Cauchemar Ranking Dungeon Results

So I pretty much gave up on Ra Dragon. While it could give me better final results than Shiva Dragon, just having to abort so many attempts due to sucking and/or bad RNG is very demoralizing (as if it already wasn’t bad enough). I definitely think Shiva Dragon is the way to go for shitters like me. I haven’t tried any of the time extend leaders like Zeus & Hera and Thoth & Sopdet, but at this point it doesn’t look worth the effort. I’ve gotten the best results going purely for speed since there’s no way I can ever get close to that 0.5 seconds per match to make extra combos worth it. The only time you should extend your efforts to make extra combos is if you need enough damage to one-shot a floor.

FYI, on this run I didn’t use RValk. I think she’s good if you’re just trying to get into the top 10% because she increases the chances of one-shotting Cauchemar, but it’s probably better just to use another high ATK sub if you’re trying to maximize your score. Similarly, I also used Set for his wood subtype to help against Siren in hopes of reducing the combo requirement to one-shot her, but if you’re really trying to min-max you should just use your highest ATK sub.

The past two dungeons, my percentile ranking was fairly stable for the duration of the event; if anything it went up. I expect more of the same, but there’s a chance my score could actually go down this time if the 1% reward really increases the competition now that an in-game epeen fellator is on the line. It definitely was much more difficult to get into the top 0.2% this time and small increases in score made a pretty big difference, so I think the effects are already evident. I’d like to think I’m safe, but I’ll be keeping a closer eye on my score than usual.


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  1. Gratz on the ranking. Thanks again for your help.
    After about dozen attempt. Manage to sqeeuze in top 20% with a very weak team.
    Diz/Pandora/Gigas (lvl 20 lol)/Rodin/Nep/Shiva dragon.
    This team is so bad. Rodin was just evolved and level to 95 for this event only. (i was saving pal point for evolve material like jewel, but just burnt them here for the exp)

    I generally can one shot most floors if i dont screw up the combo. Usually takes 1 more turn on Floor 1 , Siren and Dragon zombie. Which means Pandora is up at last floor.
    Then i can pandora into Gigas for a mostly dark/fire board.

    Help me to one shot the boss and get an easy 4+ combo.

    I stress a lot under time pressure and without finger, I struggle to make high combos.

    Oh well I am really happy to get into top 20% with a such awkward and weak team. (around 100K points)

    Definitely have a big thanks owning to your article and guidance.

    Thanks again Setsu and enjoy the crown!

    Now pray I can stay there. Really dont want to try again in this dungeon anymore. yomi dragon spoiled me too much.


  2. So I’m going for top 10% this time, running a shabby Shivagon team. I find that SOMEHOW I’m out of friends, even though in my friends list it shows like, 20 of my friends as having Shivagon up. But whatever, I enter with a RValk friend. Everything’s fine up until the boss, who I fail to one shot by about, 500 damage. This pisses me off, so I quickly make a 3 match and stop, thinking I’m good.

    My friends, never get so mad that you forget about the combo shield.

    So I heal the demon instead of killing him. Which sucks a good deal. So, He hits me, and turns some orbs into jammers, fortunately not my fire orbs. So, realizing my error, I quickly map out the board, and go for the kill. I get my second combo done, and the orb stops. Because you see, when you fail to one-shot Cauchemar, he hits you with a time debuff.

    So I hit 2 combos, heal him some more, and he kills me. GG.

    Made top 20% my first run, so that’s pretty good. Things I can improve: One shot Siren, combo well enough without time extends that there’s always fire on the board. If I can nail those 2 things, 3 piis are as good as mine! I can probably afford to two shot siren realistically, but whatever.

    Exery time I get 9 skyfalls and sit there waiting for the 9000 seconds it takes for the animation to finish, I keep thinking: “OK, just remember that video on Setsu’s blog… these are HELPING, not HURTING… as long as these raise my combo count at least… wait, WILL this raise my combo count? What if my combo count is super low? What if it doesn’t help? Oh well RNG either way, don’t panic… I”M PANICING!!!”

    So that’s fun. All in all, ranking dungeons are stressful. At least I now have the Cauchemar I need to awaken my Astaroth, quite fortuitous that this ranking was cauchemar! 😀


    • Update: Managed to get 119K with a time of 169 remaining. I could go higher, I took two turns on Zombie because I didn’t have the orbs the first turn, but aside from that the run was flawless.

