Well, That Was Fast

Gotta give GungHo props when they do right by us. I’m usually pretty negative when it comes to GHNA so it’s nice to have something positive to say for a change. 22 days is well beyond my expectations. Good job.

As PDX warns us, Aamir and Surtr are coming on Thursday so you can evo your Pandora(s) then, but also remember to pick up their evo materials, too (particularly the Keepers, if you’re reading this before midnight).


21 thoughts on “Well, That Was Fast

  1. So, opinion. I have 3 Pandas. One is hypermax, but I’ve never touched the other two. I want to have an A.Panda, but I JUST got my hyper Panda max skilled two weeks ago. I’d hate to lose that, ubt at the same time, I WANT A.Panda. At the same time, I also WANT Uuvo Panda.

    If I plan on using her as both a lead and a sub of A.Luci, would it be worth it to lose the skills in favor of saving plusses, or save the skills and get the plusses later? I won’t be working on A.Luci for a while, until I finish my A.Astaroth team in fact, so it’s a ways away.

    Basically, would it be more stamina efficient to save the plusses, or the skills?


    • Per skill up, Shadow Sprite on 2x is 50 / .8 / .25 * 5 = 1250 stamina. Dark Carnival and Shadow Sprite on 1x would be 2500 stamina.

      Then +eggs. Let’s settle at 10 per on 10x, so that’s about 3,000 stamina.

      So the skill ups are generally worth less stamina, but you also have to factor that skilling things up is one of the worst experiences in the game. Personally I’d just save the skill ups, but what I’d do applies to very few people in the game.


    • Out of curiousity, what do you want uuvo Panda for? I mean, the extra time extend and the rcv is tempting, but if I had three Pandoras I’d be giving real thought to awakening them all and making a system team. Then again, I skilled my Pandora a long time ago; I might feel differently if I’d just finished her.


      • After fiddling with the team a bit, I wouldn’t run Awoken Pandora as a sub on her own team. There’s enough offensive and defensive leeway on the team to allow for a more well-rounded set of subs. Uuevo Pandora is particularly nice because of the extra time extend.


        • Hm. Does the same logic apply to a Lucifer team, because the leader skills are so similar, or would you prefer Awoken as a sub for Lucifer because the leads’ actives are not nearly as good?

          I only have the one Pandora and was pretty set on awakening her, but now I’m having second thoughts.


          • Well, Lucifer is a bit easier to activate so you don’t need the time extends as much. 6 vs. 8 is a huge difference time-wise. You also don’t need the RCV as much since you have a higher multiplier. But yeah, I didn’t like Lucifer’s playstyle too much due to the lack of time extends (I’ve been spoiled by Yomi Dragon). If you don’t have Yomi Dragon, then you can get really hosed in that regard. Hopefully an Akechi uevo will help address the issue for both teams.


          • Yeah, I was considering finally pulling the trigger on a Yomi Dragon, in large part due to how well he’d fit on a Luci team (clear binds, time extends, active should work pretty well with Pandora/Akechi), but am as usual scared of the cost. I guess I’ll try playing Luci a bit first and see how it goes — I imagine I can always play it like a Beelze team, which doesn’t have much in the way of time extends either. Maybe by then they’ll introduce a few new MP dragons and a samurai uevo to help me make up my mind.

            Thanks for the input!


            • That’s a good point about Beelzebub. Before I removed the team from my rotation it had 4 time extends (1 each from RSonia, Zuoh, 2x Pandora) which imo made the team significantly better since more combos meant more healing. Time extends are also the main reason why I pretty much abandoned my Astaroth team, too. I know for sure that the MP Dragons have spoiled my expectations from teams forever, mostly because of the time extends.


  2. Hey Setsu, could I get your opinion on possible Akechi subs for Arena on A.Panda teams (if they exist at all)?

    At the moment it’s looking like: Panda/Panda/Zuoh/Loki/???, and it seems like Akechi is the optimal 5th position for bursting down DKali but I unfortunately never rolled one. I have 3rd Panda/Beach Claire/Grisar but I’m not sure if any of those would work in lieu.

    Congrats on your UEvo Urd, it looks awesome. @_@


    • I think all three of those are more than competent substitutes. None of them stick out as significantly better than the other, but I’d probably go with Claire or Grisar for some variety. If you have the resources I’d just try out all of them and see which you like best.

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  3. How do you feel about awoken panda vs the super evo panda?

    I’m particularly talking for subs since I already have yomidra + a luci, I don’t plan to use panda as a leader at all.

    The super evo panda (or two) seems particularly good for a luci team…What are your thoughts?


  4. In the Gungho CEO investor presentation for FY2015, he specifically pointed out trying to expand the US subsidiary as a growth driver now that the Japanese domestic market is saturated. Hopefully these updates become faster on a permanent basis.


  5. Realized I had no Keepers of Fire after Tuesday was gone..spent 200+ stamina farming that Mystic Dragon dungeon for them instead. WORTH. Awoken Pandora and uevo Urd in the same day ❤


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