Godfest Rolls 2016.01.31 – Constellations & Norse – Rolling for Despair



44 thoughts on “Godfest Rolls 2016.01.31 – Constellations & Norse – Rolling for Despair

  1. Wow congrats!!

    I spent 6 packs and I came out with no eschamali:(

    Rolled ilm, ryune, 3rd dkali, Kaede and two Australia though. Still salty… lol


    • That’s quite a few 6-stars, at least. I’d love another Ilm and the 3rd DKali could be relevant depending on how the skill transfer feature works. So not all is lost, but yeah, feels bad to not get what you were aiming for.


      • I just did anot her 4 rolls and got myself my 2nd ilm lol

        I already have 2 Dkalis and 2 rkalis. I’m debating of selling the one I just rolled yesterday for me and buying a 3rd yomi dragon because I’m salty…


        • I’d definitely try holding on to them at least until the details of the skill transfer feature are revealed. Yomi Dragon will rotate before the JP stream, I think, but maybe we’ll get more tidbits before then.


      • Just pulled Scheat yesterday. Great pull I suppose, though +99ing her ATK will be an arduous undertaking.

        How many Ilm do you have, and is there a use for multiples?


        • I unfortunately only have 1 Ilm. You can stack them on the same team for ezmode clears. They’re good for clearing certain ranking dungeons, too.


    • I feel you man. Rolled 5 packs Got tons of weird dupes, like 4 light kalis, some green odins, a 3rd dark kali, australias and scheat. Makes me really want to stop spending money all together on this game. Im really salty and kind of ashamed of myself more so,


  2. Damn man you lucky as fuck. Lol. Well I tried for an eschamali but no luck.

    But as for arena 2 would awoken lucifer, a haku, yomi drag, a Loki, Karachi mitsuhide and friend a luci be consistent? Obviously I don’t have esch otherwise I would replace someone.


    • I don’t think any team is consistent for Arena 2. It seems like that one would be alright, though. However, skill transfer is going to change the game — Arena 2 in particular — so I’d probably wait for the JP anniversary stream for the details before making any big commitments.


    • Wow, nice! Having 2 Eschamalis must feel pretty good. Are you going to splurge on latent resists or are you going to wait it out for Izanami 5×4?

      I don’t think I can go for the 2nd Eschamali right now. I’m just was too scared. My luck has been too good since the Summer REM reamed me in the ass. We’ll see how I feel about it going into the next 4x GFE event.


      • I splurged on the latent resists..lol. I couldn’t wait. Using this team makes getting to kali a breeze. I haven’t encountered Parvati yet and I did die twice to Kagusutchi’s delay, but other then that ultimate arena clears for me with my yomidra is now more consistent than my radra.

        I do use radra fie ultimate arena from time to time to mix it up though.


  3. Congrats, on the crazy luck. 6 packs and not much besides a second Rodin which will at least make my push button farming team more versatile.

    Probably will roll one or two more packs tomorrow. 😁


  4. 6.5 packs for 2 Eschamali. Talk about the most unplanned purchase of my life. $400 damage report. 2am watching Australian Open tennis and thinking about life while just rolling nonstop. Since this happened, I’m now willing to openly admit that I have self-control issues. I can’t even trust myself anymore lol because I keep saying ok last pack for the yeaarr. Fail <.<

    I guess bottom line is whether I'm any happier than I was. I love this game and rarely get frustrated compared to the online games I play + Magic. I quit LoL since I got my PAD account back and have been a lot happier since (LoL community is toxic as hell). Money-wise I think I may now have spent as much money on this than on Magic, though I'm able to enjoy PAD more often than MtG since I can play it anytime anywhere. To keep things in balance, I'm going to sell my cards. I honestly have not played them for almost a year and don't see myself doing it anytime soon. I think it's time to move on and let them go.

    I think I'm in the same level. I'm happy with the 2 Eschamali and super excited to play with them. Except it was costly and my box is so cluttered now. I have so many options for so many teams, but in the end all I want to play is Yomigon and a few other teams. I do not like too many things because it makes me think, what do I do with these?! I'm opposite of packrat, even with real life items. One in, one out. Keep material things at a minimum and focus on a few quality stuff. This personality makes me tempted to sell almost everything else I got minus darks and some farming leads/sub. I'm badly short on badpy's, but gah 50k mp is a bit much. Not worth. I should just wait a bit more until I can farm arena 1.0

    Before this spending spree, I only have a bit of GFE. LMeta, DMeta, Zhuge Liang, Rodin, Godin, and Satsuki. Here's the GFE I got:

    2x Eschamali
    2x Scheat
    1x Australis

    3x DKali
    3x LKali

    1x Urd
    1x Verdandi

    1x Rodin (dupe)
    1x Blodin

    2x Kanna
    2x Ilm
    1x Zuoh
    1x RGuan Yu
    1x Gadius
    1x Ronia

    2x Sumire
    3x Tsubaki

    I happen to get 3 of each Kalis, though I absolutely have no interest playing any rainbow team based on playing Kirin team way back then. Kali should help a lot, but I just don't have the patience to look at the board for too long. Yomidra playstyle is my absolute favorite compared to rainbow, tank, and combo teams. I guess I can also just learn to keep all of them.


