Weekly Roundup 53


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 3 ranks – Once again, without 10x there’s very little reason to play. Although co-op gives some pretty huge EXP.

The Future of JP Tier List/Game8 Posts

I’m done with them. I got pretty salty last week week about Game8 (salty’s probably an understatement), but it’s a frustration that’s been simmering for several months now that just finally boiled over. However, I realize there’s quite a few readers that enjoy the posts — or at least the discussion that originates from them — so I’m working on something that will a) give you a superficial glance at what’s happening on JP, b) produce a list that might be more to my satisfaction and c) keep the amount of work I have to do to a minimum. It could take a while for this to happen, though, so please be patient while I work on setting it up (don’t get your expectations ups).

No, I won’t be making my own list.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Last week was a huge update for NA and it should keep players busy for a good while. I’m still salty (a running theme nowadays) about not getting 10x. I’m willing to give GungHo days’ worth of my time and several packs’ worth of money, but they don’t seem interested. With our Challenge Dungeon schedule slowly catching up (have to give props to GungHo where it’s due), our server needs the +eggs more than ever.
  • The big question now is: when will NA get Awoken Archdemon Lucifer? Well, if we follow JP we should get it this week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they delay it a bit longer. There’s a good chance they’ll split up Lucifer, Baal and Amon into separate updates as there’s a huge gap until the next batch after them (the survey uevos: Pandora, Urd and LIza).
  • It seems unlikely that JP will get a Valentine’s Day REM. Which somewhat boggles my mind since they could probably put 20 10-star waifus handing you chocolate into the REM and people would still roll for (all of) them. Why it seems unlikely is the recent Bleach Collab teaser, but also because the “other regions” will still be holding the New Year’s event through Valentine’s Day. I guess there’s always the chance they could screw us over and we don’t get it.
  • As for what uevos they could reveal, I guess the rest of the Heroes uuevos. I doubt they’ll introduce any new pantheons or GFEs as they’ll likely save that for the 4th anniversary stream on the 19th. There’s a good chance they’ll tease/reveal the Bleach Collab cards there, too, if they didn’t already.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 53

  1. Well, the CROWS collab was revealed before the New Year Rem, yet still took them a month after new year to officially released it. All we see are a bunch of artworks so I doubt Gungho would let our wallet go. Hell, it could be the biggest bait of the year. Valentine followed by Bleach.

    Of course, nothing is confirmed, and I might be wrong for feel so cynical thinking the gold eggs shall be another bloody DXQX-esque, or another A.Lucifer inferior clone.


    • Crows was first teased during the stream, so that’s slightly different. I’m not ruling out Valentine’s Day, I just don’t think it’s likely considering the circumstances. We’ll find out for sure this week, though. I, too, would be surprised if GungHo missed this chance. I wonder what the possibility would be for us to get two special REMs at the same time…


  2. Hi Setsu, first of all thank you so much for your blog! I really enjoy reading your perspective on the game. You seem to go the whole 9 yards (I hope I’m using the right phrase there) when it comes to be invested in the game, and since I’m more conservative regarding that it’s so interesting to read about what’s going on on your side of the table 😀

    So, first things first: Kudos, thank you! Really appreciated, and I mean it.

    Usually I’m keeping more to myself in things games related – one reason I kinda welcome coop but not so much if this is the direction this game is going for – but I like to be informed, and your blog is one of my precious resources. Reason for this is as I said before your view on things game related in general, but also your view on the tier list. I don’t dig that deep and go on Japanese sites (google translated of course) to look what’s going on, so I was very happy to get all the information I was looking for on your blog with the huge bonus of having your view on the state of the game.

    So please keep up your incredible work with this blog, and if I’m allowed to make a wish please find a way to keep your view on the state of the game. Lists like the game8 tier list will continue to have an influence on the game just because people like to play “the best”, and as long as game8 and others are calling out “the best” this behavior won’t change. Having an educated opinion on this list helped me to build my own opinion and focus on things which are more or less in my reach – e.g. I won’t be able to buy every MP dragon out there, but if one of them is more well rounded etc. this might help in the decision process. Just because this dragon can clear Arena and has the label “SS” doesn’t help in that decision.



    • Thanks for this thoughtful post and the kind words. I plan on continuing this post in hopefully a “new and improved” version. I’m still figuring how much I want to put into preparing for it beforehand rather than offloading the work for later. I hope to have something working in a month or so, so hopefully you can make do in the mean time.


  3. I thought we’d get something special for Valentine’s Day last year (Valk REM, for example) – seems crazy to me that they’re missing that chance two years in a row, but I guess they’re holding out so that people will be more hyped for the updated School REM.

    While I (and many others) enjoyed your Game8 tier posts, and I thought the comments generated some good discussions, there’s no sense continuing to do something you don’t like. I’ll be looking forward to whatever you have planned in it’s place! (but won’t hold my breath :P)


  4. Bummed about the decision to stop the game 8 posts. I love tier lists mainly because I’m not good enough to figure them out myself. So when I see one of my cards on the list, I get excited and start working on that card. Those lists alone kept me coming back to the blog several times a week just to see what new evos were hitting JP and how good they were. Don’t know where I’m going to get that info now.


  5. hoping you can find a new tier list or something to keep up with and give your opinion. as mentioned before, it’s really helpful. i’ve found other blogs that keep up with lists like yourself, but everyone sucks tbh. they’re too happy, and your saltiness and aggression actually makes me enjoy your blog that much more. can’t wait to see what you’ll be implementing, though. i’ll definitely be sticking around


    • Hey, I’m glad you liked the old post series. I’m hoping to start the new post series within a month, but my time is really stretched thin at the moment so that’s why I’m estimating it’ll take that long. In addition to all the stuff in and out of game I do for PAD, I have a huge deadline at work at the end of March and there’s also plenty of other games I want to play (the Witness, Darkest Dungeon, XCOM 2, etc). Right now I’m thinking about the best ways to implement my idea with the least amount of work before I actually start the prep work for it. I don’t think it’s an amazing idea or anything, but I’m hoping it will cover some of holes there are when you only focus on one, somewhat questionable list.


  6. Been playing almost since it came out in NA…. have never had a game of any type hold my interest for anywhere near this amount of time:) Just ran across your blog and wanted to let you know I dig the hell out of it! Obviously a crazy amount of work has gone into it


  7. Considering almost every other post is you bragging about your absurd whaling in some way (which is fine i mean it’s a fucking blog), the only reason I visited this site were the occasional tier list posts, as they were fun to read when big changes happened

    You’re dead to me


    • Well since he’s never coming back — because who wants to visit a dead man’s blog — for everyone else, I did state a replacement is coming in some form so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t go killing me in your mind/heart/whatever. Although if you were only coming here for Game8 posts, maybe it’s better if you do, for both of our sakes.


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