New Year’s Rolls 2016.02.08 – 1 Pack

If you’ve ever played LLSIF — or any IAP-cancer mobile game, really — you know those times where you see a post where someone rolls like three or four URs in a single 10+1 pull and goes on to say “I didn’t get my favorite girl”. Well, this is kinda like that. I’m sorry Leilan.


24 thoughts on “New Year’s Rolls 2016.02.08 – 1 Pack

  1. Omg so lucky!

    I’ve done one roll so far, I REALLY want New Year’s Sandalphon but I don’t know how willing I am to throw my stones at the REM. I got the New Year’s Hanzo, and I know people are saying he’s good but what is he good for? I’m not mad I got him, finally I’ve managed to accomplish the YOLO Gold, but uh…where does he fit?


    • I don’t know if good is the right word, but he’s basically the only roll in the REM that does anything new. He’s the first fire to light orb changer (ignoring collabs) which is particularly valuable when combined with Saria. Hatsume, despite being outdated, is useful on water tank teams for the same reason (combos with Ryune and Karin) and Hanzo has better awakenings.


      • Well, my quest for Sandalphon ended in failure. As a nonIAP player, losing 30 stones hurts BIG TIME but for some odd reason I can’t say I regretted it either. I had been having such a terrible, awful morning (college sucks, seriously) and Hanzo suddenly made things a little more manageable, and later I was able to just laugh off all the rolls.

        And in the end, here is what I came through with.

        1. Hanzo (I was pretty happy about this)
        2. Tengu (I didn’t expect to get a win like I did with the Christmas REM and Echidna…so okay)
        3. Tengu (wut)
        4. Medjedra (I saw the awakenings and was like !!! not terrible)
        5. Medjedra (is this some kind of running gag now)
        6. …gold egg… *cries internally* LEILAN

        Half of me is salty as hell that I can land 2/6 gold and 0/6 Sandalphon and the other half loves Leilan since regular Leilan was one of my earliest REM rolls.

        Now I”m thinking ALeilan / NY Leilan / Cao Cao / Freyr / flex / ALeilan and it’s going to be hilarious.

        Not to mention NY Leilan + Cao Cao covers elements if I were to make a NY Leilan team to derp around with.

        I don’t regret my rolls…but….salt!!! I am so salty!!!

        I would actually be willing to give you my Leilan in exchange for all of your Sandalphon (for the awokens and skill up :P)


      • Broke down and bought a pack to collect the silvers…took 11 more rolls to do it.
        Results were:
        6 Kaguya
        2 Tengu
        3 Sandalphon
        1 Medjedra
        1 Mitsuki

        I have had some pretty rough REM luck lately 😦 Wasn’t expecting much when the gold egg popped out, and I wasn’t disappointed. Time to call it quits on IAP rolling for a while, I think. It isn’t even the money (whatever, I have a job), it’s the fact that a gold egg came out and I was like “Bet it’s just Mitsuki…yup”.

        Anyway, congrats on the great luck πŸ˜€ Wish it could have been a bit better for you though; Leilan really is gorgeous~


  2. Even with no Leilan, I’d imagine you’re happy with the results. New Years REM treated me well; rolled 6 times without any dupes (the 4 silvers + Mitsuki + Horus). Would’ve preferred Hanzo or Leilan over Horus, but overall I can’t complain.


  3. Your luck Setsu… Just… no.

    Me, I got Hanzo in 1, but wanted a Tengu and a Sand Dolphin, so I kept going. 2 Kaguyas and a Medjed later… I’ll be done until I know whether or not I need a REM Tengu for AS transfer or not come the 19th. If I do… I’m legit buying a 30 pack to roll for a goddamn Tengu. XD


  4. I’m dreading rolling for leilan…I rolled 19 times, got kanna on the first roll at midnight, ama on the 15th, have everyone except leilan and Horus….


  5. I rolled twice and both times, I got kaguya hime. Instant MP. I hate collab rolls, Such a waste of stones, what do i do? I use mostly wood, water and rainbow teams and I want leilan or horus but are they worth the stones or the pain?


  6. Kanna finally in πŸ˜€
    Let Sanda skill level 7 and Tengu skill level 10, feeds were only unplussed rem roll dupes, be a proxy of the times rolled^^

    I wish I had invested some stones also in rolling an Eschamali dupe :/


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