Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 2/19/16

With 10x starting exactly with the JP stream, I haven’t had much time to collect my thoughts on what was revealed. Now that I’m looking for an excuse to take a break, now seems as good a time as any.

  • 100 cards getting additional awakenings – This was something I never would have expected, but it makes a good amount of sense. For old pantheon uevos, it revitalizes old design space, something that GungHo has seemed desperate to do lately if their recent focus on the uninspired jammer- and poison-based leader skills are any indicator. It also makes dupes that much more desirable as I’m sure an Apollo with an SBR and devil killer or a Karin with both god and dragon killers will be quite appealing in certain situations. This is a pretty smart move by GungHo, and they don’t even need to make new artwork for it. As for the non-pantheon cards, all I can say is “thank god”.
  • New farmable uevos – I concluded in my Yamatsumi post that non-Special Descended drops just can’t compete since the awakening deficit puts them at too far a disadvantage. I’m not sure if these uevos will actually make any of them top-tier subs even with additional awakenings, but at least newer players might find them worthwhile now (especially the Mystic Knights who were already pretty decent filler subs as-is). Aamir will likely have the biggest impact — assuming his upgrade is even halfway decent — but I’m most excited for Cauchemar; it’d be amazing if he could be relevant to Awoken Astaroth in some way.
  • Collabs – Whatever. I’ve decided to never get excited for a collab again, even if it’s one we’ve already gotten. I’ll save my excitement for when we actually get it.
  • PADR – NA never. Sounds kinda neat, though.
  • Skill inheritance – We still don’t know the full specifics, so I’ll still be withholding judgment.
  • Old collab rotations – I don’t know if Super Gunma will be useful even with skill inheritance, but at the very least it looks like a decent target for wood teams trying to get an effect they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. But, once again, since we don’t know all the details we don’t even know if it’ll be a valid target.
  • New uevos – I’m not particularly impressed, but there’s some potential.
    • Yamato – The rows are great, but what I’m most excited about is his new Raoh attacker qualification. This not only means Leilan has an orb change combo besides Belial, but now the team doesn’t have to rely on Sanada as its only real heartmaker. I could easily see Leilan-Yamato being the core of Raoh teams for some time to come.
    • Wukong & Avalon Drake – Neither are all that exciting, but the triple skill boosts create more possibilities for non-fire farming teams. For light, I’ve been keeping Juza in mind for a while now and maybe Wukong’s extra skill boost can make such a team an option in the future (and because NA getting Tora is highly unlikely).
    • Pandora – So that prediction based off the card ID came true after all. As a time extend shitter, I’m quite happy. I have enough Pandoras saved up to pretty much go with any combination of awoken or uuevo that’s necessary. Now I’m hoping her Summer form gets some buffs.
    • Artemis – It’s somewhat hilarious that Marine Rider of all things got a bump in relevancy after I’ve basically shit on Rider-style orb changes since this blog began. Summer GSonia also gets a boost. U&Y, Skuld and wood Karin might end up being decent choices even though they’re water-main; it depends on how viable a mixed-element team actually is. I’m curious to see what JP does with her.
    • Zuoh – Getting a SBR several months too late for Meimei. Him useless as a leader shouldn’t change, but he’s still great to pair with Pandora so he should see more sub use now. Where’s Ilm’s? He’s actually relevant.
    • Gadius & Typhon – Pretty boring, but unbindability opens up a new set of uses for them.
    • Skuld – I really want to find a use for her. Here’s hoping NA gets the Bleach collab so I can throw her on a Rukia team (along with that Scheat I don’t have yet).

26 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 2/19/16

  1. So jazzed about Yamato for my Raoh team. He was max skilled and +297 as the core of my Krishna team that’s gathering dust…. hoping Gungho makes him too attractive to resist again ’cause I always enjoyed the mechanic


  2. Something to note about Artemis that people might not have thought of. Her extra attack multiplier only has 1 on color board changer in a limited collab. There is some combo with marine rider though to set up a weird ratio of orbs. Both making 1/3 to green blue and red/light.

