sakuya needs them too, but not to the same extent.

          If you choose Sakuya, I’d concentrate on evoing and leveling her first. Obviously her awoken form is best, but if you can’t afford the team cost and/or evo mats then her uuevo is fine, too. After that I’d go all in on your LKali. Levels, evos, skills, +eggs; everything.


  5. Hey Setsu,

    I’m a rank 119 and I just started playing a month ago or so. I’ve kinda become stuck in the mid game where I’m done most of the normal dungeons but I don’t have cards good enough to clear descends and further content. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what I should do. Here is my pad herder:


    I also have around 30 stones to roll in the upcoming goofiest. Should I roll?

    Thanks a lot.


    • Forgot to add that I’m non IAP, and I currently run a Haku team with Oku, Rozuel, Yomi, and Sleeping Beauty. I also have a really crappy team for Cao Cao, and also 2 LKalis I’m trying to build a team for.


    • Your box is actually quite good for someone who is non-IAP and only a month in, certainly a lot better than mine was at that stage. At your rank, I wouldn’t worry overly much about being able to do descends; your focus should be on increasing rank (for more stamina, which means more game time) and on farming stones (so that you can be ready to roll in any godfest that is high average value). Descends are a good source of stones, but I imagine you can still farm plenty of stones from challenge mode, technicals, and the like, while also getting the fodder you need to level up your best monsters.

      To answer your questions directly:

      – I would not roll in this godfest. As setsu says above, this one is pretty mediocre for newer players, even if there’s no duplicate risk.

      – Your box actually already has a lategame-capable team in it: Kali/Kali/Okuni/Fuma/flex, where flex could be Dark Valkyrie (for added dark firepower), Yomi (for time extends), or Sleeping Beauty/Water Dragon Swordsman (for binds). If you can activate Kali consistently, that team at max level is capable of clearing most mythical descends and can take on Rushes with heavy + egg investment. And the best part is that most of the parts — Kali, Okuni, and Yomi specifically — are among the best monsters in the game, so investment in them is not likely to get obsoleted as you transition to a stronger team.

      – If you can clear Izanami and Descended Carnival for a Tengu, you can also awaken Yomi, and you have some great pieces for him too: Yomi/Valk/Okuni/Haku/Sleeping Beauty is good enough to tackle Rushes and C9/10-level content, especially if you can farm up an Izanami to go with it.


    • I’d save your stones for the PCGF or a better godfest. Nothing from this godfest is really going to help your box get its feet under it. Especially since you already have two LKalis which, with Okuni and Fuma Kotaro, should give you a solid team going forward. The Chinese pantheon is a particularly good fit for you since Sakuya can lead your LKalis and the rest of the pantheons can form the core for many teams. You also have a solid dark core for Awoken Yomi with Snow Haku, DValk and Okuni. So I’d just work on those two teams and wait for a better opportunity to present itself.


      • Thanks so much for the advice setsu!

        I also have an alt account I play on when I run out of stamina on my main. It’s also non-IAP and only rank 52. It’s really lacking in monsters (only Saria, Falcon Horus, and Kagutsuchi along with a bunch of evo mats I use as low cost subs). Would the same advice apply or should I roll just so I get a few more monsters in my box?


        Thanks a lot.


        • Horus is a pretty good starter and even Saria seems like she’d be good once you can handle the team cost. So I don’t think you need to roll that badly, but having some more toys to look forward to in the early-game is good motivation to keep playing. I couldn’t blame you for rolling this godfest, especially since the light gala could give you some good Saria subs. Day 1’s Constellations are nice to have early on since their 2 SBRs can help you take on the weekday dungeons. Since this is an alt, I don’t think you need to be quite as strict as you might be with your main, but at some point I’d definitely start saving for the PCGF which should come in about 4 months.


            • Yeah, it’s unfortunate your rolls were so disparate. I wouldn’t recommend investing in any of them. I guess if you decide to go with Horus, Scheat could be a decent stat stick to cover water, but ugh.


    • You did not specify IAP status so I’m just going to assume you’re non-IAP. Day 1 looks fine for you. Castor is a great dark sub and Loki can eventually slot into an Awoken Lucifer team. The others can open the door to other teams. Since you’re running Sakuya, having both Kalis available is good. I’m not sure how good the light gala is for you, though. You could probably squeeze more value out of waiting for the PCGF, but that depends on how patient you are.

      I don’t think the GFE lineup matters all that much. The only GFEs that really matter are the Kalis and they’re available both days at 3x.


      • Correct, I am Non-IAP.I only have about 4-5 rolls, but rolling a LKali would really help my progression which is the dilemma I’m facing. PCGF is in about a year, right?

        Thanks for your help!


    • While most of the things in this godfest are good, most of them are nice-to-haves and not must-haves. That being said, I don’t really know a pantheon combination that would work particularly well for you since your Bastet team is fairly solid as-is. Even though you have dupe risks, I’d still say the Chinese, Heroes and 3K are good places for newer players to start with. I’d just continue hoarding your stones, developing your Bastet team, and wait for a better opportunity.


