Godfest Help Post: 2/13-2/14

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Three Kingdoms & Egypt 2 2/13, Chinese and Archdemons 2/14
Day 1 Day 2
Three Kingdoms Egypt 2 Chinese Archdemons
Individual B- B+ B+ B
Combined B B+
Individual B+ B- A- B+
Combined B A
Individual B B A- B+
Combined B A

I’m going to be pressed for time the next month or two, so I’m going to be a bit more strict with the rules this time.

  • I will prioritize box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way. Try PadListener if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.

Then here are some general guidelines on how I run the thread:

  • WordPress flags comments when multiple links. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case.
  • I generally reply on a first come, first serve basis, but if there’s a low hanging fruit I’ll address that first.
  • I will post a comment when I stop taking questions for the day, so please be patient and wait for a reply the next day.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image sums it up nicely.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 2/13
Name Lead Sub Overall
Three Kingdoms
1738 - Dominating Warrior King, Cao CaoCao Cao B- A- B
1741 - Soaring Dragon General, Sun QuanSun Quan B- B+ B
1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu BeiLiu Bei B- A- B
1744 - Sacred Dragon Princess, Da Qiao1745 - Sacred Divine Flower, Xiao QiaoDQXQ B- B B
1746 - Chaotic Flying General, Lu BuLu Bu B B- B
Egypt 2
2384 - Ruling Firestorm God, SetSet B B+ B+
2385 - Divine Galaxy Goddess, NutNut B+ B B
2386 - Soul-Judging God of Dark Riches, OsirisOsiris A- B B+
2387 - Sacred Life Goddess of the Colored Sky, HathorHathor A- D C+
2388 - Soaring Night Goddess of the Dead, NephthysNephthys B+ B B

The Three Kingdoms are showing their age, but they are still one of the best pantheons to snag a relevant sub from. Egypt 2 are mediocre leads and subs, but they are more useful than one might think at first sight.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 2/14
Name Lead Sub Overall
2073 - Awoken LeilanLeilan B A- B+
2074 - Awoken KarinKarin B A- B+
2075 - Awoken MeimeiMeimei B A- B+
2389 - Awoken SakuyaSakuya A B A-
2076 - Awoken HakuHaku B+ A A-
2503 - Explosive Demon Lord, BelialBelial B- B+ B
2504 - Resolved Demon Lord, AmonAmon C B+ B-
2505 - Awoken AstarothAstaroth A- B+ A-
2506 - King's Gaze Demon Lord, BaalBaal B- B+ B
2507 - Awoken Archdemon LuciferLucifer A B+ A

The Chinese have always been one of the best pantheons in the game. All of the Archdemons are great row subs. Astaroth is a great lead; Lucifer is even better.


107 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 2/13-2/14

    • If you feel like you’re making good progress with your current team, I’d suggest waiting for the PCGF (in about 3.5 months) or a better godfest with less dupe risks. If you feel like your team is holding you back or you just don’t want to wait, I could see trying your luck on day 1 as DQXQ and Sun Quan are both good fits for your Amaterasu team. It’s fairly risky, though, as Egypt 2 is fairly bad for you and there’s also a water gala. On the bright side, you have some pretty solid water monsters so maybe the water gala isn’t that bad for you after all.

      For day 2, I wouldn’t roll as I don’t see the Archdemons helping you all that much. I mean, they have the potential to be high impact monsters, but I don’t think they’re great to build around.


    • Yeah, Archdemon dupes are pretty gross as there’s almost no use for them. There’s also a water gala and it looks like you have very little use for that element. I guess, how much do you really need to improve your Bastet team? It looks like you have a pretty solid Yomi team so I’m not sure how much Bastet will really help you. Personally, I’d hold off rolling.


  1. Hey Setsu,
    Rank: 364, Non IAP, End game

    This is more of what I should invest/update:

    In the previous godfests, I was able to roll a Dkali and Indra and putting them into my A. Sakuya team has allowed me to challenge Arena and C10. However, I can start to see some other teams develop.

    For most descends/Rushes/Challenges I use my Bastet team
    A.Bastet , GValk, Verdandi, Liu Bei, Liu Bei , A. Bastet.. I sub in Spica/Kushi for flex

    For the harder contents I use my Awoken Sakuya/Dkali/Choco/InDra/Valk.. Mixing in, Orochi
    I also use Z8 and Awoken Haku as leads sometimes too like for the latest C10

    Right now, I think my Bastet team is the strongest.. while my Sakuya team can potentially beat Arena with her gravities.. but should I invest in another end game team? I’m still missing Lkali for Sakuya while an Awoken MeiMei would sound nice for Bastet..

    However.. It seems I could have a decent Andro team paired with Neptune Dragon… with Andro/Hermes/Mori/Hatsume/Orochi/Amon? etc
    I also have a decent Saria team tho not skilled as much as I want.. Saria/Apoc/DQ/Lvalk/Ralph w/Thor

    and Finally I have Awoken Luci/Panda.. with Awoken Haku, Z8, Okuni, Zuoh .. I also could potentially buy a Yomi Dragon (although I am not in any rush unless you think I should)

    I could try rolling in the Chinese for Meimei or Karin?

    What should I be looking for to finish those teams? Should I roll? I would love your input and direction!


    • First, your teams… I really like the sound of that Saria-Thor team. Of all your teams that sounds the most complete, at least for Arena. But like you said, it’s going to take a lot of work to get going.

      Awoken Lucifer sounds good too, but missing Akechi hurts a lot. If you did go that route, yeah, you should probably buy a Yomi Dragon. With that in mind, it may be smarter to go ahead with your Saria or Sakuya teams instead.

      If you got an LKali your Sakuya team would be clearly better than Bastet. Bastet is fine, but Sakuya has that Arena potential. So, as it is for most people, trying to get an LKali is probably one of your highest priorities. The question is what pantheons should you go for at the same time. Day 2 is pretty good, but I’m thinking Japanese 1 isn’t a bad option to try and land a Susano.

      I don’t really like the Andromeda team. You’re missing that Karin to tie everything together. Without her, the team seems a bit disjointed as your orb changers don’t have the same synergy.

      As you suggested, Meimei and Karin would do a lot for you. So would an LKali, so I think it’s a pretty good idea to roll on day 2. The risks of Archdemon and Sakuya dupes hurt, but that’s pretty much going to be the case in any godfest you roll in and judging from your box there doesn’t seem to be any particular pantheon combination that screams more value. The water gala isn’t great for you, but landing a Lakshmi or I&I would present you with a better water lead than Andromeda.


      • Thank you, as usual, for taking your time and giving such a thorough response! I truly appreciate your hard work and time!