    As for the orb changers only Sasuke is the only one not good to use.

    That means the whole green pool is open to Artemis in terms of subs. By having no subs converting away your blue orbs, the natural skyfall ones will still be sitting on board. She also has a little bit of all the awakenings which supports a larger team build sub pool. As beach Pandora and the Norse have proven, the multi type attack buffs do have a function. They allow more options when you don’t get the ideal boards. Also I’m excited because I have 2 marine riders and 2 Artemis. One marine rider is skill level 4 too. Yes I used 3 pii on him. Yes I got 14 move green ones in my box and I’d do it if gowns didn’t get an update.

    Gadius looks like a good sub now since him as a leader is very difficult to use because of heavy rem dependent subs and skill of play. Devil killer is a lot of extra damage and he’s an unbindable heart making *although 4 color might not give you 6* bind clear with haste.

    Skuld has some crazy stats to go with her crazy artwork. I don’t like the art because it’s too busy with no flow.


  3. Hey setsu, is skuld good as a leader or is she better as a sub? What do you think of a team of skuld, polaris+kapibara, awoken orochi, alrescha, u&y/Isis, skuld? I don’t have the team yet, but is it viable for endgame? ALSO, CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE OPTIMAL BOARDS FOR PARVATI or can you at least send me the link to her boards. Nowadays, i literally use only 4 leaders, Parvati(After the power creep), I&I, bastet, and sakuya, so it would be nice if i had the boards. Sorry for being such a pain…


        • Please refrain from caps when asking for something, it’s unbecoming. As for the optimal boards, there are none. You can try to get netete to make updated versions or try to find if someone else made them, but that’s on you.


          • I understand, thanks. also, what’s a good way to maximize skyfall increase chance of a specific color while using a skyfall buff active? For example, I was running a z8 team and like you said, he’s extremely orb hungry and even with a max skilled satsuki, I was still orb starved. How can i prevent that? And lastly, I need blue valk to complete a lot of my water teams (I&I, Andro, Skuld, etc). should i roll for directors choice carnival or is it better to save my stones for haku in a chinese godfest. I’m non IAP so could you please give me some pointers.Thanks in advance.


          • Setsu. I know sometimes people message you in unbecoming ways, and perhaps this was a message to get across you dislike the gross misuse of Caps-locking an entire sentence but there’s no reason to reply in such a manner. You’re a mature person, keep in mind sometimes that some people in your audience is perhaps not as aware of their actions. Basically my point is, that you’re better than this. Keep classy Setsu.


            • Whatever you want to think or expect of me or what I write is your right, but to say there’s no reason for me to do something is awfully presumptuous and somewhat offensive. You’re expecting too much from a hack amateur with a PAD blog. If someone is being an asshole then I’m going to shit on them. This is a hobby, not a job. I’m not about to treat it like one, turn on a filter and tiptoe around offending people. I prefer to keep things civil, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to internalize my anger when someone triggers me; I do that enough in real life.


          • I totally respect your opinion and I understand and accept your logic and I apologize for being so offensive. Though I will say I think you don’t give yourself enough credit. I love reading your posts and so do majority of people that look at your site, as evidenced by avid pad redditors recommending your site for solid information. You analysis of the game and your organization of your blogs kind of goes beyond typical blogging. I’m presumptuous for saying this too, but admire your work a little more. It’s cool as fuck.


        • Evidently WordPress caps off once a lot of responses have been made. If I may offer my two cents to help you out.

          1) Skyfall buff cards + orb changers is as good as it gets. If you get orb starved running Z8 with his active up, in addition to using conversions, you are either a) getting unlucky, which happens or b) you are not clearing the board.

          Are you making 6+ combos? If you only make 3 – 5 combos per turn you are clearing less than half the board, letting off-color orbs build up, minimizing your chance of favorable colors dropping down even with the 15% buff to skyfall chance that Z8 provides. Your skill is your only barrier at this point. And even then you are always at the mercy of RNG (not just for Z8 teams but for every sort of team). Combo hard, clear the board.