  6. I was curious… when all ur chasing is a 6* GFE (I think we are both more or less in this boat)…. basically escalmali, do u split up your rolls or just rapid dump everything at the same time?


  7. I know its a bit late, but I’m really lost as to if i should roll or not.

    I am currently rank 214 after about 90 days of play. I main LKali, and I would use my A Yomi team, but I am not skilled enough yet to consistently proc her 56 x.

    I am non IAP, and would really appreciate your help. Here is my padherder:

    Any team advice is also appreciated.. I don’t have much of a clue as to what teams to run. The most difficult dungeon I have cleared is most likely Dragon Rush or True Endless.

    Thanks so much!


    • Yomi is by far your best team, but I can understand if it’s too difficult to use. Unfortunately you don’t have an Archdemon Lucifer to use the same subs, but maybe Yomi Dragon could be an option in the future?

      Another option for you could be Awoken Shiva. Yamato and Urd are great for the team. Tsubaki is a bit of a stretch, but isn’t horrible. Fire Dragon Swordsman and Markab are pretty good for filler and Echidna is also an option. You’ll really want one of the fire triple prongers to really make the team worthwhile, though.

      I wouldn’t roll this godfest. I’d probably hold on to your stones for the PCGF. I’d also recommend godfests that include the Chinese, Heroes and 3K.


  8. Hey there Setsu,
    Would love some advice, Currently rank 210 and am an occasional IAP. at about 60 days played.

    My current box: https://www.padherder.com/user/SpiderByt3s/monsters/#31,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Currently rocking a Dmeta team not really sure what other teams to play around with. I have KOGs on farm and use the Dmeta team to push some legendary descendeds, looking mostly to just build stronger and stronger teams, but am too new and lack the knowledge of what to be building towards.

    Thanks in advanced!

    Also was wondering what dragon I should be purchasing first with my current set up. ❤ Thanks!!!


    • I’m no Setsu, but from what I can see you have monsters for an Awoken Archdemon Lucifer team:


      Not the best team ever, but I think it would work. You would probably want a Pandora or an Akechi to replace someone there (Diadem?), as heartmakers are important when you are playing tank teams. The flex can be either DMeta for the shield or Okuni for the Delay… anything that helps you survive in spite of the lack of heartmakers is good.

      As someone who mains an Awoken Lucifer team (I play JP), the high amount of skill boosts and the tankiness both help a lot to alleviate the typical problems of underdeveloped/young teams: lack of skill levels and plus eggs.

      That aside, Yuria seems promising, as you have both Saria and Xiao Qiao, but I have no experience with that kind of team so I can’t really talk.


    • I think AS’s advice for an Awoken Lucifer is correct. I’d probably keep using your DMeta team for now, then transition to Awoken Lucifer which is your best bet for the future.

      It’s a bit unfortunate that you have so many great fire subs, but no one to lead them. Shiva Dragon would be nice, but if you had the MP then Yomi Dragon would be a better fit for you (and to answer your question, Yomi should be the first MP Dragon you buy). An Antares team is possible, but I’d just stick to developing your dark box for now.


      • Thanks so much AS and of course Setsu for your knowledge and weighing in on my box. Give me something to build toward.


  9. Hey Setsu,

    I’m a rank 180 non-iap player, here’s my Padherder:


    Currently I am running a team of Gadius/Uriel/Cao Cao/A.Shiva/Echidna for farming KotG and some of the easier descends, I also have the makings of a good Osiris team but it’s not quite ready yet.

    Do you think I should roll at all on day 2? Sanada and Urd are the 2 I am most after (after Yamato) for my Gadius team, but I don’t know if the overall quality on day 2 is high enough and waiting would be a better option.

    Thanks a lot!


    • I think rolling day 2 is fairly risky since the Angels aren’t that great. They are fine filler now that they have their uevos, but you won’t be excited to run them on any team. Rolling for a single god is not a great idea and Urd is available most godfests.

      I’d pass on this godfest. I’d wait for the Heroes to come around again. That way you can try for that Yamato and the rest of the pantheon presents good value too. Andromeda’s uuevo was just revealed meaning the Heroes will get slightly better in the future. Sadly we have gotten them quite a bit recently, so it may be a while for them to show up again. That will just give you time to collect more stones instead. If we get a combination along the lines of Egypt 1 and the Chinese, I’d strongly consider that too.

      As for Osiris, he could give your box another dimension, but if you want something a bit tankier I think it may be better to run Awoken Shiva instead since you can reuse a lot of the resources you put into Gadius. The Osiris team has better subs, but I’d imagine even if you don’t have any fire triple dongers the team should run fine.


      • Sorry, i’m rank 261, non-IAP player, Currently I am running a team of Awoken Ra/ LKali/ LKali/ A. Isis/ Dvalk, working in a Anubis Team and Awoken Tsukuyomi.


        • Day 1 looks good for you since you don’t have any of the gods, but they don’t really help any of your current or prospective teams so I’d probably skip this day. Since you have a wide assortment of gods already, instead of rolling for value purely for value I think you have to assess what subs you need for the teams you want to run and roll accordingly (of course, trying to get as much value as possible in the process). I guess if you wanted a Norse tank team you could try rolling.


