Latent Resist Farming – Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 – Yomi Dragon

I decided to take a short break from 10x Goemon to do some latent farming. Thanks to JP YouTubers, this is the most efficient farming team I found. Here’s how I planned the floors:

  1. The only floor you can use DValk and not stall later, so use her if you need her. Healing is not necessary.
  2. Healing is not necessary here. Use a Yomi Dragon if needed to sweep.
  3. You need to heal here for the 5th floor preemptive. Use a Yomi Dragon if needed. Try to save two dark orbs if possible.
  4. Lucifer. In the case of an invade on 1-3, I prefer saving him for Ra since the DEF requirement is lower on the Tama (600k vs 900k).
  5. Hopefully you have enough orbs to activate after Lucifer.
  6. Check that your DValk is up first, then DKali→DValk→Nephthys. This guarantees a match-five activation and five total combos to get past Sopdet’s shield.

The run usually goes much smoother, but this is the only invade I was able to record.

Not sure if there are any decent substitutes. DKali is a hard requirement for an easy floor six. I love my Cerberus Rider, but Lucifer is necessary here because his god killer allows you to clear the 5th floor with only a single dark row consistently. You could run another heartbreaker over DValk, but most of the options have some combination of being non-god, having a longer cooldown or changing another orb type. Finally, I guess you could run DMeta over Nephthys, but I never tested it.


6 thoughts on “Latent Resist Farming – Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 – Yomi Dragon

  1. Hey Setsu, I was just wondering… where will you put all these latents? I know dark that reductions are the most common because the majority of the game contains dark monsters, so who are you planning to feed these light atk reductions to? thanks


    • Outside rearranging latents for the Ra Dragon Arena team, I have no immediate use. Lights in particular aren’t all that useful. I do it now so I don’t regret it later. I farmed 20 fire and somewhat regret it since I can’t just fully fire latent my Astaroth team on a whim (which came after Hera-Ur 5×4).


  2. Love the Chrono Trigger music! That brings back so many memories! Anyways, the dkali board combo is a lifesaver! Combo absorb is the bane of my existence…


  3. Have you tried running this dungeon with a radra team with 3 dkali on it? It also seems pretty fast for this dungeon, since you can use radra hastes to get your dkalis up again in time to use 1 each floor.


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