      • Based on reading other people’s comment.. it does indeed look like 6.5 packs for 2 Esch is good <.< So I'm sitting at 580K mp right now and I have not went through selling unneeded dupes yet, including 5x Antares and other Constellation (did not get a single Castor lol). I don't know which dupes to keep and how many. I'm not even interested in keeping any DKali (I really despise playing rainbow team and have 0 interest in Radra). I don't mind updating my Kirin team, though she'll see very little play. Need to read up on Kirin team and see whether L or D Kali is better. I don't have Isis, but I have Indra and Susano.

        Really tempted to buy badpy's for Esch and get started on Arena 1.0 sooner? MUST RESIST. Wait, whats the availability of 1.0 when 2.0 comes?



        • Yeah, you had some INCREDIBLE luck getting… 11(?) 6* GFEs in 6.5 packs. 1 per pack is like, really REALLY good, and you got almost double that.

          Please, PLEASE keep your DKali. You may not want to use her now, but if you decide to run rainbow in the future, you’ll regret it BIG TIME. You’re not hurting for MP right now, and box space is cheap for someone who can drop 6 packs in one go, so hold onto her until at the very earliest, you NEED the MP. (And even then, know that you’ll regret it.)

          As for dupes, the easiest rule of thumb: SELL NOTHING FROM THE REM. Kinda JK, kinda not, especially with details about the skill transfer coming in half a month. That said, keep 2 of everything, one for awoken, one for the better regular evo, and keep 3+ of every orb changer, one for awoken, one for regular, and one for a dupe in case the card is useful in multiples. Now, with the skill transfer, I’d add one to each of those, so 3 of every card, and 4 of orb changers, at least until we get further info. It may sound a bit extreme, but it hasn’t failed me yet. Most people would be content with one of non orb-changing cards, and 2 of the orb changers. Link your box or tell me your dupes for case by case advice I guess?


          • I havent sold any GFE that I got from this godfest except 1x Kanna, probably by accident when I was selling a ton of dupes. Was looking for her twin this morning and could not find her <.< I mostly do keep 2 orb changers and 1 non-orb changer. I immediately sell wizards and 3k mp REM. It's hard for me to keep too many things. I'm reverse packrat and slightly OCD.

            I'm in a strange position because I played way back in late 2013, but quit for 2 years and just came back 3 months ago. I had all these outdated cards and had no idea what to work on, but decided to sell a majority to get a Yomidra. It gave me a team to clear descends with and 1 team each color as side project. Now I have put myself in the same problem of being overwhelmed with too many good cards and no idea what to focus on. I'm also extremely short on piis. I'll see if I can get a PAD Herder set-up.

            Lol funny I googled "Awoken Idunna Guide" and it led me straight to your guide in PDF.


            • OK, you might not like this, but looking through your box, I don’t think you should sell anything. Maybe 1 Tsubaki, but there’s always the Tsubaki system, and for that you need Tsubakis…

              Maybe you can sell one Sumire as I don’t think I’ve seen her used in multiples.

              Save your Kalis, 2 for a team, 1 for skill transfer. That goes for both D, and L Kalis. Australis and Scheat are bad cards, but when AS transfer kicks in, you can give their fantastic ASes to better cards.

              Anyways, that’s my opinion on your box. Lots of great cards, LOTS of potential teams to build after you’ve finished your dream Yomidra team.


    • The one annoying thing about WordPress is that comments get cutoff in the dashboard if there are any < in the message since I'm assuming it sees it as the beginning of an HTML tag. I'm glad I decided to read the actual comments or I would've missed the bulk of your message.

      I think you have to keep all the 6-star GFEs. There will be too much regret if they ever become useful. I think the only 6-stars I've solid are my 3rd-5th DMeta and 3rd Kanna which I'm now hoping I don't regret due to the new skill transfer feature.

      Being able focus on a single team or a select few is a virtue, especially in a game like this. As a collector with some packrat tendencies, I'll continue to be duped into wasting stamina on things I never use and I'm sure I'll keep buying more box space as they raise the cap.


      • It’s that reverse-packrat tendencies I’m having problem with lol. It pains me to have to buy more box spaces for things I probably wont even use and I’m also not a fan of dupes with the exception of Esch. Funny how we have the opposite issues.

        I decided to keep all the GFE. It’s for the long term. I will also not buy pi’s.. that’s just too much MP. I guess I’m really just excited to get max’d Esch, but that impatience would be too costly in the long run. I’ll save my MP for whatever new MP dragon that might interest me. And like you said, just need to keep focused on a select few teams.