  10. Hi,
    I’m rank 304, medium IAP depending on how I want the pacing of the game to be.

    I’m currently running A.Sakuya, Yomidra, Saria, and looking to get back into playing Blonia.
    In the future, I’m considering to buy Nepdra.

    As of now, I’m quite unsure whether or not to roll this godfest day 1 for… well, I don’t have any of the gods for both pantheons, or wait for a 4x REM (or the New years godfest). I’d really like an eschamali, but knowing the rates, I probably won’t get it.

    Here is my padherder.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The problem with this pantheon pairing is that all the rolls are good, but not great so it’s hard to recommend rolling or not. It’s good value for you since there’s no dupe risk, but if nothing would help you in the short-term I’m not sure it’s worth it. Since your teams look pretty nice, it’s probably better to wait for the next 4x GFE event so you can maximize your chances of DKali or Eschamali. Eschamali is quite tempting, but if you really want her you’re going to be rolling this weekend regardless of the featured pantheons.


  11. Yo setsu, i just wanted to ask a question about your personal quest for eschamali. I know you said you’re prepared to roll 4-5 packs but are you gonna be content with one eschamali or are you not gonna stop until you get 2? Let’s say hypothetically you roll eschamali #1 in 3-4 packs, will you keep going in hopes of #2?


    • I’ll probably stop at the first one. If it’s in the first pack I may roll another pack just to try my luck. If it’s in the 3-4 pack range, I’ll stop (but my self-control is questionable at best, so who knows). I don’t have plans to go for the 2x Eschamali Yomi Dragon team so I’m hoping to get one and be done with it. Getting even one would be incredibly fortunate.


  12. Currently exclusively run Ra or LKali, don’t even really have a farming team. Also have been working on a Gadius and Bastet team but neither are good enough to run yet. Could also maybe make a I&I team? I’m rank 223, non-IAP, been playing 150 days. Here’s my Padherder:

    Seems like the only MP dragon I could run is Shiva Drag. At 80k MP now, so that’s still a bit off.
    Currently would like to be able to consistently clear rushes, have a farming team (working on Bastet for that), and have a team that’d be good for ranking dungeons (I got 36% last time with Ra but I need too long to think when I run him). Have 23 stones right now, would you recommend I roll? Not sure what to go for right now so I’ve just been rolling a few every godfest.


    • For standard non-descended farming, you want something with a flat multiplier. The best you currently have is Verdandi. She works well on Bastet so you can bring up both to fill some holes in your team repertoire. Bastet is probably your best bet for improving your ranking dungeon score.

      Yeah, for non-IAP Shiva Dragon really isn’t the best choice. Right now he’s your best MP option since you don’t have the subs for the others, but I question how much he’d actually help you in the long run especially since he’s not all that much more capable than Ra in the endgame. Maybe he’s a good choice if making top 10% in the ranking dungeons really means a lot to you. I’d continue to hold on to your MP and see if either your future rolls makes one of the existing ones a better option or if a new MP Dragon better fits what you need.

      As for what kind of godfest you should roll, you’re in that situation where you have a sprinkling of gods from each pantheon so you’re going to risk dupes in almost every godfest. I couldn’t blame you for rolling either day since the only dupe risk is I&I, but none of the rolls really excite me for any of your teams and outside Akechi none of the gods really define any possible new teams. I’d probably start saving your stones and wait for the PCGF or 4x GFEs so you can maximize your chances for a DKali. I think you can afford to wait a bit since all 3 of your teams look pretty solid.


  13. Hi Setsu,

    I’m rank 188, been playing 50 days and moderate IAP.

    My current box: https://www.padherder.com/user/rettmatic/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I’m farming KotG w/ a LuBu/Ronia team but I’m trying to branch out into a more endgame worthy team.

    I’ve been working towards building a Sylvie/Freyja team w/ Gronia, Perseus, Spica, and Gilliam, but the team seems kind of disjointed. Also, Sylvie isn’t getting much love from the tier lists, so I wonder about her endgame viability.

    Would appreciate any insight and also your thoughts on whether I should roll this godfest. Thanks!


    • I think Sylvie-Freyja is pretty good. Tier lists are basically nitpicking over what are the absolute best leaders, but for where you are in the game the team is good especially since you have decent subs for it. I’d personally wait for the next PCGF and seeing where your rolls take you from there. Neither days in this godfest is very exciting.


  14. Hi Setsu,

    long time reader, first time post.

    I am rank 257, occasional IAP, currently using a sakuya, a thor, and a yomi. I have cleared every dungeon except arena so obviously that is what I am obsessing over tackling. I don’t think i have enough pieces to clear it. I know I am a few key subs away from doing it. Do you think that rolling in this light gala with the godfest will be worth it ? Or do I have enough monsters to create a team capable of completing arena?




    • No, this godfest is pretty bad for you. The gala is fine, but won’t give you anything critical. I think you need to choose a single team of the three you listed and look into what subs you need to clear the Arena. I think Sakuya is your best bet, so you probably want a Susano and either a DKali or another LKali. You could also use Yomi to cover wood. I’m not sure how the HP works out for DQ Hera, but if all you want is a clear you can just ignore her. I’d strongly consider running Fat Chocobo if you don’t get a DKali.


