That Was Easier Than Expected


I finally got to set aside a few consecutive hours for PAD and I decided to skill up a Grisar for no good reason whatsoever. Suffice to say, it was significantly easier to skill him up through multiplayer — I did it solo with Ra Dragon — than it was with Elia through invades. I’d actually go so far to say that Elia and Grisar are halfway reasonable to skill up now. They’re still a huge stamina sink, but if you can get your hands a Machine Hera, have a halfway decent dark team and a friend that wants to farm with you, you can get it done pretty quickly. The catch is, well, getting that Machine Hera in the first place. It might actually be worth it to dump 10-15 stones to get her since it’ll open the door to easy farming for all the multiplayer dungeons. Zaerog∞, Scarlet, Linthia, Gainaut; these are all pretty useful farmables and for the most part Machine Hera should wipe the floor with them.


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