      That puts me squarely at 5%, and I think I’m gonna drop to 8 or 9% like I did in the last ranking, but almost 120k /should/ be good enough to stick…


  3. I tried Halloween Thoth & Sopdet x Ra Dragon and it worked out pretty well for me. Top 2.2%! Not sure if I should try for the crown or not, haha.


  4. so just general advice for people who are struggling: 7 turns is just BARELY possible to pull 10% or higher. 6 turns is possible to pull 5% or higher. If the crown isnt your chase (which is debatable but still), it is very doable for just the top 10% rewards.

    That said, a hyper max team with shivagon is probably easier, preferably with all fire/dark subs. I have found that it is also possible to clear floors with enough dark combos to pull off kills. r valk does definitely eliminate some of the RNG at the end though.

    still absolutely HATE no awoken skill dungeons… automatically invalidates so much.


  5. I used my jenky A. Shiva / Hinokagu / Chiyome / Urd / Freyr / A. Shiva

    Basically only Hinokagu mattered, the other three subs were whatever had some attack, picked Chiyome since I’m pretty sure I can’t one-shot Siren since I have no combo skills rip me. The cooldown buff to Hinokagu means he is basically my “RValk” of the team, as he is guaranteed to be up boss time whether I accidentally stall or not.

    Ultimately it took 10 runs or so (got a rank up out of it and hooray for 3 min stam or something), but finally RNG didn’t orb troll me turn one, or cause me to skyfall repeated turns in a row to the point where it harmed more than helped, or cause me to repeatedly have no fire orbs even after clearing the board, and I managed to not whiff a board…



    I feel maybe a small smidgeon proud, it’s the highest rank I’ve gotten so far and I’m so close to the top 10% that I don’t think my ranking will drop below 20% as other people continue to work to improve their scores.

    I think if I had had that *exact* same run, but with more +eggs, I could have maybe pushed over into like, 9% or something. But this ranking dungeon will have to take a back seat for now, I need to farm more +eggs.

    Congratulations on your 0.2%! That’s really awesome!


    • Just so you know, skyfall combos always help on dungeons 7 floors or shorter. People can break 140k because, well, they’re really good, but also because of generous skyfall combos.

      Well, congrats on the score. It’s great to see you get your highest rank.


  6. DIza/ShivaDra ended up with 199,600 points. 4.9% ranking seems safe. Cauchemar totally fucked me up on runs when I didn’t 1hko him though. I easily lost 100 s whenever that happened.


  7. In 8 runs with A. Shiva/RValk/Kiriko/Cao Cao/A. Freyr/A. Shiva, managed 116k which is currently good for top 6.8%. Hard to believe that guy with mostly farmable subs hit 128k, but I don’t feel like improving my score unless I fall out of the top 10%.


      • Me too, but it’s already dropped a bit (to 7%). I guess I could aim for 120k to be safe.

        Unrelated, but I’m surprised about the Crows collab guy that just got added to A+ leader tier on game8’s list. The numbers don’t really jump out (1.56/14/1.56 for fire attackers).


  8. how did you manage to get 0.2%?

    I used the following team: ShivaDra, Rodin, Uriel, Ishida, AMinerva (don’t have a R valk sadface), I managed to clear in 5 turns but only got 130k, got 1.2% instead. Any tips on how it’s done?


    • I mean, there’s really not much to say that my score screen doesn’t already. You should be aiming for 200+ seconds remaining and 6+ average combo. This means aiming for as close to 0.5 seconds per combo as possible, knowing when to drop your orb because an extra combo would take too long and praying for extra skyfall combos. Getting a fire skyfall match on a wood enemy is particularly important for boosting your damage score. Sounds dumb, but this is what you have to deal with to get into the top 1%, I guess.


      • Thanks, I think I will give up on that, not worth all the stamina, especially with kaguyahime coin dungeon active


  9. I’m at 0.7% using a similar shivadra team… So many attempts thrown at getting the perfect RaDra run, but I grew really tired of having 70% unusable runs/scores.

    At least with Shivadra, you can reliably clear everything in one board and your final score is just dependent on combos/skyfalls.

    I really hope that this holds out.


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