      • Thanks, I was thinking the same thing because the dupe chance is high and there is no specific card I really desperately need. I want to be able to clear arena and would love to be able to farm it.


  15. Hey Setsu,

    I’m rank 289 and will probably have 20 stones when the day 1 of godfest hits here. I’m a non IAP player and I wanted to get your opinion on if anything is good for rolling. I have a few solid teams and wanted to see if they could be improved or if there’s a good god here to get for other prospective teams.


    Any advice would be great, thanks.


    • Nah, nothing looks that great for you. Day 2 looks better than 1, but it’s still not that exciting. I’d probably wait for 4x GFEs to try for DKali or maybe for an overlapping dark gala.


  16. My box: https://www.padherder.com/user/Thad%40PG
    I’m rank 283, former whale, now minimal IAP, and I run Awoken Sakuya, Verdandi, and Yomi Dragon

    It may be obvious that I should roll the second day, for the best chance for Eschamali and Akechi, but at the same time, I want to plan for the future, and I’m really eyeing the Awoken Astaroth team with Freya and Spica. Thus, which day should I roll?

    Also, the “upcoming” New Year’s REM seems to me as if it’s not going to happen. I know GungHo doesn’t release content in NA the same order in JP, but the REM seems a little too far of a stretch.

    Finally, I’d love it if you could check out my PAD blog, Thanks!


    • I don’t think going for an Astaroth team is worth it for you. You have no subs for it and are missing the key one in Michael.

      I’m also reluctant to recommend rolling day 2, but if you have the money then there’s no reason not to. If you were non-IAP I’d definitely recommend waiting for the PCGF. Akechi made the last one and Eschamali is almost a shoo-in.

      I don’t see why you think the New Year’s REM wouldn’t happen outside just general pessimism involving GungHo. It was teased in the previous stream and co-op seems like it’s going to hit next week so the signs are pointing to it happening.

      You didn’t supply a link to your blog. I think I’ve seen it before, though.


      • Thanks Setsu, and as for the New Years REM, I think that the order of content release in NA vs JP involving the New Years REM is too off. I know that that the order of said content release is never consistent, but I feel as if bunching up the REM, co-op, and awakenings goes a little far.
        As for my blog, it’s padthad.wordpress.com


  17. Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Phoenix%40PF/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I’m trying to decide when to roll.

    I’m mainly working on my Yomidra team. I don’t have a Haku, so I’m looking for either a Castor or Akechi (or Eschamali if I’m lucky…). I would have decent teams for I&I/Ryune and Thor/Saria if I roll either. What it mainly boils down to for me is Castor or Akechi for YomiDra? Other subs: Okuni, Pandora, DValk, DIza, Nephthys.


    • It’s hard to tell if you IAP or not just from you box. I’d assume yes, but some people get lucky so I don’t know for sure.

      I think Akechi is a must-have Yomi Dragon sub. Depending on your preferred Arena configuration you may not run him there, but I personally run him for everything else. So if you IAP, day 2 is better. If you don’t or just stopped, then I’d say day 2 is risky, but it might be worth it considering the state of your box. Sengoku+Constellations or Sengoku+Greek would obviously be the best set up for you, but who knows if we’ll ever get that combination and you only risk 1 dupe in the Angels.


  18. I know I don’t want to roll in this godfest, but I do have a question: should I buy ra dragon before he cycles out? I’m rank 258 and IAP.

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Qrr/monsters/

    The short version is I currently have a very nice I&I team, and for Ra Dragon I have 2xDKali and Indra but no Isis. I have Sun Quan or (soon to be awoken) Orochi for blue/green, but neither are gods. Is he still worth it? With my current box if I buy him I won’t be able to buy Charite too without losing things I’d rather not.


    • That’s an extremely tough question to answer.

      It seems like for most things Orochi should be able to cover for Isis. He’s currently used over Isis for JP Arena 2 teams, but that could change with the new skill transfer feature. Isis being unbindable is just such a huge asset for the team.

      While Ryune-I&I is quite good, it doesn’t compare to an optimal Ra Dragon team. Ugh, such a hard decision. Personally, I’d probably just get on the Ra Dragon train. Orochi is a fine stand-in for Isis. Since you IAP, hopefully you can land an Isis in the future. If you wanted to hedge your bets you could just take a wait and see outlook and see where you’re at when Ra Dragon rotates back. If you’re really unsure, there’s no point in rushing a last-minute decision, especially when you have a good fallback option in I&I to hold you over when until he comes back.

      I couldn’t blame you for going either way. It’s a very tough decision. Glad I don’t have to make it. I think this is just one of those “go with your heart” situations.