  5. My first roll: Echamali. I was so happy, then i thought to myself, “Probably used up all my luck for the rest of the day”
    Next 12 rolls: Silvers and trash golds. and 19th and 20th L kali.
    Was expecting the rest to be the same, but got an Australis and 3rd satsuki to finish satsuki system lel.


  6. rolled 2 packs, ended up keeping lkali, sakuya, spica, 2 pollux, light wee jas, maeda keiji, ariel, DQXQ, hathor, alrescha, satsuki, zuoh, and about 120k mp

    Not bad overall since i now have a sakuya and finally my first lkali but light gala was SO strong, i rolled 3 hathors and 3 maeda keiji, so it was pretty frustrating. Might roll another pack tomorrow but im really starting to dislike the REM


    • If the amount of locked orbs in recent dungeons are any indicator, Maeda’s orb shuffle could be slowly elevated from super-niche to seeing regular utility on rainbow teams.

      I also agree about the light gala. All my godfest rolls lately have been extremely gala-heavy. I thought it was just variance and it still could be, but I may have to weigh the current gala more when giving godfest advice if it keeps up.


      • Yeah I rolled way more light gala than featured gods. Out of 32 pulls, I got 5 GFEs(all 5 star), 5 featured gods, 7 troll eggs, and 15 light gala


        • I’m pretty sure the removal of a lot of the golems and other trash has made the gala color much more relevant than it used to be. I really feel the gala bias every time now.


  7. I rolled Sylvie, Kaede, Castor, Freyja, Dupe Michael, Dupe Apollo, and a dark sticker girl.

    I’m really salty because I want Ryune so badly. As well as Scheat since I’m a blue main. haha. I can’t believe i want to roll when the godfest exclusives i want aren’t all together at 3x.


  8. Had one pack, rolled it all, got Alrescha, who was the one card I REALLY wanted, as well as Castor, The red star, and Eschmaldi!!!!!!! (Also a dupe Bodin who was insta-sold since I cannot comprehend a scenario I would want two…)

    I basically went from dark teams being iffy without Haku or Akechi, to being feasible without them! Not optimal, but feasible. Thoughts on AFA Luci/Eschmaldi/Pandora/Persephone/Castor? Other subs include Claire and 3 more Pandoras 😛 If Active transfers work the way I hope that they do, SOMEONE on my team will eventually have Haku and Akechi’s skills, it just won’t be Haku and Akechi XD


      • It is something I’m considering, but the primary reason I wanted to run Luci is to use my Eschmaldi, who isn’t devil and sadly doesn’t fit onto Pandora’s team. (at least if you want the extra 1.25x for all stats.) I’m sure I’ll be building a Panda team when it arrives, especially seeing how Panda is my first true team (that crappy Horus team doesn’t count! :P)and I have all the subs from it already. Minus Persephone, who will be missed. Also minus Haku, since I never rolled her. Also minus Loki…

        I’m actually debating if it’s even worth it to build her team with how mediocre my dark box actually is…

        Also, thanks! This is the first GF in a LONG time I’ve been 100% happy with my pulls. I’m a strong believer in window theory, so I pull until I get 2 silvers in a row. Worked out Very nicely, as I got 3 of the mech stars, and Eschmaldi out of the deal. Some other good cards, but mostly dupes. (dupe Bodin became MP instantly, but two 6* GFEs in a pack is pretty good of itself!)


        • That makes sense. I won’t be running APanda just because my Yomidra and Eschamalis do not have devil type and it would totally suck to not be able to use them. Luci does look like a better choice for your case.


  9. 63 rolls on Day 1, no Eschamali 😦 Feels like I’m the only one here that didn’t get her T_T
    Only one 6* – Kaede (at least she’s cute!) – , Australis, and a bunch of dupe 5* GFEs. At least I got Castor, who I really wanted! (And then a second one…) Along with Neph, Venus, and Michael, all of whom I wanted to varying degrees.

    Nothing I really want from day 2, so assuming I don’t break down and roll a few times today, that’s probably the end of my chase for a while. Probably will give the badpys I had saved for her to Castor instead, since he seems pretty great for Arena.


      • Yeah, I knew I should have waited for 4x GFE, but I also wanted Castor and Loki, and had almost no norse/Constellation gods, so I figured it was a reasonable time to try for her. At least I got the more immediately-useful one in Castor; gonna try replacing my unskilled Akechi with him and see how my 3rd try at Arena goes.

        Congrats on your Eschamali though! Glad your luck so far has been holding up 😀


  10. Got some interesting pulls from 3 packs, like Australis, Pollux, Saria and I&I, but in the end no Eschemali, though I did get enough GFEs to sell that I bought a second Yomi Dragon.


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