When You’re Just Farming Angel Skill Ups…

…and you get angry that it’s the worst Py.

I remember when the fate of my life hinged on these things dropping in the the alt coins; I’m glad those days are over.

If you’re wondering why I’m using Cerberus Rider (aside my recent love affair with him), PDX was reporting Dublits appear, but I haven’t seen any in an admittedly small amount of runs. Maybe they’re rare rather than normal spawns (edit: can confirm they spawn; they must just be rare).

Also, Shiva Dragon will always be the king of farming, but Eschamali makes farming with Yomi Dragon so much better. I could probably still run Shiva Dragon even with the water mobs, but I’ll just stick with Yomi for now.

Update: I guess the key to getting them is truly not wanting them at all.

This is just a cruel joke now…

img_7299So that’s 4/4 Bubpy drops in only about 30-40 runs. Would’ve been nice if they were Badpys instead, but the only reason I’m even farming alt coins is for the two Angel skill up fodder this dungeon drops both of and I never expected to see a Py, let alone have one drop. I wouldn’t take this very strange, unwanted luck as a sign things are better than the original alt coin dungeons, though. I’d keep expectations low, but if things turn out to be significantly better than the past, that’d be nice, especially for those that are worried about Arena 2 dampening Py farming possibilities.


23 thoughts on “When You’re Just Farming Angel Skill Ups…

  1. The dubs you can punch with a match 5 and tpa from okun. Of course you can use rider on the piis, too. I guess…. Ok I’m upset. I haven’t even seen one yet D:


  2. never did those alt.dungeons. Is the difficulty the same before it went multiplayer?
    Think Raoh team can beat those?
    Sorry, Kinda new player.


    • Difficulty is similar but not quite the same. I cleared three of the alt castle of satan dungeons solo pretty easily with basically what I would have used in the old coin dungeons. The Angel skillup fodder has more hp than anything in the old dungeon, and some of the bosses have a few tricks up their sleeve, but as long as you’re prepared for those, the dungeon should be quite farmable.


    • It’s about the same difficulty, but just be sure you read up on the skills the new monsters use to avoid any surprises. I don’t know what kinda Raoh team you have, but any decent one should be able to clear all of them, even the water ones.


  3. I just tried last level of the highest level of alt dungeon and got raped by skill delay. Should I invent on a delay resist latent and put one on my yomidra? I’ve come to admit that I’m not skilled enough for arena, so I’m probably just going to play these new dungeons and not bother with arena.


    • Seems like a waste of resources, but I don’t know your situation. I mean, I feel like if you were swimming in MP you would’ve just bought it already. Couldn’t you just pop a DIza before entering the floor and wait it out?.


    • Already done:

      Well, you specified “a team”, not that it had to be good.

      Part of my saltiness is that I already skilled up everything decent in water and still have more than 10 more Bubpys than of any other color.

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