  19. Here is my (hopefully) up to date PadHerder:

    Hello Setsu,
    I am currently Rank 277, non-IAP, and I main Awoken Ra and Awoken Sakuya (which I usually use to clear through C10 with luck) and I use a combination of UrdxShivadragon for farming. At this point, I am looking to start to build up an Awoken Lucifer team (I am thinking A Lucifer/Akechi/Satsuki/Blonia/Izanami???/A Lucifer). I currently have about 240k MP points. I was thinking that if I could get to 300k I could use Yomi Dragon in my last spot. I guess my main question is it if it worth it for me to try and acquire an Eschmali knowing that I already have a somewhat viable team without her? And if yes, then which day is better for me? The card that I am still chasing is Dkali but I have practically given up on her. Thanks!


    • Just in case this helps, my team compositions are:
      A Sakuya/A Ra/Lkali/Izanami/A Meimei/A Sakuya
      A Ra/Izanami/Lkali/Lkali/A Isis/A Ra
      Urd/Ares/Ares/A Ra/A Freyr/Shiva Dragon


    • And actually with the most recent active changes to Awoken Isis, if I am not mistaken, then Dkali is not as critical for me/rainbow teams in general (still would be niceto get one though).


    • That Lucifer team sounds pretty bad. Satsuki and BSonia aren’t gods or devils, but wouldn’t be great for the team even if they were. So with that in mind, I wouldn’t buy Yomi Dragon, either.

      As non-IAP it’s always a bad idea to roll only for a 6-star GFE. Outside the Constellations you have decent dupe risk either day. I’d either wait for a more favorable godfest lineup or for the next 4x GFE event.


  20. Rank 270, iap occasionally but put in $100 in hopes for eschalami for yomidrag team, didn’t work out. However, got dupes of spica and pollux. Considering the haste I thought it might be worth it to keep? If not, should I sell to get closer to getting a second yomidrag? I also got kaede and was considering selling for mp as well, since my main focus is yomidra


      • Unless you’re really hurting for box space, I’d hold on to your gods as long as you can before selling. I do think selling dupes of Spica and Pollux is okay since you don’t really want to sub 2 on the same team. As for Kaede, I don’t know what your box is like, but I’d hold on to her as long as possible. If your main focus is Yomi Dragon, I think it’s quite reasonable to sell her to get a second. That being said, how much better is a 2nd Yomi Dragon over Pandora? Is it really worth the MP?


  21. Thank you for what you’re doing! I love your blog.
    Currently I’m looking for some MP dragon/new teams advice:
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/dhorks/monsters (relevant subs below)
    Rank: 466
    IAP: Yes, moderate to occasionally high

    Current teams: Nepdra, A Shiva, ASakuya, BSonia, Sumire

    I’m just hit enough MP to buy a second dragon and I’m debating between: Radra, Yomidra, Courage (for the Awilda cheese team), or waiting to see the new MP dragons.

    I haven’t yet cleared Arena, I’ve attempted ~4 times times with Nepdra, usually failing due to something stupid. I also can’t clear C10 most of the time without using a stone. If I buy a new MP dragon, it would be in hopes of completing these.

    For Radra I have: 1 DKali, AIsis, Indra. The last sub would be something like: Fat Chocobo, LKali or something like AYomi to give me more time (I’m so-so at comboing)

    For Yomidra I have: Akechi, AHaku, Zerog Inf, Pandora, DDHaku, DIza, Halloween T&S, Persephone (Less sure which are the ideal subs beyond the first two)

    I have everything I could need for the Awilda cheese team (Awildas, PADZ dragons, DKali/Nepdra, lots of blue resist latents)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    • The Awilda cheese team is just that and shouldn’t be taken as a serious option.

      So the decision is between a less than ideal Ra Dragon team and a less than ideal Yomi Dragon team. I know a few people that ran Fat Chocobo on Ra Dragon with fairly successful Arena results. For Yomi Dragon, you’re either missing Okuni for the utility or Eschamali for that extra damage boost to make the runs more consistent.

      So I’d probably go with Ra Dragon, but you just need to temper your expectations when running a less than ideal team. That being said, that less than ideal team is still pretty damn strong.


  22. Hello Setsu,

    Here is my Padherder:

    I am a rank 256 non-IAP player. The hardest dungeon I have cleared is Divine Realm in the latest Descended Challenge. I mainly run a DMeta team, but I sometimes run Cao Cao as a fire lead for anti-dark dungeons paired with whatever else fits. Recently I have been working on an Awoken Thor team.

    I assume based on your previous comments that it would not be in my best interest to roll in this godfest, but based on my box, are there any monsters I should be targeting to help along my teams?


    • I think going with your Thor team is the right idea as you have great subs for it. The main one you’re missing is Raphael, but I don’t think that’s a huge priority.

      As far as what you should roll for, I think maybe a godfest overlapping with a dark gala might be best for you. That way you can get possible improvements for your DMeta team and stock up for a future Awoken Lucifer team. This also gives you a way to get an increased chance for Pandora without risking the dupes you’d get rolling during a Heroes godfest. As for which pantheons you should aim for, anything that minimizes dupe chances would be ideal, but it looks like the Chinese is pretty good for you (Haku dupes are never bad). You can also wait and try your luck during the PCGF or a good 4x GFE event.


      • Thanks for the advice, Setsu! Ironically, I decided to do one roll and picked up a Raphael so I am definitely going to be working on my Thor team. And I’ll definitely be saving up for a dark gala godfest!