  2. Rank: 339
    IAP Status: Non-IAP
    Teams: A.Sakuya, A.Archdemon Lucifer (as soon as I finish Light Zeus), I&I/Ryune, A.Lakshmi (for general farming)
    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/MusiK/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Hey Setsu! Shoud I roll on this GF? I am in real need of Haku for my A.Archdemon Lucifer team, and on the same day the GFEs Eschamali, Saria (witch I have the near perfect team, except for her) and Blonia (for my I&I team) will be on the pool. I have some stones saved (nearly 30) and I know this is not the ideal GF to roll, but I’m really tempted.

    Also, just hit the 300k MP: should I go for YomiDra or RaDra? I believe that YomiDra is better for me (since I have Akechi, Loki, Panda, Dmeta, Okuni, and I am used to the playstyle since I’ve got A.Yomi), but Ra Drag looks so incredible, even that my sub pool isn’t as nearly as good for him as it is for yomidra (I’ve got A.Isis, A.Yomi, DKali and Chocobo at the best).

    Thank you and sorry for the long question!


    • Yeah, you’re not going to get the best value rolling day 2, but if you’re set on finishing off your Lucifer team it’s probably worth the risk. It would be nice if the other pantheon was something better, but there’s also an opportunity cost in waiting for the next Chinese godfest. There’s also a chance you could roll something nice in the water gala for your water teams, so it’s not quite as bad as Haku, specific GFEs or bust. Good luck if you decide to roll.

      Team should always dictate what MP Dragon you buy, so Yomi Dragon, who’s also a top-tier Lucifer sub, is the clear choice.


  3. Hey Setsu, just wanted to stop in and say thanks for all your feedback, gonna take your advice from the last GF and hold off for a while save up them stones and work on my current team.

    Thank you for all your great articles and hope that whatever is keeping you strapped for time is worth it!

    Awoken Lucifer is finally here!!!

    Best wishes


    • I tried running Lucifer through the Arena last night and I failed because my strategy was as if I was playing Ra Dragon; I’m just so used to one-shotting everything with little effort. I need to write down the key points until I get used to running it with him…


      • I’ve done a few failed arena runs with lucicfer and I noticed the same thing. Even tho he probably requires the least execution of any of the viable arena leads, he requires probably the most matchup knowledge of all the possible bosses.


    • Yeah, I’m going to roll a pack too in hopes of continuing my wildly lucky streak and landing Eschamali #2 (or Cao Cao #1…….). I, too, am anticipating 10x, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high.


      • About 20 pulls. I got an Osiris and a Hathor which I didn’t have and a few dupes that are worth having. Stopped on Bonia No.1 so I can’t complain.

        It’s funny how this game goes where a not uncommon pull like cao cao still eludes you.


  4. Rank: 387
    IAP Status: Light IAP (a pack or two per godfest)
    Teams: A. Sakuya, A. Bastet
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/oskat/monsters/

    Should I roll in this godfest? I want to jump on the hype train of A. LUCI, but that is only because I am unsure of which current teams to focus / invest on right now. While my current teams are doing me well, I enjoy a bit of variety or else I start to lose purpose. I did not jump on the MP dragons even though I should’ve (800k mp saved up). I currently have about 80 stones saved…should I just save them for something else like ranking/quality of life box spaces, etc. or should I roll for more teams?

    TL;DR: Losing direction in the game, would love to hear opinions on which way to head for teams/investments based on box


    • I can see how you’d get bored of your current teams as they play basically the same: nuke everything into the ground or die.

      Have you considered making a Norse-based tank team? It looks like you have just about all the good options for Ryune-I&I. Lucifer would fit the tank bill, too, but if you’re trying to cut back spending or something then you may as well try something that’s already in your box and save your stones for a possible 10x event (hopefully soon, pls gungho). You have so many good monsters and teams, but now you need the +eggs to make them shine. Yomi Dragon is also an option, I mean, what else are you going to spend that MP on?

      If you’re losing direction, I guess you need to pick a goal. Whether it be something like clearing/farming arena, +egging another team or what have you. Personally, I like collecting new stuff and making stupid teams like Spica.


      • Yeah, I’ve been looking around for some fun teams to mess with.. and Ryune seems to be my best option. I never noticed how many water subs I had until Ryune became a thing. Its true, I’ve been contemplating YomiDra for a long time, that amount of MP just eats at me. I think I’ll head for plus/hypermaxing another team, and work towards a fun team. Thanks for the input!


  5. Rank: 236
    IAP Status: Non-IAP for now
    Teams: LuBu/Ronia, Verdandi, looking for end-game
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/AlbertIshnoo/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;rarity,1

    Right now I am farming with those 2 easy teams. I know they are not end-game material, so I am looking to try and level up a brand new one for end-game. I am able to do some legendary and descends (Got Sphinx for A.Isis), but I struggle to get some descended loot when it’s mythical, or trying to get Devilits.

    What I see:
    I have Sakuya, Ra and Sun Quan, but no Kalis and I can’t match all the time without skill ups and good subs.
    I have Pandora, Loki, Okuninuchi so I can play around my Lu Bu team.
    I have 2 Verdandi, but without Lui Bei and perfect subs I know she can’t get me farther than Bu/Ronia.

    Is anyone able to give me ideas according to my Padherder? Should I aim for Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Haku, MeiMei and Archdemons (mostly Luci)? Or continue to farm King of the Gods and wait for PGF?


    • Even without Kalis, I think Sakuya is your best choice going forward. I mean, people were beating mythicals with Sakuya and this was before the Kalis and her uuevo and awoken, so you should be able to make do. You can run something like Sakuya / Sun Quan / Apollo / Ariel / flex / Sakuya. LValk should probably replace Ariel, but you may need to run fire Apollo to cover fire until you get an LKali. If you were around to get a Fat Chocobo, that would be your best option for the last slot. If Awoken Sakuya’s evo mats are out of your reach, wood Sakuya is more than good enough in the mean time. In short, you’re just going to have to be a bit more creative to get by until you get something better.

      You really shouldn’t aim for anything in particular. I’d try to focus on godfests that have good leaders for you box. Lucifer is fine, but there really isn’t anything else you need from day 2 so it’s risky. If you have the patience, then yes, I’d wait the 3.5 months or so for the PCGF. If you don’t then I’d still recommend waiting for a better godfest. Since LKali is probably your #1 need, I’d wait for a pantheon setup where you don’t have too great a dupe risk.


      • Thanks for the great options, I do have a fat chocobo I completly forgot about that. I really appreciate that you spent the time to share your vision and reply. Good day to you!


  6. hi setsu! iam rank 267 non-iap player here, What day you recommend to roll? i need a Dkali for my A. Ra Team and i dont know what subs i should focus for my A. Parvati team and A. Tsukuyomi, and if not much to ask, what team do you recommend for 10x +eggs farm, A.Ra is bad for Farm 😦 is a bit slower than Ronia for example >implying Ronia is not old, here is my PADHerder https://www.padherder.com/user/theetdark/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;element,1


      • I swear I replied to you earlier, but I guess it didn’t go through?