          2) Don’t roll for just one card and expect to get it, especially if you are nonIAP. I have rolled in Director’s Carnival and gotten good golds, bad golds, and silvers, in varying amounts. I have rolled cards not even featured. I once rolled Pandora and Sun Quan when neither pantheon was featured in the DC. I like DCs personally because they eliminate GFEs which sometimes are just noise, and in the case of this one only featuring Akechi of the Sengoku, people targeting Akechi don’t get all the other noisy stuff. But that doesn’t mean your chances are much higher. DCs are the only times Valkyrie rates get boosted, as they are excluded from Galas for some reason. If all you want is Blue Valk, like that is the ONLY thing you want, go for it. But I say things like Haku and +eggs are more important, especially +eggs.

          If you want to take your I&I team into the endgame (I&I x Ryune is incredibly powerful if you don’t know that already and it looks like you have her optimal subs) then you NEED to hypermax everyone. I am dedicating 50+ stones to 10x (whether I get through them all or not is another story). Yes, that’s a lot of REM rolls, but it is worth more to me than REM rolls and you get to avoid the RNG factor since +eggs will always come out of 10x.

          I hope this helps, from a fellow nonIAP player.


  4. I had a huge post, but my PC crapped out on me, so it’s gone…

    TLDR (Because it disappeared): Buffs are good, Heroes are OK, but Andro is the clear winner, Weapon series is interesting since they’re great bodies for AS Transfers, and A.Artemis is surprising, and pretty good, both as a lead and as a sub. The way I see it, it’s Sylvie, with a (only slightly) worse active and lover base damage, but a higher ceiling. Hoping for Hermes to be similar, but fully expecting him to get water/fire, just to screw us over.

    PAD R is probably not coming. I hope it will, but it won’t.

    New evos are great, I was wondering how GH would jump the shark after Awokens, this is a good way to do it, buffing old cards. Dupes become desirable after people either sold them/upgraded them to Awoken, and we who kept the dupes get shiny new toys for free. Win/win situation!

    Resurrected voice is a great farmable dark machine type. Escha likes him…

    Resurrected Kamui, if he follows suit, will be a great water TPA sub, and NA will have a great pair for Skuld on Lakshmi, Trunks be damned.

    Avalon drake is great on Gonia. Niche for sure, but better than many REM cards, so i’ll take it.

    GFE uvos are surprising. None of them are OP, but better is better after all. Apparently JP is not pleased with skuld. They want more from a 6* GFE. I’m gonna wait this one out, but I anticipate a LS buff of some kind.

    All in all, had we gotten FULL news about AS Transfer, I think the stream would have been pretty good. But since we didn’t, and it took 6.5 hours to NOT get the news we were promised, well…


    • Skuld seems pretty much in line with most GFE uevos and is better than her 5-star sisters in terms of raw power. Well, I can’t complain if JP can successfully lobby for any potential buffs as I’ve wanted to use her for a long time.


      • While I agree, and particularly love her boosted stats, people are saying that the upgrade she received is mediocre compared to literally any other GFE, and especially 6*s. Typically, GFEs have received either 1 awakening and a buff to the LS, or 3 awakenings. They said on stream that she couldn’t get 3 awakenings because 9 is the limit (LOL. Let’s see how long that lasts :P), so people were expecting a LS buff, especially after Bonia got 3 awakenings AND a LS buff. So 2 Awakenings and no buff has left people angry.

        Personally, I think that the double TPA thing is good enough awakenings wise, but people are up in arms. YamaP apparently tweeted that the new Skuld is quite powerful and we should give her a try, to which someone responded by making it to Kali in Arena (Can’t tell if 1 or 2), making a 3 TPA board with TWO blue skyfalls and 3 other skyfalls (So a 9 combo) AND an I&I buff. Did about 14 Million damage. Literally laughed out loud. XD

        Pretty sure that they’ll pester until we see a buff or two. Which is great, since I’m pretty much OK with her as-is. (Well, the green OE is stupid, but so be it.)


