Fire & Shadow Dog Dragon Farming


I’ve pretty much phased out farming numbers from my blog, but GungHo has so graciously given us the chance to relive the hell that was the Cat Dragons so I decided to loosely keep track of the numbers. This is just the first batch — I imagine myself farming this dungeon a ton to hopefully skill up two each — but here’s what I got so far:

Fire & Shadow Dog Dragon Mythical – 66 Runs (3300 Stamina) – 2x Drop
Monster Drops Rate Stam / Drop
Fire Shibamaru 16 24.24% 206.25
Dark Shibamaru 19 28.79% 173.68
Total 35 53.03% 94.29

Considering the drop numbers I got for Nephthys and Hathor from the Cat Dragons, this isn’t all that unexpected. I believe that the Shibamarus being split between two elements where the DeviNyans weren’t is what’s killing per drop efficiency, but if you’re skilling up multiple things in the dungeon then it actually turns out to be advantageous. I can’t imagine running this dungeon to skill up only one of Akechi or Sanada, especially since these two will almost certainly get voted into the survey dungeon. To those that are going to anyways — I mean, they’re simply that good — I hope you don’t suffer too much.

As for what difficulty to farm on, I did mythical for the Cat Dragons so I’m going to continue to do so here. Even if it turns out that it isn’t as stamina efficient — I haven’t seen enough data to convince me the lower difficulties are actually better in that regard — time is what’s really important to me. True, you can push button expert, but having to run the dungeon more times than I have to isn’t appealing. Especially if we get 10x (PDX is currently reporting EU is for their next event, so it’s likely NA will as well).

I’m using a team of Cloud / Leonis / Shedar / Ilm / Thor / Cloud to farm the dungeon. It’s pretty damned mindless. It’d be truly mindless if Furi didn’t have that damned combo shield. It still beats farming the Arena, anyways.

I heard JP is going to get a 4x skill up event for their 4th anniversary. That’d sure be nice to have in general, but especially for this dungeon.


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  1. Thanks for posting these numbers! I’d heard the samurai skillup farming was atrocious but was hoping it wasn’t as bad as reported. I guess my Akechi is staying unskilled until he gets a survey, which is sad for Lucifer.


  2. haha luckily i own one of both. So skilling up isn’t TERRIBLE. i also own a unskilled sasuke, not that i’m ever going to use him, but every bit counts right? Also speculated 10x starting friday. goemon or hera sowilo? I think im going to go with shivadrag on sowilo just because it’s a bit more stone efficient:) Gl to you in plus egg heaven (even if it is only for a short while)


    • We’ll get 1x skillups and 2.5x great or super chance because the Gungho NA servers are powered by salt. Also because they personally hate each and every one of us.


    • According to PDX, it looks like EU is getting 2.5x so we likely will as well. Otherwise those stupid Shibamarus are going to rot in my box for a long time.


  3. I don’t have my 2x runs from yesterday on hand, but I have my sticky note on the back of my phone from today’s farming.
    10 runs, 9 red 7 dark encounters, 3 red and 3 dark drops. For the casual player, 14 days average 4 drops each would get 14 skill ups in theory.

    Too bad NA gungho does everything possible to make us feel like trash. Oh you guys want 10x descends again like Japan gets every other week along with half stamina? Here have a 10x descend event in the middle of one of the best skill up dungeons when you own multiple types and colors of cards all ranging as good to great for players of all ranks.

    I’m just mad 10x overlaps when I have 2 sanada 1 Akechi and multiple ninjas and a crazy dragon to skill up.


    • Yeah, it definitely feels bad. It doesn’t surprise me, though. If Antonio and Michael are the ones communicating NA concerns back to Japan, I fully expect them to miss “small” things like this.


  4. I need to find a video of doing a mass skill up of 4x in action. I gotta see these rates. Heck I still wanna see 3x in action.


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  6. Based on my farming, I get about 1 skillup each for Sanada and Akechi every hour.

    At this rate, skilling both up will cost me about 6 hours or 6*240 = 1440 or close to 5 +297 just to skill these guys up.

    Not sure if I should keep going or back to Goemon or Light resist farming.


    • Yeah, I hate how they put these skill ups, light latents and 10x all in the same event with the same exact start and end. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if we got 10x every other event, but now we get to feel bad about not having the time to do everything we want to do. At least it’s not dark latents…

      It’s definitely rough prioritizing which to do. I stopped at 1 Sanada, 1 Akechi and 10 light resists, although I would like some more lights.


      • Yea, I got my Akechi maxed and Sanada is stuck at 3. But to your point, I can’t see myself farming for JUST 1 of Sanada and Akechi.

        So I think I’ll just wait for Sanada till later.


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