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  • It looks like GungHo really did pass up on Valentine’s Day. Sad for sure, but my wallet isn’t complaining.
  • So this week should be pretty huge for PAD news with the 4th anniversary stream coming on the 19th: Bleach Collab, skill inheritance, uevo announcements, and hopefully more collab teasers. I’m particularly excited for skill inheritance. I fully expect it to change the game and hopefully pave the way for trivializing Arena 2; the questions remaining are the costs and limitations.
  • While I’d love to say that GungHo will reveal uevo Sengoku and Awoken Indra, Vritra and Three Kingdoms, it’s more likely we’ll get some new busted 6-star GFEs so everyone can relive the Eschamali nightmare. Or for those that didn’t, it’s another chance to make sure they do. A new pantheon seems unlikely as we just got one. Maybe they’ll reveal a few MP Shop additions, too?
  • Oh, right. NA. I wouldn’t expect any new uevos for at least a week as we’ve almost fully caught up to JP now. The next batch are the survey uevos (Pandora, Urd, LIza).
  • As far as the next event, signs seem to be pointing toward 10x: Goemon in the coins and Zeus and Hera Sowilo in the Descended Challenge. I don’t want to count eggs before they’ve hatched, but if we’re indeed getting 10x again maybe GungHo’s strategy is to give us 10x less often, but give us the best dungeons for speed and stamina efficiency when they do. Anyways, I’m pretty much out of +eggs so if we don’t get 10x I’m going to be quite angry/frustrated/sad.
  • What are the chances of NA getting the Bleach Collab? Well, collabs never have a particularly high chance of making their way here, but kinda like with Final Fantasy, I’d be surprised if it didn’t eventually. That’s assuming, of course, that the licensing isn’t as restrictive as DBZ. To be honest, I’ve gotten over the collab disparity between the regions; in fact I’m thankful there’s fewer temptations to burn money on.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 54

  1. This is unrelated to your weekly roundup (I apoogize) but if I may ask some advice?

    I have 2 Fallen Angel Lucifer (lol) and one of them has become Awoken FA Lucifer. I don’t really have a team for him since I lack Akechi/Haku/YomiDra/Eschemali (my current plan is Castor/Persephone/DIza/Panda, it theoretically works I guess since Castor changes jam/poison) but I went ahead and nabbed him anyways.

    What should I do with FA Luci #2? What do you think about multiple Awoken Luci? Or is he better off as MP? I want to purchase Courage and Pure. It’s a very long-distance goal and I only have 150K MP but I am only 100K MP away from my first, who I am leaning towards Courage because I want to invest in my Bastet team now that I have two Awoken Meimei. However I would also like Pure since I love using Awoken Leilan (and the forums has a small cult-ish community that is obsessed with her and I am shamelessly a part of said community hehe).

    I honestly can’t see GH going past Awokens in terms of uevos, the recent string of buffs has me thinking they will simply continue to rebalance the game on an Awoken Evolution level. So as the cards fall behind, they will receive stat buffs so their weighteds catch up (such as what they did to Minerva and friends). There’s no getting around the fact that the Awoken Greek 1’s actives and awakenings need a makeover but that is its own post/salt post.


    • I don’t think there’s much use for the second Lucifer. Even for push button aficionados a dupe will have very little use since he only hits a single target (but the three skill boosts are pretty sexy).

      So, what really constitutes an awoken uevo? It’s basically just a buff to all the main knobs available on a PAD card: improved stats, types, active, leader skill, and awakenings. So, how do you improve a card besides making new knobs (e.g. latent awakenings and skill inheritance)? You improve old knobs. Then you gate it somehow so the improvement isn’t “free” so you can profit from it beyond drumming up interest in godfests for old cards. Sure, there will be balance changes to existing cards, but their changes in the past didn’t advance power creep. They need some delivery method and new ultimates are the simplest method. Not to mention making new evos encourages the acquisition of dupes more than balance changes. So I think it only makes sense that they will make each card’s evolution tree more complicated as time goes on, whenever they decide to advance power creep. Also, art plays a large part in people’s decisions to buy cards, so may as well profit on that, too.


      • Hmmm…I guess I might just hold on to FA Luci #2 for now then. The wants-the-Marionettes side of me just wants to kick him, all my Fruit Dragons, and all my wizards and Nim and Muse to the MP shop so I can get a little bit closer but the collector/nonIAP and nostalgia side of me wants to just keep ’em all. I really don’t think selling the Wee Jas would hurt me at all though tbh

        Awoken Evolutions have always seemed to be some sort of innovative creative spin on an existing card–different enough to make it notable, and an improvement that makes it usable, especially like what was done with the Greco-Roman 1 pantheon back when they were in a sorry state. So of course if something like Awoken Pandora appears with a very boring improvement (I still think her active skill should be at the same cooldown as regular Pandora is, just like Awoken Chinese compared to their vanilla versions) I’m not going to be all that happy. Not because Awoken Pandora sucks. She doesn’t, she’s very strong. But she’s…boring. Uncreative. Lazy. Her art is okay though I guess.