        I don’t think either day is particularly good for you. There’s really no good options for any of the teams you mentioned. If you really want DKali, I’d just wait for the next 4x GFE event.

        I don’t see any reason for you to use Anubis unless you’re a combo god, but if you insist I’d probably run Yomi / Haku / Pandora / DIza.

        For 10x you want an unconditional lead, but the few that you have are underleveled and you don’t have subs for them.


  7. Hey Setsu,

    Quick question – I know you’ve been running with spica a lot, but have you been using Shiva Dragon at all recently? Wanted to see what your default go-to team was for Shiva Dragon for farming + harder multiplayer dungeons.



    • Shiva Dragon is still one of my most used teams. I usually run 2x Ares, Yamato and Uriel. Of course you gotta run utility like Ame no Uzume when the dungeon calls for it. Set is also a surprisingly good option.

      I haven’t used Shiva Dragon for multiplayer. In fact, I’ve run almost no multiplayer at all. I’ve cleared some of the Mythical Plus Rushes with my friends and that’s about it. I wouldn’t run Shiva Dragon for those dungeons. Ra Dragon is my preferred choice for those.


      • Hey Setsu,

        Could I please get your thoughts on the following 2 team comps for shiva dragon? I’m particularly puzzled as to who I should +egg first since there are so many potential options. As of now, I have shiva dragon + 1 ares hypermaxed.

        Ares/Ares/Yamato/Uriel (your standard)

        Ares/Uriel/Set/Urd (One I’m experimenting with and liking)

        Ares/Rvalk/Sanada/Urd (GameWith + Game8’s template)

        Could you please explain why you think ares/ares/yamato/uriel is the way to go? I’m also curious to hear your logic behind not bringing a board changer since it seems to be a useful tool in the harder content.

        It looks like with the upcoming patch and yamato’s super evo, he seems even more solid than before. With the upcoming changes on it’s way, are you going to be switching your comp at all or do you still believe ares/ares/yamato/uriel is the way to go?

        A lot of people seem to like Sanada as well with Urd (like haku + akechi combo on yomi dragon) but I’m not too sure yet. Until new evos come out for them, I feel like their awakenings are pretty horrible.

        I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


  8. Rank: 298
    IAP status: light-mid IAP (~a pack every month)
    Teams: A. Ra (LKali, LKali, Isis, DIza/Okuni), A. Yomi (Satsuki, Haku, Okuni, DIza)
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/nogoalkeeper/monsters/

    Hi setsu! I am currently working on +eggs to hypermax my Ra team. I am thinking of making another team so that I can farm/beat light absorb dungeons. My dark team is kind of weak right now (skillups, +eggs).

    Day 2 looks pretty attractive to me. Sakuya / Luci seem to better leaders with my current subs. Meimei could be a great sub for a potential wood team (Bastet with Liu Bei’s). DKali & Eschamali are always long term targets for my Ra and dark teams.

    Do you recommend rolling on Day 2? And which team should I invest on in the future?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Yeah, I think day 2 looks pretty good for you. The only godfest combination that would be appreciably better for you is probably Archdemons + Heroes, but who knows if that’ll ever happen. Lucifer looks particularly good for you. I think it’s worth a shot.

      Going forward, I think you’re correct in finishing off +ing your Ra team. Maybe that changes if you land the other leaders you want, but for now I think it’s pretty safe to keep investing in Ra.

      If you want a non-light option and Yomi isn’t doing it for you, I’d suggest considering a Ryune-I&I team. I’d probably run I&I / Karin / Hermes / Hatsume / Mori / Ryune. This team is pretty solid, but it will take a lot of resources to bring into working shape.


  9. Now that the Archdemons are decent subs or leaders, day 2 looks pretty good for a non-PCGF/4x GFE Godfest.. I’ve only got 2~3 rolls remaining after the NY REM though, ah well.


    • I think the Archdemons are pretty overrated as subs, but at least they’re usable now. But yes, this will probably be one of the better standard godfests we get for the time being.


  10. Rank 327
    IAP Status: Non-IAP. I used to, but I do not anymore.
    ~25 stones

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/giuseppinot/monsters/

    I have two teams that are worthy of mentioning:

    A. Shiva / A. Hinokagutsuchi / RValk (maybe replace with Antares) / Urd / ROdin (to be replaced by RG Cao Cao once he is max skill)

    A. Sakuya / LKali / LKali / Kushi / Bastet / A. Sakuya

    If I’m going to roll, I’m going to roll in Day 2, but I don’t think it’s going to be worth it. Essentially, Day 2 I’d be rolling for a non-Sakuya Chinese and a DKali 😥


    • Yeah… I probably wouldn’t roll. There are a few other pantheons where you can still get decent value out of: Japanese 1, Heroes and Sengoku. Japanese is mainly Susano for Sakuya, but Orochi is also very valuable now. All the Heroes are great and having a dupe Pandora is not bad, even more so now with her awoken. Finally, Sengoku are a bit more niche, but Sanada and Akechi are two of the best subs in the game and the whole pantheon stands to improve with uevos likely coming sometime this year.

      If you really want DKali, I’d just wait for the next 4x GFE event and try then.


  11. Rank: 318
    IAP: Yes
    Teams: Verdandi, A.Bastet, A.Astaroth, A.Ra
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Doedekjin/monsters/

    I feel like I should spend some on day 1 to try for Liu Bei and DQXQ for my current teams, but the odds of getting duplicates of the Egyptian 2 gods plagues me hard. Day 2 looks good but really just for Sakuya and Lucifer though I don’t feel I have the teams to support him. All my teams feel like they’re just missing one card to be perfect, but I also have a feeling saving up for PCGF to try for a D.Kali or something might be more profitable. Thanks for the constant updates, friends and I constantly look on to see what sort of progression you’re making and we’re always blown away by how well you play. Thank again!


    • Thank you for the kind words.

      Yeah… day 1 is rough for you. You’re getting to the point where dupes will be inevitable, though, so I guess you have to weigh how much the cards you want mean to you. The only pantheons that present decent value for you are 3K, Sengoku and Chinese, but who knows when those will line up next. I’m looking at that Saria team, though, and landing that DQXQ would be pretty huge. Liu Bei is good, but don’t forget that Osiris is great on Bastet, better than Sasuke, at least. So there’s decent value on day 1. One of the real problems with this godfest is that it’s a water gala and you have very little use for them. It’s a difficult decision.


      • I considered rolling on the new years rem to get hattori for the saria team but was too afraid of the silver egg spam. Mentioning Osiris for A.Baster made me realize day 1 has a bit more value than I originally anticipated. Thanks for the help


          • Well, I was determined to get Liu, Osiris, or DQXQ, but alas they all evaded me, but what I did get was an overwhelming amount of potentially good blue cards?