  23. Hey Setsu, I actually am posting this for a friend since I’ve been giving him advice and I’m honestly not entirely sure as to where he should go from here so this will all be his info. He keeps his PADHerder updated mainly with what he has rather than accurate levels, evolution, teams, etc.

    PADHerder: http://www.padherder.com/user/Retsmah/monsters
    Rank: 154
    IAP: Light – medium, he will spend a little on a godfest every once in a while and a fair amount on ones I tell him are big deals (spent a fair amount on the PCGF which was his first major fest)
    Teams: Exclusively Sumire as of now. He is working towards Awoken Lakshimi, Awoken Idunn & Idunna, and half assedly working towards a Ra/Hathor team
    Hardest content cleared: Sphinx descended

    He actually has a pretty solid box but I’m not sure where to tell him to go from here as far as rolls go. Any thoughts?


    • Also I just realized that his PADHerder isn’t completely up to date. He has a few rolls that he hasn’t listed including the Ra I mentioned. I asked him to update it but he’s at work so if you don’t see Ra even though I mentioned it that’s why.


    • Yeah, his box is pretty solid. I think he’s correct in pursuing water teams. His box is at a point where he needs to identify the team(s) he wants to pursue the most, then roll for specific gods. He basically already has everything water could want; the only thing that stands out is Gabriel, but I’m not sure he’s a huge necessity. I’d probably just concentrate on developing his water box with skill ups and +eggs. If he wants to branch out, like with that Ra team you were talking about, then he needs to target the subs he needs (in Ra’s case that would be Isis) and weigh the pros and cons of rolling for a specific god.


  24. Hey Setsu,
    I’m a bit surprised you’re doing this charity again but also very happy because now I have a chance to ask for myself!
    I’m also glad you added the rules.. that much is necessary I think. So without further ado:

    I’m non-IAP but if I ever see a 100$ gift card for 80$ I’ll probably snatch it up and then purchase a pack of 80stones.. but that would hopefully be the end of it. I’m 28 years old so it’s not my budget, it’s just my morals…

    Otherwise, I’m currently rank 284 and my highest dungeon is Challenge 7.. I should be able to go higher but throwing 70+ stamina at something is intimidating.

    And finally, my question! To put it simply: am I using the best teams I have available? I had a Ronia team for what seems like an eternity, though it must have been closer to a year.. I rolled devil after devil and she was my one and only that carried me through everything. Then I woke up one day and she was outclassed. By everything. Since then I’ve been floating in a sea of bewilderment, not knowing which way is up or which new awoken evo is the best. I’ve somewhat risen from the ashes with a beastly (but unfinished) Shiva team (He ate my Ronia) and a decent Bastet team. I Awoken-evo’d my Sakuya but her light subs are garbage and her dark subs are.. good but unfinished (and I’m not sure if I’m quite up to that challenge), I got a Saria but again the subs are soso, and finally, Awoken AD Luci is on the horizon, I’ve got his team set up. I’m setting aside all plus eggs for him currently.

    In my PAD herder teams tab I have all the teams I’ve managed to scrap together out of my box. The box is up to date as well with a few omissions.

    When Awo AD Luci is released, I’ll use him, I think that’s safe to say. The other team should be?..

    I’m really hoping the answer will jump out at you but if you can’t confidently put one over the other, I’ll happily accept that as well. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog and especially thanks for helping out with this kind of advice. Don’t burn yourself out here! Good luck in your future PAD adventures.



    • Your Awoken Shiva team is by far your most complete team, but his potential has a clear ceiling as power creep has been advancing since his release. I still think he’ll get you to the places you want to go short of the extreme endgame like Arena and certain Lv10s. Your other teams are all inferior to him since they’re missing one or two key subs.

      For other teams, let’s narrow the discussion to the two with the most potential, Sakuya and Lucifer. With Sakuya you’re missing the LKali(s), but you have a leg up on most other players by already having the DKali. You’re almost missing something good to cover dark — usually Susano or Yomi, I think — but wood Sun Quan is still a good option with Orochi subbing in when you need a longer delay (like against Vishnu). Just get that one LKali and the team will be worth investing in. I guess if you have it, Fat Chocobo works too, but I really think you need that LKali for that TPA damage.

      For Lucifer, you’re much further away. You’re mainly missing a way to deal with gimmick boards in Haku or Eschamali. You’re also missing roleplayers in Loki and Okuninushi. I’m also not sure how far away you are from being able to buy a Yomi Dragon. Right now your team is just a bunch of orb changers with minimal synergy and almost no utility which is fine for most things, but I’m not sure it’s significantly better than your other options.

      So I’d probably keep at it with Shiva for now. I’d try to work Kagutsuchi into that team’s repertoire. If you want to pursue Lucifer, I’d probably wait for a good godfest that overlaps with a dark gala and also has LKali at 3x or better rates.

      Also, I enjoy doing box analysis to a degree. Sometimes it gets very repetitive, especially with low-rankers’ boxes, but it’s fun to see what kinds of teams people can make. The current load is fine, but if it gets greater in the future I’ll need to devise a mechanism to limit it.


