Yamatsumi Mythical – Spica

Damage still underwhelming even with the boost.


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  1. I have a question to the Mech. Star God Series: you seem to enjoy Spica quite a lot, do you think there are similar successful compositions possible with the other colors of the series? Castor obvioulsy matches pretty good with YomiDra if you don’t own YomiDra yourself, but apart from that I didn’t read about serious suggestions anywhere.

    My thoughts:
    – Castor: team with YomiDra, I don’t see a big benefit on running dual Castor leads
    – Pollux should be able to recover pretty good with all the light healers subs like DQ, WuKong etc.
    – Alrescha: blue has plenty healers available for recovery too, or physicals to boost hp.
    – Antares might be difficult, I don’t see real stalling power in red. Maybe a more bursty composition? But then again there are better red leads doing that.

    Why did you go green and not another color?

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  2. They’re all reasonable tank leads. Alrescha is probably the best for Arena 1 since water spawns are the least threatening and there are a ton of high-danger fire spawns. Antares also seems fairly capable in the Arena. Outside that, they all seem pretty much the same except Castor has the weakest resistance set.


  3. I’m certain you have the subs to try this, but other Constellation users have found that TPA damage which your team stacks doesn’t measure up to RE burst. Might be worth trying a different sub-lineup before tossing Spica et al. as underwhelming given how well Constellations (not named CastorxCastor or Antares anyway) stall?


  4. I’ve been thinking about an orb enhance Alrescha team for farming.

    Alrescha/Sarasvarti/Sarasvarti/Nut/Skuld or A.Isis/Alrescha

    Get unlimited skyfall hacking and Nut activates if I really need it. Skuld and A.Isis gives 100% SBR, one gives a board change, the other gives bind clear. Decent healing to complement resistances.

    Thinking about switching around Nut or the flex spot for Sumire.

    Similar to your set up, thinking about Orb Enhance TPA, too


    Basically opting for OE+TPA over skyfall hacking.

    Just for farming, not end-game.

    Overall, what are your thoughts?


    • The match-five mechanic is not very good for farming and the Constellation 16x doesn’t do enough damage. I’d rather lead with Skuld for farming tbh.


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