            Mori Motonari, Sumirex2, Amon, Andromeda, Gabriel, Kirin, I&I. With my Hermes I think I might have a good water team going. I also ended with Australis (who I can’t find a use for yet but the rows are so tempting), Urd, and some other junk. It might be time to stop rolling and just focusing on one team but without a 10x event I don’t feel motivated to farm +eggs for a whole team to make my Saria team really shine, and without time extend awakenings I’m finding Z8 combo shield to really hurt after he minuses 2 seconds.


            • Yes, you have a pretty solid I&I team now. Probably something like I&I / Mori / Karin / Hermes / Gabriel / Ryune.

              Signs are pointing to 10x coming next event, although with GungHo’s track record who really knows.


  12. Rank: 122

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Bmei/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    IAP status: Little IAP (30 stones/mo)

    Haku – Persephone, Lu Bu, Vamp, Lilith – Haku
    Lu Bu – Persephone, Haku, Vamp, Lilith – Ronia
    Ryune – Gabriel, Sumire, Famiel, _____(trying to farm Siegfried) – I&I

    My question, how are my above teams? and what are your suggestions for my teams from what I have in the box? I am planning to roll this godfest for waters. I have 35 stones and I will probably IAP 30 more. My friends tell me that Ryune is my best endgame lead, but I am lacking subs.

    I am currently stuck at starlight sanctuary. Never attempted descensions yet.

    Thanks in advance,



    • I think you’re going well for only being rank 122. I’d considering trying to fit Castor onto your Haku team, probably over Lilith but he could also replace Vampire to cover water. I’d consider farming a Chaos Devil Dragon for use over Lilith or Vampire on Lu Bu. The Haku + CDD combo is quite potent.

      I’d agree that Ryune is one of your better endgame choices, but Saria is also good. It really depends on the teams you have for them (I think Saria is a little better if you have the ideal teams for both).

      I’d roll day 2 if I was you. You can use all the Chinese and a dupe Haku is never bad. The Archdemons are fine, but landing a Lucifer would give you an even better endgame lead. And like you said, the water gala is great for you if you want to pursue a Ryune team. Day 1 isn’t nearly as exciting as Egypt 2 is pretty underwhelming (and you already have a Hathor).

      If you decide to roll, good luck!


      • Hey thanks for the info. I rolled as soon as the event started and got I&I and Hermes. Are these two sufficient to form a good water team? And if yes, what lineup would you recommend? (Ryune, I&I, Hermes, Gabriel, Sumire, Famiel, Siegfried). I do not like to split my resources too much, so I would like to invest in a team with longevity. At my current rank, I know I am lacking cost, but at base evolution of my water box, can it out perform my Haku and LuBu team? Also, I am saving the rest of my rolls for Day 2, hoping for Karin and Blonia 🙂


  13. Rank: 286

    Padhearder: https://www.padherder.com/user/dr_lawyercop/monsters

    IAP: Moderate (I’ve been buying a pack for GFE x4 godfests)

    Saria – Apoc/Valk/Fuma/A. Ama – Thor
    Typhon – Akechi/Akechi/Satsuki/Grape Dragon – Typhon

    I’m mainly running Saria, Typhon team needs Akechi skill-ups. I’ve been clearing content pretty well, but I’m having trouble getting past challenge dungeon lvl 6, and would like to clear Z8 and other harder descends. I’m wondering what day is better for my box? Day 1 has DQ and Lei Bui I’d really want, Day 2 has FA Luci, Haku, Baal. Day 2 has slightly less dupes, but I think DQ is better than Baal for my Saria team, but I’m not entirely sure.

    Thanks for the help, love all the work you do.


    • Yeah, I think rolling day 1 is better. Egypt 2 is kinda garbage, but aside from getting a godfest pairing with the Chinese or Heroes there really isn’t much left that’s great for you. Since DQ is your main target, you can’t really wait for the PCGF either since she likely won’t make it (barring GungHo revealing a sweet awoken uevo for the girls before our PCGF). Sure, Lucifer and Haku and day 2 would be great, but if you got one and not the other you still don’t have a functioning team. But day 1 at least gives you things you can use now which will probably get better in the near future as they’ll likely get awoken uevos this year.


  14. Hey Setsu, I haven’t really updated my PAD herder, But I am rank 220 and situational IAP. I use Parvati, Sakuya, I&I+Ryune, and sometimes sumire. I am developing an Awoken Yomi Team and Awoken Bastet teams, but I’m missing a few cards, namely, Meimei for bastet and Haku for yomi. Is it worth rolling? I’d say they’re the only one’s I’m missing and I might want to pull Karin for an A. isis team cause she’s kinda necessary for the team yet, I really don’t use that team. My bastet team will probably go something like Bastet, Osiris, Liu bei, Meimei, flex,Bastet. Yomi team is yomi, satsuki(trying to max skill her!), Z8(if i can max skill him, it’s a pain in the ass…),haku, flex, yomi. I’d love suggestions. Thanks for helping me in advance.


  15. rank 252, no IAP, very low mp (also seem to lack subs for anything except maybe neptuneDra)

    teams A bastet, A sakuya (kanna/verdandi farm)

    pad herder: https://www.padherder.com/user/horizon_edge

    currently seems like Ive got the core of sakuya 2 kalis +elia/kanna/SQ/A orochi should I roll for isis, wait for Susano or is current setup ideal

    bastet I run [A.bastet, verdandi, kaede, A meimei, thumbelina] (swap thumb for liubei if no binds)
    dont think I can improve this godfest, also unsure if I can really push more with it (do many decends already)

    I also have Potential I&I team, working on evoing, I&I, hermes, andromeda, then idk (flamiel sarasvvati sq orochi??)

    so some dupes for chinese and demon but karin haku luci and amon all would be nice to have.

    Thanks for helping us figure out teams.


    • I don’t think you need Isis for Sakuya since your leaders already deal with binds. You’ll want Susano as an option for endgame content, but I don’t know if he’s necessary elsewhere. Sun Quan should be good enough for now.

      Sakuya is quite a bit better than Bastet so I don’t see a need to chase subs for her.

      Your I&I team isn’t that great right now — at least not enough to rival your Sakuya team — but if you’re serious about improving it then day 2 would be a good time to roll. Karin would really help you out and it’s a water gala so you could possibly land some good subs. Haku and Lucifer are nice, but don’t really do anything for you right now. You do have a dupe risk on day 2, so you’ll have to weigh that into your decision.


        • Hmm, I was going to say Sun Quan, but maybe Orochi is better as he’s becoming more and more important in the endgame. Sun Quan does have the damage boost, but it’s not like Sakuya is lacking for damage. I’d like to say both, but if I had to choose only one I’d probably go with Orochi.


