Latent Resist Farming – Kaguya 5×4 – Awoken Amaterasu

Change the World is such a foreign concept to me.

The dungeon is about as cancerous as I thought it would be. YouTube search results didn’t really produce any teams worth noting; basically just the standard Shiva Dragon or Amaterasu fare. I got excited a few times when I saw a video that was under six minutes, but all of them were fast forwarded at some point.

Is there a better team for this? Probably (I’d love it if you would let me in on the secret), but with this build I can safely watch anime while doing it. There are a few places you can die. Floor 1 is very, very unlikely. Floor 3 is unlikely as well, especially if you save an orb changer for the floor, but it will happen once in a while. For the rest of the dungeon it’s basically impossible to die; just get all your actives ready and one-shot everything.

As for how many latents I’m going to farm, I’m not sure. I want to say 10, but even though farming with this method is slow, it’s something I can do while doing other things so I may end up collecting more.

7 thoughts on “Latent Resist Farming – Kaguya 5×4 – Awoken Amaterasu

  1. I had an idea of d/r batman leads, Akagu, z8, haku (for rcv) and one flex. It’s not as safe as ama, but much faster. Kill first round, even without x16. Take two hits round two to get your hp low and your actives up. Kagu for floor 3. You have 4 turns for round 4. 3 turns for round 5 with a delay. All your remaining actives for boss. Flex suggestions are heart breaker (dvalk) or maker (yomidra) or burst (aloki).

    Hardest part is killing the tama if he appears before 3rd floor. You’ll have 4 turns minimum to do 40 damage, or else you’ll have to burst him when you have a multiplier up, which is hard with no tpas or sklls on a 5×4 board.


    • Sure, but is it any faster than Shiva Dragon? I know Shiva Dragon can do like 4-5 minutes. Amaterasu is like 5-6.5 minutes. I feel like being able to play lazy and being nigh unkillable is worth the extra minute or so.


  2. What is your shivadragon team? I am throwing in ARA for the one shot on 3 or latent.

    and I am going to farm 14, 10 to save, 4 for Ra Dragon Team.


    • Actually I’m kinda embarrassed that I don’t know which tracks they are exactly, but yes, I do believe the first track is for Lut Gholein and the second track is also Act II.


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