Farmable Monster Analysis: Yamatsumi

2549 - Awoken YamatsumiAfter a long string of duds, Yamatsumi finally presents an intriguing farmable option. A typical descended boss is at an overwhelming disadvantage in today’s game. There’s a great emphasis on augmenting your damage through awakenings and being limited to three compared to the eight or more an awoken or double ultimate has is often an insurmountable difference. In order to overcome this deficit, a card must have a powerful and/or unique active to help bridge the gap. Yamatsumi’s is relatively unique, being only the second in the game with the ability to increase heart skyfall chances, but is the overall package powerful enough? He’s strong, but that’s really only relative to other descended bosses. To most he’ll just be yet another boring descended drop.


Stats taken from Puzzle Dragon X
Stats HP 3893 ATK 1448 RCV 55
Active Recover 25% of max HP. Increase skyfall chance of Wood & Heart orbs by 10% for 4 turn. 18 Turns ( 8 Turns at Lv.11 )
Leader Wood attribute cards HP x1.1, ATK x1.1, RCV x1.1. ATK x3 when attacking with 2 of following orb types: Wood, Light & Heart.
Awakenings Enhanced Wood Att.Skill BoostResistance-Skill Bind

Cost to Acquire

Considering both the low dungeon difficulty and evo cost, if you feel your team could use him he’s worth the resources to obtain. If you main a wood team, at the very least he’s a fairly easy to acquire skill bind resist.

Dungeon Difficulty

Yamatsumi is the first dungeon to do the opposite of restricted dungeons; rather than forcing you to cobble together a niche team, it gives you a bonus should you run a certain type of team. In this case the bonus is 1.5x to all stats for wood monsters, including sub-element. However, unlike restricted dungeons it’s still more than possible to clear it even if your team of choice doesn’t qualify for the bonus. Some people liked the teambuilding challenge restricted dungeons presented, but for most it was just a huge annoyance so it’s good they’re getting rid of them.

It’s convenient that wood teams get a bonus because, obviously, that’s the element that would want to use Yamatsumi the most. For those clearing the early- to mid-game with a wood team, this is a great opportunity to pick up a decent sub to fill out your roster. Legend in particular looks fairly easy for a wood team to clear. Yamato looks like he’d be the biggest challenge, but if you knock him into his enrage range from greater than 50%, he graciously gives you a free turn to finish him off.

Anyone with a decent late-game team should be able to wipe the floor with the mythical version of this dungeon, wood team or not. There are no daunting preemptives or other gimmicks — a nice change of pace from other recent dungeons — the most you have to worry about is the incoming damage from Yamato Takeru and Yamatsumi and the usual enrage thresholds.

Evo Materials

149 - Keeper of Forest149 - Keeper of Forest149 - Keeper of Forest249 - Dub-topalit251 - Dub-mythlit

There should be no problem evolving Yamatsumi, even for newer players.

Just How Good is the Active?

2447 - Last Nanto General, Yuria
I feel like I just went over skyfall buff actives with Santa Claus. In short, they’re good, but ones that buff a single element are generally better than the ones that do two. While Yamatsumi buffs the skyfall chances of two orb types, he’s a special case since he’s the first that includes hearts. Rather than buffing a secondary orb type that is virtually useless for single-element teams, the extra hearts are almost always useful if just for healing; it only gets better if you need hearts to activate a leader skill or have a heartbreaker on your team. I particularly like the synergy with a heartbreaker since it gives your team the ability to consistently heal, then quickly switch to offense when you’re ready.

How does Yamatsumi compare to the original heart skyfall buff, Yuria? That’s comparing apples to oranges. Yuria’s not a terrible sub, but she’s mainly used as a leader and her active is meant to increase the chances of activation. Yamatsumi also benefits from his own buff as a leader, but he’ll mainly see use as a sub if only for his leader skill being solid, but relatively underwhelming. Unlike Yuria, he also helps offensively which should make him relevant for more types of teams.

Uses as a Leader

The short of it is that there are none, but I’ll look into him a bit deeper just for the sake of it.

Yamatsumi actually has a fairly reasonable leader skill, having a simple activation and providing 1.21/10.89/1.21 boosts when paired with himself. Compare this to Urd at 1.82/10.89/1.82 and he’s clearly inferior, but he’s definitely something you can work with as a farmable. Don’t take this as an endorsement, though, as just about every player in the game will have a better, more worthwhile leader already in their box. When you consider the upside a REM card has, whether it be getting balance change buffs or a better chance to get a uevo, there’s very little reason to invest in a farmable of this caliber. If you really want a farmable leader, consider Zaerog∞ now that he’s permanently in the multiplayer dungeons (allegedly). You’re much better off finding a few buddies to farm with and using your stamina on those dungeons.