        • Yeah, YamaP is seriously high if he thinks the new Skuld is powerful. I wouldn’t mind buffs if that means her sisters also get some love. Would 16x ATK at full HP be too powerful? I miss the Norns being somewhat viable leaders.

          I seriously wonder when they’re going to break the 9 awakening limit.


          • I’m pretty surprised that they didn’t just do it (Insert Shia here) with Skuld. They shrunk the awakening icon size so that more could fit. I mean, really though, what WILL be the final shove? I’m gonna Nostradamus that when resurrected uvos start hitting pantheon gods is when we see the first 10 Awakening card. Since it’s not an “uvo” or an “awoken” then he wouldn’t have /technically/ have been wrong saying that 9 in the max, since he /meant/ 9 is the max for an uvo, not for a resurrection.

            Yeah, YamaP has always been WAY to extreme. Too cautious with Skuld, Astaroth, and countless others to the point of angering the fans, but let’s just give Scheat 5 TPAs and Australis 5 rows. *sigh* Not sure how much sway he personally holds, (I’d wager quite a bit more than he should though) but there HAS to be a FEW more people involved in the decision making. But then he comes out and defends bad decisions publicly (Allegedly right now, but he has in the past), it’s hard not to blame him 100%. Whatever. She’ll get a buff. Now when do we learn how to give a card a star so we can transfer their AS?

            Ooh, one fun fact that someone pointed out. If both cards have to be starred, the conditions to GET a star are identical, and you can give a REM card’s skill to a farmable, then commutatively, you SHOULD be able to give a farmable skill to a REM card. Biggest reason this matters is for a Zera gravity, since REM gravities just can’t compete. Also farmable Orochi/A.Orochi delays I suppose.Anyways, thought that was cool. No clue how to get the damn stars though. My guess is a new MP TAMA that costs 50K MP, but you need two, one for the giver, one for the taker. Hope I’m wrong, but knowing GH, well…


            • Bleh. If it’s an MP item that might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. PAD has been heading down the wrong path for a long time and that would be like signing their own death warrant. The MP Dragons are already so divisive, but at least they don’t lock you out of actual game mechanics.


  5. Awoken Artemis is… interesting.

    As a sub, her typing fits on Awoken Astaroth teams, but otherwise she has a very similar role to Australis (G/B, double orb change, skyfall buff). The cooldown may be longer, but I like Australis’s active skill more.

    She seems more suitable as a leader (RIP Sylvie). Just wish she had more green main att. full board changers besides a super rare 7* special REM roll. It’s kind of awkward that her higher attack multiplier condition isn’t the same as Awoken Freyja’s.


    • Yeah, her leader skill precluding the use of all the common wood full board changers is her biggest weakness. Which is why I’m curious if a water-heavy team is viable. If I wasn’t so busy I’d probably do a post on her…


  6. I’m wondering if the Constellation 2 gods weren’t somewhat inspired by Skill Inheritance being on the way. With their low colddown, they seem quite ideal for the task.

    That aside, I would be happier with the Gadius and Typhon uevos if the art wasn’t so eye-gauging. There are so much wrong on that art. Typhon is bearable, but Gadius makes me want to cry. UUevo Pandora is all I could hope for (she isn’t unbindable, but the extra time extend is really welcome so I will take it) and DAMN that YamaTake. It’s a shame that good fire row leaders are limited at the moment to a collab monster and a MP dragon.

    Moreover, I’m pretty cheery with the farmable uevos and the awakening buffs. It’s a very welcome addition, but… Please, give Awokens to Vritra and Indra, Gungho.


  7. You had me think about a Wukong push button team, so I tried my best to compare it to Goemon. It doesn’t quite work the same. I think he can be used a Yamato or Rodin replacement though. Murder some trash floor.


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