Scarlet System Completed, Finally


At long last I finished skilling my fifth Scarlet, completing the full system I started more than two months ago. The thing is I almost always use the Scarlet system with Raoh leads, meaning the fifth is almost useless. Considering I’m also running low on +eggs — GungHo… 10x… please… — I won’t be hypermaxing this one for a while.

Just another accomplishment to check off the list. I’m starting to run out of them.


5 thoughts on “Scarlet System Completed, Finally

  1. so I’m guessing this was a project you completed just as a goal/collection purposes, right? or is this system actually efficient for farming?


    • Yes, like the Meimei system before it, it’s basically just a trophy. Shiva Dragon made most system teams irrelevant because he’s either more consistent and resilient (Meimei) or just faster (Scarlet, because you don’t need to push 3 buttons every turn). I usually use a Scarlet on my Raoh team, though.


  2. our thoughts are so similar I am half tempted to ignore my last scarlet… just because farming her is so draining. Like its no longer hard, but just feels draining.

    then again, with a.luci/a.pandora coming, she might be more reasonable.


  3. Congrats! I did my 4th one yesterday, and I think I am done because I also run them with Raoh (or sometimes Tsubaki for fun).


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