2386 - Soul-Judging God of Dark Riches, OsirisIf you really insist on leading with him, it’s going to be difficult to find Yamatsumi friends. He makes a mediocre pair with just about any wood leader, but nothing really stands out. Perhaps his best pair is with Osiris. This results in a 1.49/11.55/1.49. Not horrible. Add in the fact that Yamatsumi’s skyfall buff complements Osiris’s strengths — wood orbs will likely all be enhanced, hearts are good for a tank team — and this isn’t an embarrassing leader pair. The row will go to waste, but you can’t win them all.

To get a feel of how (underwhelming) he plays, here’s a video of a Yamatsumi pair clearing Yamatsumi Descended. Do remember that wood monsters get 1.5x to all stats in that dungeon, so make your judgments in that context.

The skyfall buff definitely seems strong as there was a fairly constant stream of wood and heart orbs, but even with a 50% stat buff the team struggled with damage.

Here’s a video of him paired with Osiris clearing God Rush and should better reflect what his actual capabilities are:

The damage is low as expected, but the healing is also somewhat disappointing.

Uses as a Sub

Yamatsumi will mainly see use as a sub. He’s not a great option for any of today’s popular wood leads, but he does shine on a few niche teams.

Monster Notes
1242 - Steadfast Bearded Deity, Guan Yu Yamatsumi is pretty much a perfect fit for GGY. The extra hearts will make the GGY heartbreakers more potent and the 25% heal is guaranteed to get you back above the HP threshold. Even the row is on point. I’m no GGY expert, but even with this synergy I’m not sure if the team can afford to run him. Maybe by some miracle in the future GGY will get a uevo so good that Yamatsumi also gets voted for a uevo (riiiight).
2420 - Dark Plant Mechanical Star God, Spica Yamatsumi doesn’t quite have the synergy with Spica as he does with GGY, but the heartbreaker thing is still relevant. It also helps that both wood and hearts will be 100% enhanced on most teams. Being physical is also a nice bonus as Spica teams tend to be lacking in the HP department. Yamatsumi’s row might be better than a TPA here. While Spica TPA teams are novel, to really take advantage of her tankiness rows are a better fit, just like they are for traditional tank teams.
2509 - Cutting-Claw Green Dragonbound, Sylvie Yes, the increased heart skyfall chance is good for tank teams and he’s a good farmable option if you need a stand-in, but he’s far from ideal. Tank teams, specifically Sylvie-Freyja, don’t need the extra hearts — or the 25% heal in the active — to heal well, but if you’re short on +eggs it can help. Also, one of the biggest advantages today’s tank teams have is the ability to burst on consecutive turns without sacrificing survivability. Adding a sub like Yamatsumi isn’t bad, but he does nothing to actively advance that agenda as he’s basically a do-nothing on the turn you use him. Back in the day I would’ve killed for something like Yamatsumi for my Beelzebub-RSonia team, but that was a very different time for tank teams.
1956 - Awoken Parvati Parvati is a great fit even if Yamatsumi’s row doesn’t quite go with her TPAs (looking at you, Perseus, Michael).


Overall, Yamatsumi is a pretty solid farmable. The increased focus on awakenings to boost damage is quickly denying standard descended bosses any little relevancy they may have once had, but at least something like Yamatsumi brings an intriguing enough active to make him worth at least a consideration. I definitely see a few people farming and making good use of him.

This brings into question whether it’s worth doing these types of posts in the future if even something like Yamatsumi lacks overwhelming appeal. As stated earlier, if you’re looking for a farmable monster, you’re almost always better off taking advantage of the multiplayer dungeon HP boost and chasing something like Zaerog∞, Elia or Linthia, especially if we ever get the 1/2 stamina bonus. Of course, every monster has their niche uses, but is it really worth the time to try and find those and write about them?

One can only hope GungHo starts buffing their descended bosses to help keep up with the power creep the rest of the game is experiencing. It seems a shame only a handful of farmables get buffs (of varying quality) every year while the baseline power basically stays the same. The special dungeon drops are great, but if that’s how they plan on releasing usable farmables, what real point do descendeds like this have besides distributing evo fodder and giving GungHo something to point at and say “hey, we’re giving you new content!”.

14 thoughts on “Farmable Monster Analysis: Yamatsumi

  1. Hey Setsu:
    Thanks as always for the analysis. Just want to talk about one point.
    You mentioned this is relative easy dungeon, and no “daunting preemptive” but Yamato has a preemptive hit of 27k.
    True this is not much for tankier or green team (since 1.5X hp) in this case. But for my Yomidragon team i feel this is quite a lot. It will certainly one shot me. Forcing me to bring Diza.

    The first 5 floors should be no problem for most teams. But with limited HP (around 22k) to work with. I have to one shot (or one shot to 50% then finish) Yamato, and the boss.

