I’m Mad

No 10x yet again. GungHo has built up some equity lately so I’ll refrain from ranting, but it’s quickly running out. Hopefully Michael makes good on his word to not let things blow up again.


19 thoughts on “I’m Mad

  1. I was actually really looking forward to 10x also. I mean what better occasion to do it than LUNAR NEW YEAR?!?!

    Honestly, I don’t want to be mad because of the pretty great update, but I’m still a little disappointed at no 10x…

    Perhaps we’re just spoiled.


    • Things would be easier to swallow if we didn’t know about all the great things JP gets on a regular basis. I don’t think they really understand yet that most of the frustration isn’t that NA is a bad product, but that we have a functional example of how everything could be better and we aren’t getting the same treatment.


  2. i’m also mad. I accept that we get things later, but why can’t we get the same things JP gets, just later. Or, ya know, when JP has events that are garbage they could skip those here, and learn from their mistakes…. clearly impossible.


    • This is what I don’t understand since I have no problem dumping multiple packs into 10x and I’m assuming many of the other heavy spenders would too. It’s also a good event for light- and non-IAP players since it allows them to advance in the game, something that GungHo was apparently worried about.

      My only guess is that they’re holding back to make the event more “special”, but that’s a double edged sword due to making other regions feel like second-class citizens and the unrest that ensues.


      • I mean when 10x came around I poured what I’d pay for a godfest into my 10x fund…and still bought more packs for the godfest…I guess the positive is that we get to save money…so I can’t be too mad…


  3. I’m honestly numb to it at this point. Give us 10x descends and I’ll stone 4 packs worth of stamina. If like to think someone is looking at the economic analytics and sees that it’s worth bringing around more often.


  4. It seems like the lack of 10x descends isn’t your only source of frustration lately. Your posts are slightly more critical of the game recently and echo the way I’ve been feeling as well.

    I have zero interest in co-op, the exciting new cards are extremely difficult to get, and the new dungeons are utilizing cheap gimmicks to make them difficult.

    I’ve also noticed a decline in PAD videos from prominent JP players over the past couple of months so I’m hesitantly guessing that PAD popularity is declining in JP as well.

    At this point, the only reason I’m playing is because I’ve invested so much money into the game but it’s not nearly as fun as it used to be.


    • Yeah, I’ve been extremely frustrated lately. I’ve been trying to hold back since I don’t want the blog to overly negative, but it’s hard to mask how I feel about something, especially when it’s about a game I’ve been passionate about for over a year.

      Can’t argue with you about the new dungeons and cards… the 6-star chase and all the gimmicks simply aren’t fun.

      I’ve also noticed the decline in videos. It makes me quite sad that Reco barely streams PAD anymore. Arena 2 just doesn’t make for good streaming since you can’t take in fun teams. I think even the JP whales are getting tired of chasing 6-stars and collab golds.

      Yeah, it might just be inertia at this point that’s keeping me playing. The only real fun I’ve had lately are the ranking dungeons.

      At this point, NA is just double dipping in despair. Not only are we experiencing all the reasons the game is on the decline in JP, but we also have to put up with not getting all the cool things JP gets to help alleviate the pain.


      • Wow I didn’t know that some of PAD JP’s biggest streamers have begun to be less frequent than they were…. that certainly doesn’t bode well.

        I still remain fiercely interested in the game but if the game starts to stagnate that’s no good. It will take some seriously thinking to properly reinvigorate this game. The newest pantheon for sure feels really gimmicky, like a REM version of Hel or Linthia…. except now it’s like, a whole pantheon centered around that kind of tactic…

        I wonder how the anniversary stream will shake things up…


      • A big factor in this has certainly been the decline in need for coverage. “normal” descends are so overwhelmed by powerful teams that the need for someone to stream clears is effectively negated. Challenge 10’s are the only things that seem to get a lot of stream hype, but the last one was co-op, and very few solo teams were viable.


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