  16. Gonna cut it off a bit early today. I’ll get to everything above here for sure. Anything after this I probably won’t get to it until tomorrow. Sorry!


  17. http://bit.ly/1PSM6dN

    There’s my padherder. I haven’t set up teams yet but been heavily preferring a Verdandi team but have been almost exclusively using a LKali one recently.

    I’ll nab 85 stones every godfest or so, so I’m willing to spend the money… I feel I am just concentrating on rolling new monsters and neglecting teams pretty hard.

    My desire is for a Sakuya, I really, really want a DKali, and would not mind a Lu Bu or Sun Quan. Think I should try for them, or wait for the rumored Players Choice coming?


    • As a quick update (and I see you had left so I’m sorry to bother but wanted to add) I took the gems I just had and rolled a proper Sun Quan (thankfully so since I had the chibi) and a Lu Bu.

      Looking at both now I’m not sure where I really stand in the game… I surely spend money on it but I guess I seem to be lacking a true team composition or focus. :/

      That said, I’m still hopeful for that DKali some day but am not sure I should be rolling more today (Day 1) for a long shot, or day 2 for Sayuka and hope, or just wait for a better seeded GF. Any input is certainly helpful; sadly I’m just one of those people who doesn’t know what they have or what they’re doing yet!


  18. Hi Setsu,

    Just a quick follow up from my post a couple weeks ago here: https://setsupad.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/godfest-help-post-131-21/#comment-4761

    No changes since then though I did roll 1 time and nab a Sakuya, but I’m not anywhere close to a team for her yet.

    Should i still be holding out for a Heroes return or is day 2 good enough to roll on? Leilan or Belial seem like very strong additions to my A.Shiva team, or should my priorities change now I’ve rolled a Sakuya?

    Thanks a lot!


    • Day 2 is not bad, but the Archdemons aren’t that great for you. I think you can do better. Sakuya doesn’t really change much for you, but she’s a good option to have in case you roll some LKalis in the future.


  19. Hello,

    Pretty sure this is a no, but I’m considering rolling day 2.
    Rank: 79
    IAP: not anymore
    Teams: Rainbow-ish Attackers (primary), Polaris Physical
    Maybe it’s more of an issue with my dungeon progression (clearing the tier after Castle of Satan in the Abyss), but it feels like my teams have stagnated some lately and may become outclassed. Looking at D2, most of the gods (save Haku, Meimei, and maybe Lucifer) would get a spot fairly early, and it looks like all of them would likely have some sort of use lategame.

    Thanks for the advice!



    • You did yourself a huge disservice by not rerolling for a good leader to start with. As-is you’re not really going to get anywhere with your current box. I’d either reroll or try to progress the best you can with what you have and wait for the next PCGF.


      • I realize this is a little late, but thanks for the advice!

        I only started looking at guides several days after I started, and both underestimated the importance of rerolling/good leaders and overestimated the power of Polaris and Hanzo teams. This time, some stuff occurred while rerolling, and I lost a Sakuya, but ended up with a Haku. So far she’s been not difficult to activate and can get out of hand pretty quickly, and my progress seems a lot faster.


  20. Hey Setsu,

    Rank: 315
    IAP Status: Some
    Teams: Ronia, Verdandi, Sakyua
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/polar/monsters/

    Love your site! Would like to hear what teams you would recommend I focus on. Pretty sure I should be skipping this godfest but the urge to roll is always strong. Some other teams I’ve been considering: Lucifer, Saria, Bastet but always seem to be missing something.



    • I think you’re on the right track with your teams. Your Sakuya teams seems pretty good, but I noticed that your Fat Chocobo isn’t leveled. I would strongly consider running him, at least until you get a DKali. I really like the option to heal from your board change.

      Lucifer also seems pretty solid for you, but yeah, you’re missing that Akechi to tie the team together. Awoken Pandora is also a pretty strong option. Your Saria team seems worse than your Lucifer team. I don’t see much of a point investing in Bastet when you have a nice Sakuya team, but you do have a pretty good team for her. How far are you from an MP Dragon and have you considered buying one?


      • I looked at getting an mp dragon but was still pretty short unless I really went deep with the cuts. Would you be recommending yomi dragon?

        I’ll work on adding Fat Chocobo. Thanks.


        • Yeah, I wouldn’t kill your box just to get an MP Dragon. I was curious because Yomi Dragon would be a nice fit for your box, but it’s not so much better than Sakuya that you have to start selling things you otherwise wouldn’t.


  21. Hey Setsu!

    Rank: 219
    IAP Status: Non-IAP
    Stones: 45
    Day: 72
    Box Space: 175
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/FrostZenith/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Team: Awoken I&I / Hermes / Hatsume / Gabriel / Flex / Ryune

    Normal flex spot is taken by Xmas Siren.
    Normal Siren if I need hearts (no RCV dungeons)
    Light Metatron if I need bind recovery
    Blue Mystic Knight if I need to burst the first two floors and can’t wait for my unskilled subs to charge.
    Kaede for all attribute dungeons (subing for gabriel)

    My main goal probably to find increase my flex spots and/or strengthen them.

    Alternatively I would like to build another team. I think either Awoken Laksmi or Verdandi would be my best bet, but maybe you can see something else?

    Long term goal would be arena, but I think thats a long ways off as I need Charite and I’m non-iap and only have ~35k monster points.

    I think I should roll day 2 as its water gala, and Karin seems really strong for my team.


    • You’ve done a lot of good work for being non-IAP and only rank 219. Your efficiency has me impressed.

      Yeah, I think day 2 sounds great for you. As you said, Karin is probably your best roll in the game. Dupe Chinese would kinda suck, but Haku is one of the better dupes in the game and Leilan isn’t bad either. The Archdemons are kinda meh, but they’re still useful and no dupe risk helps a lot. The water gala should hopefully give you some subs for your flex spots, too. I fully endorse rolling day 2 since everything lines up for you really well.

      Outside Lakshmi I don’t really see any other teams in your box. You do have some solid building blocks like Leilan, Haku, LKali, and Verdandi, but it’s probably best to focus on your water box for now and wait and see what the REM gives you.


      • Thanks!

        The more that I think about it, Karin does seem like my best roll. Amberjack is in the coin dungeon and she may be all i need to make Lakshmi viable.

        The only thing that comes close would Ryune but that’s obviously much harder to get. Everything else is a minor upgrade (Andromeda) or would make for better flex subs (Orochi, Neptune, Isis, Snow White, Ruka).

        I’ll spend all my stones and day two and hope to get at least 1 of the above.

        As for my efficiency, its part luck and part research.