      • I..I can’t believe I forgot to link my box. Thanks for sleuthing me out.

        Ok, thanks for the analysis! I’ll continue working on shiva and his subs and see how many challenge levels I can take down.

        I’ll wait until a good godfest during a dark gala and see if I can’t get the missing sub for my lucifer or Sakuya team. To double check, my lucifer is just one board changer/fixer away from being set?

        And I’ll add my box finally.. Sorry about that.


          • Your Lucifer team is usable now, I just don’t think it’s significantly better than Shiva at this point. Your only ideal sub is Akechi and he can’t carry the team by himself. Haku is probably your best roll, but Eschamali and Castor should also help shore up some of your current weaknesses. Awoken Pandora helps, but she’s basically just an inferior version of Akechi (pretty sad for an awoken, yeah?).

            There’s also a possibility of leading with Awoken Pandora, but you probably still want Haku for that.


      • Hey again Setsu

        Thanks for all the great advice, it’s awesome that you consider everyone’s requests so seriously. I was going to leave it at where we left off yesterday but I couldn’t resist the chance for one last question… My shiva is 297 and my Bastet is 240. Everything else is 0-40. Should I be putting my + eggs on another leader, on dkali, or somewhere in my shiva team like kagu? Attack eggs on kagu, others elsewhere? I will spend some stones next x10 definitely and plan on getting at least a couple 297s out of it.


        • I’d probably do another Shiva sub first. They’re all good choices to a degree, but I might do Urd first since she has most use outside the team. Although Cao Cao and Yamato are good choices too.

          From there, you can either continue your Shiva team or switch to another lead. Like if you’re serious about Awoken Lucifer, you can +egg him. The thing is at some point you’re going to have to settle on a single team and hypermax it.


  25. Hi Setsu,

    I’m rank 341 and iap moderate to higher amount depending on the GF. My padherder https://www.padherder.com/user/derek13/sets/
    Cleared almost all descended and rushes. Have zero stonned a c10 once most of them require 1.
    I have 750k plus MP right now and probably 900k plus if I clear some dupes. Could use some advice on that.

    I rolled four packs this GF as I only had I&I from Norse previously and was ofc hoping for Escamali. No luck :c. I did roll all the constellations except Pollux and Thor and loki from norse, otherwise I did get alot of gfe 13 out 70 rolls. Including back to back satsaukis and 3 australis which seems higher than normal.

    My current teams

    Working on a ryunne team not sure if I have the best pieces and now that I have Thor I think I’ve got more of the pieces for his team but haven’t really played tank teams before.
    Will make asakuya next time Zhou yu comes or if I can remember to hit descended carnival. i m sure that’s the best combo lead I’ve got outside of radrag but only have one dkali
    Hoping by the time alucifer is released I will have a haku :c

    What I need is advice on if I should buy any of the current mp dragons or wait for the new batch and what’s my best arena team to focus on egging, also is it better to focus on a te for arena 1 or 2

    I farmed 1000 +eggs last 10x and will hopefully get more next time but I don’t have a push button team and dont really have the pieces or the inclination to build one at this time. Still focusing on rank xp at this point and spent all my time on zues mercury.

    Thank you so much for your site and all the help and guidance you offer to players of all levels. You truly changed how I play the game.


    • If you’re serious about Awoken Lucifer and you land that Haku, I’d probably just go ahead and get Yomi Dragon who is a critical sub for most dark teams. Yes, the new MP Dragons are something to be aware of, but since you can buy 3 MP Dragons if you really wanted to I don’t think there’s too much risk. If you want to play it safe, you could hold off on the purchase until the rest of your Lucifer team is set. That should hopefully give enough time for JP to reveal a few more. However, more than the MP Dragons, I’d try to wait and to see how the active skill transfer system works and how it affects endgame teams.

      Outside Yomi Dragon, I guess Shiva is pretty sweet for farming, but it’s really just a luxury. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you plan on farming a lot.

      You have pretty much everything you need for both I&I and Thor. I think Thor is a bit better — mainly because of Raphael, but elemental advantage is a thing too — but I guess it just comes down to preference.

      I don’t know if you can say Arena 2 is farmable at this point. At least not at the 80%+ clip that Ra Dragon was getting for 1. I think your potential Yomi Dragon or Lucifer teams are short a Haku or Eschamali to be able to farm Arena 1. For teams you already have, Saria-Thor is probably the best, but you’d probably have to +egg everything to do so. If you’re worried about 1 rotating out, I think that’s still a few months away.


  26. Hey Setsu,

    I’ve been following your site for a long time, but this is a first time in a long while that I’ve updated my padherder, which has my most important monsters and most of the rest as well.


    I’m rank 252 and non-IAP. I used to main dq, umiyama, and ronia, but I’ve recently transitioned to i&i and shiva teams. I’m also planning on making saria and bastet teams. Currently, I have 15 stones. It’s probably late for day 1, but do you have any advice for day 2 or any teams I should work on? For reference, the three most recent descends I’ve cleared for the first time are Hel, Deus ex Machina, and Sonia Gran, and I average 6-7 combos.

