Think About Getting a Swallowtail for Ranking Dungeons

1601 - Vibrant Butterfly Dragon, SwallowtailI’m currently writing a post on the next ranking dungeon, Noah, and our good ol’ buddies are back: the PreDras. For those looking to score well, but don’t have a good REM option to deal with them, Swallowtail is a great farmable stand-in, featuring a six- to 10-turn cooldown depending on skill level and also providing a vital skill boost. Why am I bringing this up now? Well, Dark Insect Dragon just started today whose boss drops Mutecocoon, the base form of Swallowtail. The catch is, you need one of each Flower Dragon to evolve it. Well, there’s a pretty good chance we’re going to get those in the next mid-month coin rotation. So, whether the Flower Dragons come before Noah or not, if you even have a passing interest — like you don’t have a Lilith, don’t want to skill it up or you just need the skill boost to have all your skills ready on time — I highly suggest picking up a Mutecocoon, just in case. In case you’re worried about wasting stamina on a single-use monster, the Athena ranking dungeon also has PreDras so you’ll get at least two uses out of it.


5 thoughts on “Think About Getting a Swallowtail for Ranking Dungeons

  1. I’ve collected all the mats via the encore appearances of the flower biweeklies, so I’m good to go. Too bad Linthia also needs it to uevo, so I’d need to do it all AGAIN if I want to do that.


  2. A team of SwallowTails is also fun for push button farming Tamadra Infestation. (Don’t ask me why I have a team of them…)


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