        I started the game during a non-godfest water gala. Got Hermes as my first roll and Hatsume as my third. Allowed to push content really fast and far. Since then I’ve only rolled during water gala godfest except for a yolo new years and xmas events (as menace subs are really nice when you are just starting out) and once when the norse pantheon was featured. Ironically enough, I didn’t get I&I then but did during one of the recent water gala events. Probably why my blue box is so good and everything else is lacking.


          • My rolls were good but unexpected and not immediately useful. Also only one water gala pull (and its a dupe).

            Cinderella, Australis, Belial, Typhon, Astaroth, Verdandi, Mitsuki, Avalon Drake,Idunn and Idunna, Sharon, Slyph, Earth Dragon Swordsman.

            Ideal pantheon changes to some combination of Chinese, Heroes and Sengoku (maybe Archangels?) with water, dark or wood gala i effect.

            Oh well, can try to get 5 more stones before midnight for one more roll.


  22. Hi Setsu,

    Rank: 248
    IAP: Non-IAP
    Teams: U&Y, A.Ra, A.Bastet, A.Horus
    Pad Herder: https://www.padherder.com/user/FishyBLUE/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxfav,0

    I’m thinking about rolling on day 2 since there is a relatively low chance for dupes (have a Belial), and the featured pantheons are good. Problem is they don’t benefit my teams much:

    Leilan – No fire row support
    Karin – Little row support, no leads using her
    Haku (?) – No Akechi, no dark leads beside Okuninushi and Loki
    Belial – Dupe, and no fire row support
    Amon – No Water row support
    Astaroth – Barely existing wood box that can only support Bastet (Green Prongs)

    The ones that do are:

    Meimei – Bestcat board changer
    Sakuya – New Team (Sakuya / Lkali / Lkali / DKali / Green Sub / Sakuya Friend)
    Baal – Future A.Thor Team (When I decide to not be lazy and evo Thor…)
    Lucifer (?) – Potential Lead? (Any advice on the state of my dark box?)

    So what is your opinion? Is it worth rolling with the conditions of good gods and low dupe rate, but low usage for them? Thanks in advance.


    • Hmm, minimal dupe risk is important, but as a non-IAP with a fairly well developed box like yours I think you need some possibility to improve your box right now to make it a good time to roll. With that Ra team, I’m not sure Bastet is worth investing in. Baal is… not great. 8 CD for that orb change is brutal, no matter how good the awakenings are. You’re also pretty far from a Lucifer team, missing any of the key subs like Haku, Akechi or Eschamali. Sakuya might be worth it before she’s a bit better at Arena 1, but is it really worth rolling just for her?

      Conversely, when would it be good for you to roll? Amusingly, without knowing anything else and just looking at your PADherder, I’d probably say the Chinese pantheon. As for what to pair with them, I’d probably say Sengoku is the best, but not much else stands out. Maybe the Heroes, maybe the Archangels.

      So considering everything, I think it’s fine for you to roll day 2 since you get good value. You might even land an Isis due to the water gala. However, I’d really only do it if you’re looking to expand your team options. If you pass on rolling, what should you do with your stones? I don’t know. 10x should be coming up pretty soon. I’d also like to think we’d get 4x GFEs again soon.


      • Thanks for the advice, I guess besides ra dra (Non-Iap so no chance) and Isis (have mercy on me PCGF or water gala) there’s not much left to go for in terms of rainbow teams. It’s not be the best decision in terms of efficiency, but I going to prioritize fun and roll for more play options. Still, it is nice to have someone with your expertise to give your insight and help others. Once again, thank you for the work you do for people like me and the PAD community even if it does drive you insane sometimes.


        • Yeah, after a certain point you just gotta play for fun instead of efficiency.

          No problem, I do this because I enjoy it; it may not seem like it all the time, but I would’ve stopped long ago if I wasn’t.


  23. Hey Setsu!

    Appreciate you taking the time to help me out ^-^

    Rank: 140
    IAP Status: Light (~30 if there’s something I really want from a godfest/special event)
    Box Space: 280
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Aleggs

    In-Game Progress: Cleared normals up to KoG, hit a wall there. Stuck on Ancient Dragon’s Mystic Realm (Technicals) due to lack of a tricolor lead.

    Teams: I generally run a L/L Ra team or a NY Kanna team (praise RNG)
    Ra team generally looks like Ra / Echidna / BG Sun Quan / Chibi Valk / Random Dark / Friend Ra or Sakuya.
    Kanna team is Kanna / Chibi Valk / Ra / Halloween Izanami / Extreme King Metal / Kanna
    My kanna team is pretty bad, it’s mostly just for matching four lights/ fires and easy clearing lower level dungeons.
    Also have a half decent healer team of Chibi Valk / Chibi Valk / Sun Quan / Flex / Flex / Random Friend
    I do have Lakshmi and Hermes for a possible water team, too.

    Been saving my stones for a while now, and Day 2 seems pretty good for me. Really want that Sakuya too…


    • If you really want that Sakuya you should just go for it. I try to give advice from an efficiency perspective, but if you really want something you should try for it. It helps that day 2 has pretty good value and can possibly fuel a future Lakshmi team from the water gala.

      Speaking from an efficiency perspective, though, I’d probably tell you to wait for 4x GFEs to increase your chances of getting some LKalis or the PCGF to just improve the quality of rolls overall.


  24. Hey Setsu,

    Thanks in advance for taking a look. I’m rank 393, non-IAP and my padherder is here:


    In the past you told me to focus on my Bastet team (Bastet/LB/Meimei/Verd/Flex: Susano/LB2/Ama/Cao) which I did and am very happy with that decision. I have taken the past few c10s and most descends.

    I built an Awoken Shiva team (AShiva/Cao/Hino/Yamato/Flex : Ares/AMinerva/Ame/Susano/ALeilan) as well for when there is green defense/absorbs.

    I run a few farming teams with Beelze, Verd, Ama, Satsuki.

    I have Shmi,Karin,3x hermes but I think I am missing a couple key pieces for her. I have Thor and some cyberdragons/wukong but not sure if I should spend the time to focus there either.I have Ra also but am missing some of the standard pieces for his team as well.

    What teams do you think I should prioritize? I’m sure there are combinations I could consider that would be better. Should I be rolling for specific pieces at upcoming godfests (I know that usually ends in heartbreak)? I have 80 stones now and am happy to horde them for the next 4x gfe unless you think I should roll at a specific gf. I don’t think this is a great gf for me but again I could easily be missing something.

    Thanks again!


    • t looks like Bastet and Shiva are by far your best teams. You’re so close with dark, but you’re missing those synergistic subs like Akechi and Hanzo or even Zuoh to make Pandora work (or Lucifer if you had him). It seems a bit unfair that dark has all the best leaders these days, so I’d expect GungHo to release something better in another element soon, so maybe your situation changes after that. But if/until that happens, I’m not seeing much else, at least compared to what you already have.