        By the way, do you think Awoken Lucifer / Persephone / Pandora / Castor / Z8 / Awoken Lucifer is a good Awoken Lucifer team? It’s all I can really come up with. Don’t have Loki/Akechi/Haku 😦 I cleared Z8 finally for the first time I hate that dungeon and its @*#%^# 6 combo floor


  2. I’m really happy with Awoken Lucifer as a leader, but I’m hoping that Awoken Indra is a good leader too. After all, that he is going to be a good sub seems a given when he is already one of Ra Dragon’s staple subs. Also I’m really hoping for an update on Greek 1 Gods… (My Hades is so useless it hurts)

    No matter the announcement they make, however, I do hope this is a huge update! It’s the least they can do, with the 4th anniversary and all.


    • Yeah, I’m pretty excited for it. I’m just hoping they sandbagged the past few streams (which were really, really bad and disappointing) so they could give us a really good one this time.


  3. Afternoon, Setsu! I know this isn’t related to your weekly roundup, but I wanted to ask you a quick question and I had seen your comment closing the GF thread.

    Background: I was tried of NA vs JP, and decided to take the plunge over on the JP side. I picked a damn good time to do so, because of the 4x GFE Godfest coincided with a Dark Gala.

    Now, as you can see on my PADherder, I got EXTREMELY lucky with the like $150 I dropped over the weekend: https://www.padherder.com/user/GrieverUrd/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    The first issue is obviously team cost, but past that I’m a little unsure on the order of which to add monsters to my team as my available cost goes up. I’m definitely leading with ハマル (Hamar) as they work so well with the Yomi Dragon Best Friend that I found. Currently, I’m leaning towards adding Eschamali (once she’s evolved), Akechi, Okuni, and Haku, in that order. I think the power that having Eschamali on the team would add is worth the empty sub slots for a few ranks. Plus the monsters that need to be evo’d to Awoken are definitely out of reach for at least a little, and can sit on the side lines till I can start clearing their evo material dungeons, haha.

    Does that make sense? Or should I hold out on adding Eschamali till later?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions, and sorry for hijacking the post with a question!


    • I don’t think the order really matters. If you’re dedicated, it’s easy enough to get get the team cost quickly, so just do it in the order you see fit. I don’t really play my JP account, but for what I can see there are so many EXP and stamina dungeon bonuses and Extreme Tama dungeons that the ranks fly by even if you don’t really try. If you’re really in a rush, I might prioritize making a team that can farm Metalit Descended and rank up that way.


      • Awesome, makes sense.

        I’ll set aside a chunk of time this weekend to allow for some mindless double EXP dungeon farming, haha.


  4. I’m really looking forward to skill inheritance…I’m hoping beyond hope that gungho will make it something like an equip card where you could equip the second monster to the first to use its skill…which would allow you to keep the monster and even deequip the monster…I would suspect sacrificing especially a rem monster may run afoul of Japanese gacha law…but knowing gungho’s penchant for sucking money out of its player’s wallets, I’m not holding my breath…


  5. Looks like PADX is speculating 10x descends!

    Also, I heard rumors floating around of “20x +eggs in Technical” and “10x +eggs in Normals”. Does the 20x suddenly apply to ALL Technicals instead of just the Legendary series? And does 10x Normals exist in JP now?! I’m really confused as to where these rumors are coming from and if they’re true then OH MY GOD. I hope they could possibly exist in NA someday. (give the track record of 3x skill ups I don’t know though)


    • Yes, they exist as limited time guerrilla events, I believe. They were never announced officially as far as I know, they just kinda… happened.


      • That is insane crazy. If 10x normals ever became a thing I would live in King of the Gods……. *drools* I’m glad JP at least is realizing the desperate need for +eggs what with all the high powered content (looks at Machine Hera). I remember before when 5x technicals was all we had and even that didn’t come around often. It took me well over 6 months to get like 1 card hypermaxed (lol). Then when 3x normals happened it was insane. And now 10x descends… it definitely eases the struggle.

        I have 50 stones sitting in my inbox ready to BURN, BABY. Hopefully I can hypermax my Thor team and also hypermax a few of my important fire cards. Although at this point how many hypermaxed cards I can get depends less on my stones I have saved up and more on how much time I have because college yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


        • iirc 10x was for King of the Gods only, but there may have been other 10x normal events that I missed out on. I don’t pay enough attention to JP to know all the details.

          Good luck with 10x. I’ll be taking an effective break from blogging for about a week I think… It’s a blessing in disguise that there really isn’t much to write about this event besides the JP stream later tonight.


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