Heimdallr Mythical – Spica

A boring dungeon for a boring boss.


4 thoughts on “Heimdallr Mythical – Spica

  1. Greetings, Setsu!

    I was wondering what were your thoughts in the revealed Awoken Pandora…I’m just very miffed about it. The only awoken skill added is a row, she loses her very precious high RCV by virtue of that Physical typing (what the hell with that physical obsession lately?) and her leader skill has most likely a higher multiplier than Lucifer’s… but she loses the ability to use top dark subs like Okuni, YomiDra and Eschamali. And I don’t know if adding a haste is enough to compensate for the skill levels loss or to make her skill equal to Akechi’s.

    Fairly superior art vs her uevo, if you ask me, but everything else makes her such a… mixed bag. There go my hopes of she getting Bind Resist awakenings with her uuevo…


    • There’s some wild speculation that Pandora may still get a uuevo due to the monster IDs revealed so far. Andromeda looks to be 2658, so that would make Perseus 2659, 2660 Wukong, 2661 ???, and 2662 Awoken Pandora. So you’d think Awoken Pandora would be 2661, but I don’t know what else it could be besides uuevo Pandora. It would also be unprecedented for her to get an awoken with only one previous ultimate, so there may be room for another. Just want to reiterate: pure speculation.

      So, assuming we only get Awoken Pandora, let’s address your concerns. Her loss of RCV is unfortunate, but I think it can be made up with her leader skill (I’m assuming). Yeah, it makes her a somewhat worse sub losing one of the few things she was significantly better at than Akechi, but it’s not like HP is useless. I agree physical typing is getting a bit tiresome.

      I think her role as a leader is a bit different than Awoken Lucifer’s. She’s going to be a slightly better version of Awoken Astaroth, I think. Meaning, extremely high row-based burst with a bit of tankiness that is needed in today’s meta. I’m not expecting Lucifer tankiness, but maybe a bit more than Zaerog’s 1.1x? Is it still a bit redundant? Yeah, probably.

      As far as being limited to devil type, there’s still a great selection of devil subs. Perhaps the most important is Awoken Loki in the case that her multipliers make her suitable for the Arena. There’s also no stopping the team from running something like Okuni at a lower multiplier if the utility is worth it.

      I ran Pandora near the end of her prime. I can say that the haste will be huge for the team. As a sub, yeah, it’s sad that a uevo-less Akechi still rivals her, but Akechi’s active is so broken it’s hard to be better than him.

      Yeah, there seems to be mixed feelings on the art, but I love it.

      Not being unbindable is unfortunate and one thing that could make her worse than Astaroth, but depending on how the new active skill transfer system works, being unbindable may be less of an issue. If you can transfer a bind clear (Sleeping Beauty? Halloween Alraune? Dark Dragon Swordsman?) to something unbindable like Anubis or even Lu Bu (who might actually be a decent Awoken Loki replacement) the team becomes a lot more robust without losing too much. As far as a sub, yeah she could’ve been a Yomi Dragon alternative, but that may be the exact reason why they didn’t give it to her.

      But until we get the final multipliers, this is all just speculation.


      • Crossing fingers for that uuevo Pandora. My setup would really suffer without that RCV but I would want some improvement or added value to her.

        As for Awoken Pandora…


        If appmedia is right, her multiplier would be 1.25. Just like you said: a bit tankier than Zaerog, but not at the level of Lucifer. It would also make her a x25 lead like the uuevo Heroes.

        I do agree that Dark Devils is still one of the best sub pools as far as typing goes, but I don’t think the higher attack multiplier compensates the loss in flexibility or stats. I was wondering for a while here if I would have to convert my Lucifer team in a Pandora team, but it just doesn’t seem worth it as for now.

        As far as her active skill goes, I know the power of hastes… but it still seems quite the low upgrade when there are actives like Akechi’s around. He is broken, very much true, but STILL.

        As a sub… I would rather have an unbindable Pandora than a Pandora with haste and less RCV, but I guess you are right. They wanted to keep Yomi Dragon’s exclusivity as a top tier bind clearer for dark, or there are an uuevo Pandora in the making… After all, if there are one it makes no sense they go with the extra rows approach as the Awoken version is around.


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