Linthia Mythical Plus Solo Clear

It seems like every new enemy mechanic they reveal makes me want to puke. What’s next, new awakenings/latents for resisting skill/awakening disabling? Not to mention PreDras are the worst thing ever. Jesus Christ.


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  1. Hi Setsu, first timer here!

    I think the biggest problem of PAD actually is unbalance (how original!).

    I think (and fear) GungHo is acting a bit random when giving buffs, new type of awakenings, new monsters and even new dungeons.

    Then they try to adjust the shot by adding new buffs, new type of…

    Doing this iteration again and again they made the game really unbalanced.

    Then yes, Predras are the worst thing they ever did.
    The first time I tried Linthia in solo modo I entered with my Arena 2.0 team thinking Orochi could deal with them…
    Imagine the fun I had when after 5 full activations I just died.

    (Yep, I know ARa would have solved the problem without hassles but I wanted to test the team).

    Thanks for the wonderful blog!


  2. Can you think of any non-MP dragon teams that can clear Linthia OR Mecha Hera? I’m leaning towards the answer being no unless you want a 10% clear rate but if the only way to get a 50%+ clear rate is by using Ra Dragon on Linthia/Mecha Hera I myself am going to have to puke. The PreDRA floor is just dumb also.

    I’m thinking stuffing ROdin onto an A. Shiva team could give me a super sliver of a chance? I don’t know….

    I want Mecha Hera and Linthia sooooooo badly but RIP.


    • Went digging a little more and discovered a few clears that were done with non-MP Dragon teams for Linthia, but very, very few for Mecha Hera… Linthia is much easier than Mecha Hera, of course.

      Linthia: Awoken Bastet seems relatively popular, key subs brought commonly are Awoken Ra (PreDRAs) and Awoken Orochi (delay the final Linthia to stall off her awakening seal). I wonder if they’ll make awakening bind resist awoken skills in the future? I also saw a lot of Awoken Yomi. Since you have access to 8 subs, Susano/Meimei/Verd/Liu Bei were used a lot and then someone would carry Ra/Orochi.

      Mecha Hera: Most of the successful clears I saw of this dungeon used Mecha Hera herself. Which begs the question of how you clear the dungeon the *first time* when you don’t have a Mecha Hera yet. Reminds me of the old, old Zeus days when you needed Zeus to clear Zeus… There is one Awoken Bastet clear floating around, a team is carrying Courage and Awoken Freyja, the other team seems like it comes from a nonIAP player. I think that’s the beauty of co-op, if you don’t have the resources (such as MP) to afford an MP sub such as one of the Marionettes, who are so, so good, you can see if someone who has said subs will be willing to accompany you. I saw a very whale Blonia team too. But 99% of the clears were RaDra or Mecha Hera herself. Saw an Anubis tossed in there too (but of course)


      • Well, I just soloed Linthia with an AI&I team, and it wasn’t too terrible. Aorochi and 5 matches take care of them pretty easily… they’re still pretty BS though. I have 2 dark sub elements on my team, and also a green, meaning I have to hit a 5 match of ALL 3 colors 4 times, and then a 3 match of blue, or a 5 match of dark kills them. There’s some variations where not hitting a 5 match of blue can be OK, but I dedicate 2 actives to this floor (in addition to orochi), just in case. (I need the other 3 to kill Threedia. ) The riskiest I’ve gotten was 3 5 matches of blue for 27 damage, one 5 match of all for 12, totalling 39, and a 5 match of blue and dark for 11, totaling 50 πŸ˜› Cut it kinda close there… (Arena 2’s 55 HP Predras are even MORE BS though…)

        Tank teams can endure the 5 turns without awakenings as long as you combo hard enough to get hearts every turn, but I just stall on Linthis’a first form to get AOrochi back up, no point in NOT doing that since I have the HP to take two consecutive hits without healing, above 50% at least. Now, bursting Linthia from full HP to zero is a BAD TIME for blue teams. 24Million HP is a lot to cut through. Luckily, hit her below 40% and you get a free turn where she tries to skill bind you, and basically every good blue card has a SBR, so no trouble there. Pop another active, and with the second turn of I&I’s buff, BING!

        So, to summarize: Floor 1, kill them all or die, bring a low CD orb changer. Floor 2, stall for all your skills, using one active is OK when going for the kill. Floor 3, kill them both or die, use multiple actives. Floor 4, stall as long as you need and kill them without an active when they give you blues. Floor 5, NO ACTIVES, ping them down with natural blue orbs. Floor 6: Orochi then give ’em hell. Use all actives AS NEEDED, you need to make at least a 5 match of blue every turn if possible, and do try to get additional damage in with your sub attributes. 5 matches are best as it hits them all, but a TPA hits 2, and you can survive one predra hitting you, just keep track on a piece of paper the remaining HP of each. Floor 7, use your 2 active combo and I&I for the kill, or at least maim him enough that you can finish next turn with whatever blues you get… Floor 8, stall forever, keep her ABOVE 50%. My half-hypermaxed team has enough HP to take two hits without healing (thanks Gabriel and your 2K autoheals!) so you should be OK… you can only use 1 active to kill her, so make it count. Like an andro after a rose cyclone or something. Floor 9, pop Orochi, sit out the bind, then use your actives and blow her up. Or at least under 40%. Then use any remaining actives and finish the job.

        SCREW Mecha Hera though πŸ˜›


    • For Linthia solo clears, I don’t know. All you really need is a team that isn’t too handicapped by Orochi and a little luck on the PreDras. If you only bring Orochi, you’ll need to stall for him to use again on Linthia, so you’ll need something that has both enough HP and RCV to stall. The level up mechanic makes it so that very few teams can meet that requirement which means you’ll have to bring two utility spots which is an even narrower selection. Not even going to try for Mecha Hera solo clear.

      For multiplayer, Hera still looks really hard; even more so if you don’t have the correct utility subs. Linthia shouldn’t be difficult at all if one person brings Orochi and the other a way to deal with the PreDras.


      • we got linthia pretty solidly down with shivadragons, and an awoken ra. You can kill transformed linthia with Urd/Yukimura board even without awokens.

        Bastet with orochi is viable, Awoken Ra seems to be pretty solid for that dungeon as well


      • If I were ever to attempt Linthia or Mecha Hera, I would definitely be doing it with other people. No way am I ever soloing Linthia unless I do her 66 stamina version…which apparently has the exact same drop rate?! Biggest problem for me is the PreDRA floor…makes ThorxSaria not really an option, as I do not possess a Ra 😦 In fact if I were to do Linthia with someone I would need to make sure said other person has a way to deal with the PreDRAs as I have the Orochi.

        I guess I should start working on building up my Bastet team shouldn’t I…


    • GungHo’s thought process: “let’s balance the entire game around awakenings… then let’s take them away!”. Why not disable the HP stat while you’re at it GungHo you hacks.


      • Sometimes I don’t mind no-awakenings because of how dependent cards have become on them. But then suddenly I realize, “Wait, GungHo is the reason that this kind of dependency/importance happened in the first place?! If awakenings didn’t sometimes make-or-break the game why would some cards have 8 or 9 of them?!” and then I realize that no-awakenings really is a bunch of BS especially when the developers seemed to have intentionally (or unintentionally) made awakenings a very key piece to the metagame.


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