    After finally finishing my i&i and shiva teams, I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to what to do now. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you so much for this site, which I check as often as padx for advice. Here’s to a year of weekly roundups!


    • I’d avoid day 2. I would’ve told you to avoid day 1, too. They just aren’t very good.

      I’d just continue fleshing out your current teams. I think going with Shiva and I&I are good choices. +Eggs and skill ups are the name of the game at this point if you want to progress. Hopefully we get 10x next event with some good dungeons.


  27. Dear Setsu:

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now, great job on the posts and thanks for everything you have done.

    This is my padherder. Rank about 260ish right now, I lightly IAP (i think? about a pack a month)
    My starter roll was Nep and following some suggestion from other experienced player.
    I sold quite a lot of cards (mostly fringe REM and dupes) and brought Yomi dragon.

    Currently my team is Yomidra/haku/okuni/akchei/pandora. (got a max skilled Diza too and can get Zeus but not really thinking about arena right now)

    I tried for Eschmali this GF (only 1 pack and some stone saved up) but no luck.
    So have about 120k MP now.

    Just want some general direction in where to go from here. I know i need to farm more + eggs for my yomidragon team and more skill up (mostly pys).

    But i can’t just rely on this one team to carry me, so I m thinking about working on Lakshmi team next?

    I also think i got a good base for Ra dragon eventually? (with 2 Dkali and Isis already)

    Regarding rolling wise, I think my best bet is wait for PCGF? I dont really know what I NEED or should roll for (focus on)

    Thanks for your help again, cheers.



    • I don’t know, I think Lakshmi plays a lot like Yomi Dragon and I’m not sure that would really cover any of your weaknesses. I guess if you’re afraid of all the anti-dark mechanics you can go for it. Maybe Ryune-I&I is a better choice? You can run I&I / Karin / Hatsume / Andromeda / flex / Ryune. Flex could be like Alrescha, Sumire or BValk. I guess there’s a lot of overlap with Lakshmi so you could do both teams.

      It’s pretty impressive that you have two DKalis, but I’m not sure that’s enough reason to pursue Ra Dragon. I do think Ra Dragon is slightly better than Yomi, but I don’t know if it’s worth committing all those resources when you already have a great Yomi Dragon team.

      As for which godfests to roll, it’s hard to say. I think that’s more of a function of what teams you want to play and improve as you’re getting to the point where you’re just going to have to target the few gods that you need. PCGF is fine, but you you’ll probably be better served rolling for something specific. I guess it really just depends on godfest by godfest basis.


  28. Dear Setsu,

    I am a recent (90 days) non-IAP player from Europe. I think it is only fair to say that I have been learning a lot on the game from your posts, I really appreciate your hard work on making the game more interesting for us.

    I am rank 238, non-IAP and I have just updated my padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/anderle . I main Gadius, which I have been playing with TPAs to clear the content I have cleared thus far (various descends, nothing above mythical). I’m slowly transitioning towards a row configuration as well as slowly developing light (LKali, Kana), dark (Pandora, A.Hades) and blue (Skuld, Lakshmi) teams, but with a lack of focus on any.

    I would like to know your opinion on which would be my current best team(s) and its/their configuration as well as which particular cards to roll for (the ideal GF for me to roll). Last, who should get my future +eggs?

    Thank you so much for your advise.

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    • What immediately stands out to me is that you have the big 3 dark pantheon gods: Haku, Akechi and Pandora. These guys will serve as the basis for almost every strong dark-based team. You also have Satsuki, Zuoh, Okuni, and even Kakkab to complement them. The problem is you have no leader for them. Well, not until Awoken Pandora, anyways, who should hit NA/EU in about 2 months. That’s probably the direction I’d go if I had your box. I’m thinking uevo Pandora and your other current teams should be enough to hold you over until Awoken Pandora hits.

      After Pandora, I guess Lakshmi stands out next. You could probably go Lakshmi / Andromeda / Karin / Amberjack / Skuld / Lakshmi. Of course, that would depend on getting Amberjack again. So if we don’t get him again for a while, I actually like Snow White as a replacement.

      As for what godfests to roll, I like a good godfest that minimizes dupe risk while overlapping with a dark gala. I have a strong belief that the active gala should play heavily into a player’s rolls nowadays. While the gala rates won’t maximize the chances for a specific card, the fact that just about any dark roll will greatly improve your already great dark box makes it worthwhile. As for specific pantheons, it’s hard to say since you have a sprinkling of most of the pantheons which means there’s a small dupe risk not matter where you roll. I guess in the end it really comes down to what team(s) you want to go forward with.


  29. So got the Eschimali I wanted, but also got an Australis and Scheat… Any thoughts as to the kinds of teams they fit on? I guess Australis would be A Freya/Sylvie, though doesn’t fit on an A Asta team sadly but no idea where Scheat would line up.


    • Unfortunately there’s no great use for them at this time. I don’t like Australis all that much since wood struggles with skill boosts to begin with. There might be a use for them in the future, but considering how GungHo seems to hate water and wood I wouldn’t count on it.


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