Weekly Roundup 55


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 11 ranks – I can see hitting 800 mid-March.
  • 10x – I haven’t been keeping track, but I’ve farmed at least 20 297s so far. The goal is to hit 175 297s overall by the end of the event.
  • Aggregate leader list – This seems to have been well received so far. It didn’t get as many views as the old Game8 posts, but I’m assuming it’ll take a bit of time to restore the reader base after I abruptly killed the old series. There’s still a few kinks to work out so it probably won’t hit its stride for another few weeks.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • So… yeah… I guess we just wait for GungHo to follow up on the announcements made on their stream. I’m still waiting for the exact details of the skill inheritance. The results of the awakening buffs should be quite interesting, too.
  • As for NA, there really isn’t anything to say. There’s no new descended slated for this week and it’s quite unlikely we’ll get any new uevos (next up is Pandora, Urd and LIza). Just more 10x, I guess, which is fine by me.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 55

  1. Before 10x I was so excited, with 50 stones saved up ready to burn. After Hera-Sowilo (challenge descend), Kanetsugu, and PADZ, three days worth of +egg farming, I”ve only gone through 8 of them because my professors decided now was the BEST TIME EVER to assign two massive projects at the same time due on the same day. I was hoping for like 8 or 9 hypermaxes. Now I might not make it past 3.

    Should I go ahead and +297 my super bankai Raphael? I really want to tackle Arena with a build of Thor / DQ / Apoc / Valk / Raphael / Saria which has been shown to do that well but of course, need a full +297 team first. I’m torn between Raphael and Cao Cao. And also Raphael has like no skill ups.


    • If you’re working towards an arena-ready Light team, you should stick with that plan, and +297 Raphael rather than Cao Cao. Having a few 297s on a bunch of different teams helps in the short term (you might get one level deeper in Challenge Dungeons with a slightly stronger leader), but in the long run it will be probably more useful to have one fully hypermaxed endgame team.


    • It’s hard to tell without knowing the state of your other monsters/teams, but I’d probably work toward finishing your Saria-Thor team if that’s your best endgame option.


      • @Alex Lin @setsu

        Thanks guys! Yeah, Thor x Saria is my only real Arena options (for Arena 1 anyways). Cao Cao finds a MVP home on Awoken Shiva and Awoken Leilan but neither of them are fit for Arena at all, especially since I do not have Pure and many other lux subs.

        It’s ok if Raph isn’t max skilled right?


        • Yeah, I think it’s fine if he isn’t max skilled. The best news might be that Raph’s skill up fodder should hit NA soon after the Fire/Dark Dogs rotate out (I need to skill up Raphael myself).


  2. Damn 20+ 297s? I only farmed 14 this weekend… although I guess I was taking a bunch of breaks to preserve my sanity. Thanks for the Goemon btw :3


  3. Heh, even with 10x I’m STILL slow getting +s. I get 2 total 297s last 10x, and this time I’m at 2 again with little motivation to press on.

    Also I’m out of stones, so that helps.

    4/5 members of my I&I team are now hypered. All that remains is Hatsume, and it’s kinda hard for me to plus her. She’s the ONLY card on that team that I ONLY use on that team, Andro, Gabe, Bonia, heck, even AI&I can be used on other teams, but Hatsume doesn’t see much change. Meh. I’ll plus her eventually, but the team has gained 6K HP and 2.5K rcv during this event, so I’m not in TOO big a rush.

    Also, still on the fence about Charite. I don’t think that I’ll regret buying her, but at the same time, AS transfer might make her irrelevant if I can Zera gravity Kali and call it good.


    • That’s how I feel about Raphael right now, I need to +297 him if I want to go to Arena, but I ONLY use him for very situational purposes on ONE team…Maybe if I could put Zera’s gravity on Raphael it’d be all good. Have to wait 50+ turns for one gravity lmao.


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