      I think you’re correct in waiting for 4x GFEs because you’re really lacking there. Here’s hoping one comes soon.


  25. Rank – 241
    IAP – V. Light (Only buy any number of stones every so often, if it’s a godfest I NEED something from)
    Box – https://www.padherder.com/user/Airride
    Teams – Parvati, Working on NY Horus and Lakshmi, Learning how to use A. Ra better

    I’d like a Haku to really make my dark box complete with how stacked it is now, as well as maybe a Demon Luci to make it really worth putting time into, but with my Lakshmi nearing completion (Just need to work on getting more Tamadras), I feel like rolling for a couple good subs for her with the Water Gala wouldn’t hurt.

    I need some direction in general, since I know I’m spreading my resources pretty thin (And I need to grind for Plusses for that team, in a bad way. Just waiting for the 10x descend myself, now.) I know actually putting levels in my Parvati team would help, but other than that, I have no idea what I’m really doing right now.


    • Yeah, you’re so close to a great Awoken Pandora team it might be worth trying for Haku. You’re risking dupe Amon and Baal and your third Leilan so it doesn’t come without risk, but your box is close to the point where dupes are likely always going to be a risk. Sakuya is also a great roll for you as you already have 2x Kali and Susano.

      As far as direction, you just have to pick one team and stick with it. It’s looking like Ra is your strongest team going forward. I feel that Parvati and Lakshmi are missing a sub or two from being great. However, if you land that Haku it’s looking like Pandora is your best team.

      And it may seem obvious, but while pure power is important, so is playstyle and other such personal preferences, so when you’re picking a team to fully plus, keep that in mind, too.


  26. Hi Setsu,

    Rank: 334
    IAP Status: Light IAP
    Teams: Shiva, Ra
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/dimcrayon/monsters/

    I’m looking for some guidance on what my next step outside of farming 10x descends should be. Right now my priority is to finish Red Valk and Valen when 10x does come. I can currently complete many but not all of the challenge dungeons, and would like to start building towards being able to do them all consistently, and eventually arena.

    My original plan was to hypermax my Ra team next, but it would be a huge investment if it isn’t able to do much more content than Shiva, even if it’s an improvement. The alternative would be to start rolling to expand what options I have available. Specifically, I think I’m a few rolls from either a great Awoken Pandora team or I&I team. Having a Saria or Thor would instantly provide a great team there too, I think, and one of these 3 tanky teams might provide much more versatility than Ra on top of a Shiva team. I also have 350k MP.

    I’m planning to roll Day 2 because I have no dupe risk outside of Haku and Meimei (and I wouldn’t mind another Meimei). I think a Lucifer or Sakuya would open new doors, although I don’t think I’d enjoy the Sakuya playstyle (color match + combo + some rng with my skill). Water gala can also give Isis for Ra or more options for I&I.

    Would this be a smart day to roll, should I be rolling for new things at all, and which prospective team would you say is the best investment after Shiva?

    Thank you for all your help! Really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pulls!


    • Just taking a quick glance, day 2 really does seem good for you. Like you said, the Archdemons are the only pantheon you have nothing from and outside Haku all the of Chinese can do good work for you.

      I think the water gala is not great for you, but not bad either. What you really need for an I&I team is another board changer to go with your friend’s Ryune. That would preferably be Karin, but BSonia and Mori would also work. While this may make it seem like the gala is good for you, I think it’s not all upside because if you land some good subs for the team that aren’t board changers — like Gabriel, Andromeda or Amon — you’re still lacking that board change. I’m leaning toward saying the water gala is good for you, though, since Lakshmi is also a leader option for you.

      I think this is about as good as it’s going to get for you short of a special godfest like 4x. So I think it’s a good idea to roll.

      As far as other teams, I think your assessment is correct: I don’t know if Ra is appreciably better than Shiva. They can do just about all non-Arena content just fine. Ra is slightly better than Shiva in the Arena, but they will still both struggle to produce consistent results so I don’t know if that’s much of an advantage. So I think you’re correct in saying that any resources invested in Ra may go to waste.

      As far as what to work on next, it’s hard to say. Since you’re a monster or two short on Ryune-I&I, Saria-Thor and Pandora/Lucifer, I guess you can just let the REM decide for you.


      • Thanks for the advice. I ended up rolling a bit more this GF than I usually would, and ended up getting every archdemon except Lucifer. Also pulled Sakuya, Leilan, Andromeda, and Eschamali.

        I would like to try Lakshmi but I’m worried about investing in her for the same reasons as Ra. I do plan to level all subs for any viable team slowly so it’ll eventually get there (plus I want to play with Alrescha for fun).

        Really happy about the Eschamali but I don’t know if it actually does anything for any teams I have, although it does make a Yomi Dragon more appealing if I have no other uses for MP (almost 500k after this GF). I’m going to give Sakuya a try to see if I can get into the team, but really wish I had pulled a Lucifer instead of any of the other archdemons. Overall, though, my pulls were pretty good.

        Don’t think I’ll roll as much for a while unless a good GF with Akechi comes.


  27. Hi~

    Rank: 178
    IAP Status: Some, but no more than $30 a month
    box space: 360

    Teams: Ronia, Typhon, GZL.. potentially UY, but I’m a scrub

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Meridian/monsters/

    Hello~ I mainly just want some advice for where to go from here on out

    Typhon seems to be my strongest leader at the moment; my main problem with him is that when my team gets dark bound…. rip team…

    I’ve beaten KoTG and a few legend-level descends with my Typhon team; I’m not sure I have the DPS for mythical yet (=w=)” (mostly because I suck; some time extends would be nice ;; )

    Was working on a GZL team for farming; I probably have the subs for a Goemon team too (b-but Goemon would take so much investment….)

    Team-wise, I think Typhon is okay for now descend-wise, but binds really kill him. Should I switch to Pandora as main lead instead? (Since she is getting a nifty awoken soon…)

    And farming-wise, should I continue with GZL, or is Goemon a better option?

    Or maybe I should be saving up for a Shiva dragon? Hmm…

    I would really like a Verdandi or Haku in my box; a Blonia would be nice too *drools*

    Should I try my luck tomorrow?
    Wait for a 4x godfest?
    Er, in general where to go from here? =w=)”
    Just looking for some advice ^w^)/)


    • The Chinese are great, but I think you can do better than day 2 as the Archdemons have very limited uses. I think ideally you would wait for the next PCGF, but that’s a long ways off (about 3.5 months) and you need something to hold you over in the mean time. So let’s see what you can do with your box.

      Typhon is fine, but he really needs a full roster to work well (look into picking up a Grape Dragon if we get the gift dungeon again soon). I actually think RSonia is your best team going forward. Either way, you should look into skilling up your Pandora, especially now that you don’t need to evolve the fairies for skill ups. If I had your box, I’d probably run RSonia and run Pandora, Durga, Vampire and Drawn Joker as your subs.