    So i feel it is still quite hard comparing to other mystical dungeon. Of course it is easy comparing to legend + stuff or rushes.

    Just my 2 cent as a quite average (bad) PAD player.


    • Fair enough. I did say late-game team, though, which I think nowadays qualifies as being able to take such hits.

      I consider straight damage pretty much the easiest obstacle to deal with in the game. And by daunting preemptives and gimmicks I mean like skill delay, skill disable, awakening disable, locked orbs, damage absorb, damage negation, damage shield, leader switch, etc. Like you said, all you have to do is bring a shield to deal with this, where other mechanics force you to change your entire sub selection if not negate your team altogether.

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  2. I’ve been enjoying this series (despite the verdict always being: Not worth it), but if you’re losing interest, I think it’s fine to cut, or at least scale back to only reviewing bosses that legitimately have some potential. Although I personally have plenty of better options in each case, reading your analyses has always been interesting, and I’m sure there are some readers that can genuinely use some of the farmable bosses.
    Unfortunately, as you often mention, the cost of skilling up these bosses (or obtaining them) is generally too steep of a barrier to entry, and anyone that can “afford” to do so almost certainly has better options. While the descended bosses being evo mats has been a great change in my opinion (Hercules? Has anyone used him ever for anything?) since it gives *some* reward to clearing the descend beyond the free stone, it would be cool if GungHo experimented with bosses that didn’t require infinite skill ups, and still had relatively useful actives/stats/awakenings, or if there was an in-dungeon mob that also happened to skill up the boss. Most non-IAPers aren’t going to want to devote the resources required to skill Yamatsumi 10 times, but if they only need to do it three or four, that seems a lot more reasonable. Sure, they have “easy” access to medium-level cards, but the 8+ awakening uuvos and awokens still blow them out of the water, so I can’t imagine it would have a noticeable impact on REM rolling – heck, it might even get people to stone for stamina more often, since descends don’t come around all that often, and finishing a card in one day is totally doable if it only requires two or three skill ups.


    • Probably Shiva Dragon since you can probably clear a lot of the trash floors with only 4 orbs, but Raoh might be better overall since you won’t need to worry about healing between the preemptives on 4 and 6.


  3. Seems like every post these days contains something like: “This brings into question whether it’s worth doing these types of posts in the future”. I’m guessing you’re getting a little burned out on the game?

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    • I just don’t pull these posts out of my ass. They take hours to research, write, edit, proofread and format because there’s no point in writing a half-assed post. If I’m just going to reach the same conclusion every time there’s little point in investing the time when I can put it to better use elsewhere (namely, writing another, more useful blog post).


      • I understand they are a ton of work and I genuinely enjoy them. Your insight into the game i something I can’t get anywhere else and I’m just sad that everything seems to be going away (or at least a lot more work and less fun for you).


  4. A huge thanks for all the work put in before it even transpires into a draft of some kind. Keep up the great work. Cliché as it is but credit must be given where it’s due. No doubt.


  5. Do you feel that Yamatsumi has any synergy with Saiga Another as a leader? Saiga is supposed to be getting a leader skill buff correct? (I realize you largely focus on end-game leaders and content).


    • Your sentence is a bit ambiguous, but I’m going to assume that you’re referring to Yamatsumi as a sub on Saiga. This is something I completely overlooked and thank you for bringing it up. I think there’s a buff to his ATK multiplier to 3.5x at 100% HP, 3x otherwise. I don’t know if this makes a huge difference, but Yamatsumi is definitely a good fit on that team. There just aren’t that many wood and light cards in the game and Yamatsumi’s active can also help you get back to 100% HP in a pinch.


  6. I main a Saiga team, and went after Yamatsumi because of his Active. This is my current Wood/Light team: Shinra Sacred Dragon God Saiga (Leader), Green Star Vanquishing Deity Perseus, Unyielding Archangel Michael (I just need *one* more Jewel of Wood to get his Super Ult), Soul-Judging God of Dark Riches Osiris, and (variable). Into that last slot usually go God of Scholarly Fortune Ganesha, Awoken Athena, Golden Monkey King Sun Wukong, or Christmas Sakuya.

    Does Yamatsumi have a place on that team? Does that team hold up in the long run?

    I understand that these posts might feel like they’re not as useful to write, but honestly, I find that they’re a huge help. Ever since I found your blog, I’ve enjoyed playing PAD *much* more than I did before, and these kinds of posts help me to decide whether I really *should* go after something or if my time is better spent elsewhere. So, I would like to thank you for enhancing the game by roughly 500%. I’m not that good of a player, admittedly. Yet.


    • Since the leader skill is flexible, I don’t think Yamatsumi is that great, but if you’re just in need of another quality wood sub then he’s not bad. For farmables, though, I think both Jord and Amitaka are better unless you really need the SBR for something.


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