      I don’t like GZL, Goemon or Shiva Dragon for you.

      I’d just do your best to progress while you wait for PCGF, 4x GFEs or a better godfest lineup (like two of Chinese, Three Kingdoms and Heroes on the same day).


  28. Hey Setsu,

    Rank: 303
    IAP Status: Light IAP
    Teams: AShiva, AI&I
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/jma92/monsters/

    Just wondering if I should to roll for Day 2. I’ve been holding onto a pack for while now because I was waiting for a GF that would coincide with a water gala. I’m building my I&I team and many have told me that I need Andro, Karin and Gabrielle to improve my team.

    Also I’ve been holding onto some plus eggs because I don’t know if I should use them on my Shiva team or my I&I team. My Shiva has most of the end game subs but my I&I is lacking almost everything. Do you think I should save my stones till I have better I&I subs or go ahead and plus my Shiva team?

    Also do you think there is a gem of another team I could start working on in my box that would be better than Shiva/I&I? (Not ASakuya cus I’ve pretty much developed a good team for her but I just suck at her so much :()

    Thanks in advance!


    • Yes, I think day 2 is good especially since you were waiting for that water gala. I think landing Andromeda or Gabriel is what you really need to replace Sumire and a Hermes for BValk. Karin is also great, but not needed as much since you have your own Ryune. She does have good synergy with Hermes though. The other Chinese would also be good to have and the Archdemons aren’t terrible.

      It’s hard to say what to plus, especially since I don’t know if you’re going to roll and what you get from it. I think I&I-Ryune has much more upside than Shiva does. Tank teams also need plusses to really shine. Well, just taking into consideration what you already have, I’d probably continue your Shiva team, but that can obviously change with what you roll.

      I don’t really see any other teams in your box (I mean, you could make a Yomi team, but considering you don’t like Sakuya that’s probably not happening). You’re missing a couple subs from every team I tried out, so you’re just better off sticking with Shiva and I&I.


      • Thanks for the response!

        Sighs I went ahead and rolled my entire pack (cus I went on tilt) but I ended up getting Karin at the end but no Andro/Gabriel/Hermes…

        I also picked up a FA Luci tho. I’ve been seeing many ppl rave about him in the community. Would ALuci/Pandora/Pandora/Haku/Hanzo be a decent team for him? And would he surpass my current teams?

        I know you arent responding anymore so I understand if you dont response to this 🙂


        • That team doesn’t sound bad… but it actually looks like a better Pandora team. Pandora / Pandora / Zuoh / Haku / Hanzo / Pandora sounds like a solid base. You can switch in Lucifer when you need the true damage. But either team is missing the Akechi to make them truly elite. I’m not actually sure how they compare to your current teams, but Pandora will give you a true burst option that you don’t have yet. Lucifer is good, but I’m not sure it’s better than your I&I-Ryune team at this point in time.


  29. Hello Setsu,

    Thank you for helping us again!

    Rank: 338

    IAP: non-IAP but I managed to save more than 500 stones currently for pulling etc…

    PADHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/dearmr/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxatt,0

    I actually communicated with you back when November at https://setsupad.wordpress.com/?page_id=1?replytocom=2612#respond. I then followed your advice to work on plus and skill up my A. Shiva team. I was lucky enough to pull Cao Cao during the last PCGF and have already maxed him.

    I have been storing plus eggs to apply on my Urd and Set but then I start to feel I am hitting the limit of A. Shiva team – 1. the team is so vulnerable to almost any kinds of binds (God/Devil/Fire/Water/Wood binds all get the team in trouble ) and 2. damage output relies on how lucky you get with the Urd Board. More plus eggs would not really change these and make the team go further

    So I had ~ 40 rolls at the GF when Eschmali was launched to seek for a different flavour. No luck on Eschmali but I got some decent Water leads/subs and several pieces of Saria/Thor team. I then rolled more hoping to get a Thor since some of my friends are running Saria but no luck either.

    I guess my question is more towards general game direction:

    1. I feel like I should not roll this GF because the only useful ones I can get are Karin for my developing Water team and Haku, which would actually be really useful. But I also think the other ones I need for my potential teams will not make it to PCGF (e.g. Thor, Apoclypse, Pandora….).

    2. Can A. Shiva team do more than I felt? What should I work on now to progress or only pulling more monsters would help?

    On a side note, I have ~ 200K MP, thinking about MP dragon for end but does not think I have subs for MP dragons except maybe Neptune Dragon?

    I would appreciate your input and thank you in advance!! 🙂


    • I mean, all your teams are going to be vulnerable to binds since you have no bind clearers in your box.

      There are plenty of bind clear options to run for Shiva. I’m not sure how you don’t at least have a Red Riding Hood or Fire Dragon Swordsman at this point. Those are both great options that are relatively common. Considering I don’t see any REM silvers in your PADherder, you either got very lucky, didn’t add them or sold them.

      You can roll the dice with RSonia for random binds or farm an Aamir for the more dangerous ones. You can also try activating DIza beforehand to live through the duration. Most binds in this game can be played around by planning the dungeon correctly.

      1. The Archdemons are kinda crap especially since you don’t have subs for Astaroth or Lucifer. I’d pass.

      2. I don’t see any other coherent team in your box. I’d continue with Shiva. I don’t know how far you’ve actually gotten with the team, but it should be able to clear just about everything in the game.

      As far as other teams, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the REM since you don’t have anything that’s close to Shiva at the moment. Maybe wait for 4x or PCGF and see what you get.

      Look at the FAQ for MP Dragon questions.


      • Thank you for the input! To answer some of your questions and add more information:

        1. I sold most of the silver eggs except some Elementals and Healers I pulled loooong time ago when REM were filled with Golems/Healers/Toydragons…..I started with an account that 9 out of 10 people would re-roll now but I did not know much about the game back then and kept playing all the way anyways. Those cards actually helped me to get through a bunch of dungeons, even earlier descended. I do not use them anymore but I felt like if I sell those I am selling my memories as well. 😛

        2. I never pulled out any un-bindable bind clearer such as the ones you mentioned. GJ Gungtroll. I am working on max skill my Aamir (currently at Lv.4, still a long way to go).

        3. I have cleared most descends. Hoping to be able to clear Arena someday but that will be a long shot. Having trouble with C9 – C10 currently due to binds/fire damage absorb/not enough damage to water type enemy… Part of the reason why I am looking into building another team besides A. Shiva. But as far as I understand, the potential A. I&I or Saria/Thor team are either missing or changers or leads.

        Thank you again for your reply!


  30. Gonna cut it off for this godfest here; it’s getting fairly late into day 2 anyways. I have some stuff I need to get done and need to minimize distractions. I’ll answer everything before this.


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